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  1. 3 hours?!?? Did they serve dinner and show a film somewhere in there?
  2. I would imagine they call the season quits and base the standings as they are. I didn't believe we were down last weekend, but I think this virus does a lot it for sure and we're not able to fight out the last 10 games, with many matchups with those around us. It's a shame.
  3. Would prefer to see Stiepermann over Duda going forward. May not be ideal at this level, but at least when he gets the ball he understands where it should go. Drives forward and can distribute if needed. Dude appears to offer zero for our side. Vrancic and Rupp too would be preferred.
  4. Just wow on that goal line clearance.
  5. Very good lineup, I'm excited about this match. Huge opportunity to pick up points from those around us. Lots of tough matches on your road for bottom clubs.
  6. Besides picking 2 points on Bournemouth and 3 on Brighton and Villa.
  7. Oh my...Watford winning. Liverpool are asleep.
  8. Southampton, Chelsea and Liverpool. 3 away wins would be nice.
  9. A question is asked of him about a player who is away from the team and whether it's injury related. Farke responds that it's simply personal matters for the player and that he'll be away from the team through the Tottenham and Sheffield matches. I can't make out who they're referring to though. Any help?
  10. Agree with Brighton's remaining schedule. If they can't secure 3 points against this hapless Palace side they may find themselves in trouble come the end of the season. And Maupay puts it right at the keeper...
  11. Brighton controlling the game so far against Palace. Hopefully Zaha can turn all of his dribbling into an end product. As for if we're back in the fight? We've never been out of it. Just as the ManU result didn't relegate us and the Man City win didn't save us, this league comes down to 38 matches. Our display against the top 6 teams in this league should prove to anyone watching that we're still going to grab points from the remaining fixtures. I've remained in the thought that we're staying up and last night obviously didn't hurt the cause. There are too many 6-pointers to come and I believe we have what it takes to stay up.
  12. Wait wait wait...I forgot that I wanted to include Buendia above Pukki and Lewis...oh well. He was great. No special write up.
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