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  1. What they want and what they get are two different things. We asked £50m for Godfrey initially.
  2. We won’t be drawing any line. Any of our players have a £20+mil bid for them and they are off. Understandable from the club and players point of view. But, infuriating from a fans perspective. I want to see a decent reinvestment from some of these sales. We are financially sound and have recouped all of our expenditure in the Lewis sale. Interesting week ahead!
  3. You know “along come Norwich” will make an appearance Saturday
  4. To an extent, yes. The attacking players have to come so far back at times. I’m not a huge Cantwell fan. I also understand Buendias temperance isn’t great (at times). I am just interested in a comparison of stats. Butt going with your point... Mclean is in the team to tackle. He doesn’t do that much. Compare that to Cantwells chance creation (which he doesn’t do that much). Why is Cantwell the only one being lambasted?
  5. Interested to see Mclean and Rupps stats compared to Cantwells! Farke has his favourites, it’s no secret. But his alienating of other players is borderline annoying. He came out and lambasted Buendia before Everton. Has he ever thought Buendia should be kept up the pitch and not sitting on the edge of our area every time!
  6. My whole perspective on football changed in a certain spurs game too, when Pukki was given the most ridiculous offside decision I have seen. It showed that the favouritism was there for everyone to see.
  7. Olaru caught the eye when we were trying to broker a deal for Dennis Man. I’m sure one/both of these names will creep up again soon.
  8. Nobody likes losing (except for that Lake District bloke). Players are no different. I’d imagine morale is low and trusting the same process that the manager implements would get harder with each defeat. Add in the fact he likes to alienate players and fall out with them, the lads must be weary of how he operates.
  9. I’d say Godfrey looked pretty sulky yesterday, first twenty minutes he barely looked interested
  10. Also, interested to see Rupps pass completion rate. Gives the ball away a lot!
  11. I was toying with the idea of betting at 2-2, as the home team were all over them. 9/2 when the VAR check came in progress and nothing available after. Hopefully Sinani gets a start next week!
  12. You answered your own question there- “money”
  13. Maybe people are fed up of the same argument about the whole situation being regurgitated each time. I doubt there’s going to be many opinions changed. Nephew Tom is a very bad idea (to me), if we can get an owner who fits the mould the owners would consider, then brilliant! They need to remain with the times and realise that we may not be able to accommodate their wishes and may not bounce between the prem and champs. We broke the mould with employing Farke and it turned out well.
  14. Could be because this is (was) a thread about Emi Buendia.
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