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  1. Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but on sky sports news they have a changing dashboard on the right of the screen which shows league tables etc. Earlier today it showed the top scorers in the prem so far this season. Teemu was at the top on 5 with Raheem Stirling just below also on 5. Now it shows Stirling on top with Pukki below. I know this sounds petty, but why change it? Clear case of big team favouritism? Just thought I would mention it to see if anyone else had noticed. Snake
  2. snake-eyes

    Puntastic suggestions for signings

    We could always raid Leeds like we used to, Cooper is an option , but might have us over a barrel, so maybe Roofe could be acquired for cover? If not then from elsewhere Abraham would be a signing of biblical proportions, as would Gabriel Jesus! However Maupay might just be asking to much in wages!
  3. snake-eyes

    Who replaces Buendia?

    For me the natural move would be for McLean to replace Buendia in the forward right position and for either Leitner or Vrancic to come into central midfield. Snake
  4. Hi nutty, I would like one if possible?
  5. snake-eyes

    Ben Woodburn

    If this really is possible I would take him in a heartbeat.

    The lad is quality, committed and would compliment what we have.

    Better than anything we currently have and pretty much a risk free option.

  6. snake-eyes

    Legends Game

    Was really impressed with Milan yesterday.

    Zanetti was excellent, Matterazzi''s Free Kick was quality ans Beresi at 60, despite the grey hair looked as fit and energetic as most of our team this year. He was superb at left back! Got up and down that flank as well as someone half his age.

    Really enjoyed the game and thought Hucks showed what we have missed for so long.


  7. Well done TIL and all.

    Great effort. Was let down by some odd results.

    My Eurobet failed aswell as Anderlect drew. Oh well. Shame but glad there are so many great PUPs out there to pick up the slack!

    Well done all on a difficult weekend!

  8. Ok, on this sad occasion, I hope these are real winners and leave a lasting positive memory!

    No brainer for the first one;

    Estoril v Sporting Lisbon - AWAY WIN

    Anderlect v Mechelen - HOME WIN

    Shalke v Werder Bremen - HOME WIN

    Aston Villa v Burton Albion - HOME WIN

    Mansfield v Barnet - HOME WIN

    Queens Park v Raith Rovers - AWAY WIN.

    My own game, well Ayr v Alloa Home win

    As for the city bet, 2-0 city, Zimmerman score anytime!

    Fingers crossed for some sunshine this weekend!

  9. This is truly sad news!

    I will be sending my pics very late tonight nutty if tgat is ok?

    I will also in typical Snake tradition DOUBLE the bet and hopefully honour Chelle''s memory by getting a big win.

    Good luck eveyone!

  10. Sunny Scunthorpe v Gillingham HOME WIN

    With tails up after Wednesday, even if legs tired, Norwich home win Murphy to score.

    Good luck all!

    Nutty I am good for the 2nd!

  11. snake-eyes

    Shrewsbury v Wet Spam

    MOM! Well done Ben!
  12. snake-eyes

    Parma’s Tactics Masterclass 18


    do you not think that there is a danger that players are being coached to try and become all things to all men? Are we asking them to do too much, which inturn can stifle natural abilities?

    I bring the case of the ''Wingback'' for example. A wide player being asked to defend and attack with equal competence. Expected to be fit enough to run the length of the pitch to create overlaps attacking, then retreat at break neck speed to defend.

    This is a simplification I know, but I have seen managers trying to mould players into something they are not. Asking attacking players to defend like defenders. Just to fit a philosophy or system.

    Therefore, is this the reason why we see many talented young players in this country, who show real flair and ability, fail to progress?

  13. Luton v Grimsby HOME WIN

    Norwich 2-1 Marley Watkins to score anytime

    Good luck PUPs and Merry Christmas!

  14. snake-eyes

    Parma’s Tactics Masterclass 18

    Thanks Parma,

    interesting read. I disagree, however, with the idea that any player can play the positional play philosophy, well.

    When Hughton was manager he was trying to implement a structured and some suggested, mature philosophy to the team. This involved the team moving up as one unit, maintaining possession and occupying the field of play. However, this philosophy, in my opinion, could not be implemented with the players at his disposal. Certain players fit philosophies better than others.

    I would say the same is happening with Farke now.

    However, what I am yet to hear/see is what the actual philosophy and, as such vision, that Farke has for the team.

    Is it a true Positional Play philosophy based on ball retention only, or does he see a progression to faster movement and less sluggish attacking intent?

    Your thoughts would be welcome.

  15. snake-eyes

    Sheff Wed in a rut....

    [quote user="Mr Apples"]Is Hoper a slimmer version of Hooper?Apples[/quote]

    No just a more optimistic one!

  16. Ronald Keoman to take over.

    RVW brought in on loan.

  17. Borussia M v Mainz - HOME WIN please.

    City to win 2-0

    Good luck everyone!


  18. Cardiff v Millwall - HOME WIN.

    For the City bet, Norwich 2-0.

    Good luck everyone!


  19. The foul was a sure red card. If any of our players had committed the foul in reverse I could not have argued against a red card. The fouls is not even 30 yards out. He is a yard short of being level with the start of the D. Three or four paces and it would have been a penalty. How far out is too far for a red card? 22 Yard, 25 Yards, 30 yards?

    It is irrelevant as to who is ''Covering'' and whether they are quick enough to get back. That is a guess.

    The fact of the matter is that Oliviera was clear on goal, with only the goalkeeper between him and the goal, therefore he was denied a goalscoring opportunity. Red Card. There can not be any other interpretation of the rule. But obviously in this case the ref felt differently.

    Oh and just for the record I was a qualified referee. I do appreciate how hard it is, but the two big decisions Madley had, he got appallingly wrong. No excuse no matter what level it its at.

  20. snake-eyes

    Arsenal vs Norwich match thread

    Everything I have researched indicates there is no issue here.

    There is nothing in the rules to state you must have used all 3 subs in normal time, to be eligible to use the fourth in Extra Time. The only limitation is that no more than 3 subs are used in normal time.

    Shame http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun-forums/cs/emoticons/emotion-6.gif

  21. Fantastic!

    Brilliant result my Reptilian friend!

  22. Italy on Sunday this week.

    After watching an excellent display midweek vs Chelsea, I am going for an AWAY WIN for ROMA at Torino.

    Derby day is going to be a battle and low scoring. Draw half- Draw Full, 0-0.

    Good luck all!


  23. I am going to go for a PSV win away at Venlo.

    As for Norwich, Maddison to score anytime.

    Good luck everyone!

  24. Mol

    Are you sure you mean St Etienne v Metz away win?

    Metz are 6/1 and are 20th in the league. St Etienne are 7th.

    Forgive me if I am being presumptuous, just though you might have miss typed?