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  1. That's not the whole rule. Does not apply if it's come off a save from the goal keeper. They just showed the whole rule in the states
  2. Refereeing (if that's a word) and VAR'ing (definitely not a word) have absolutely ripped so much fun from this game.
  3. Villa is a home game we need something out of, and honestly 3 points is almost a must. With that, do we put out a B-squad just three days before against ManU, to assure we're up for Villa?
  4. A slight disagreement from me however, because I believe our right-footed left back is more one-footed.
  5. Sargent is graceful as a baby giraffe. There is something called kinesthetic awareness, and he has none of it as a striker.
  6. 4-0 City and the pundits all jump on the bandwagon saying we're staying up.
  7. With today's form it should be three points for city, a point nice, but have to hope for 3.
  8. Newcastle without two of their starting back four due to suspension against us. Good stuff.
  9. I've been much more confident in weeks past, something about Traore scares the hell out of me. But ****, let's put on those yellow tinted glasses. 3-1 City! Rasica 2x and a Pukki penalty.
  10. To the OPs comment regarding Sargent. He doesn't necessarily look a danger to score at every minute, but damn does he motor around out there. His ability to break up the oppositions flow really works for me. Now, hopefully he can put a few in the back of the net as well.
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