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  1. Not sure what Hanley was looking at there. He's been superb all game but he was slow to react there.
  2. Working now, but missed a goal. Happy and mad at the same time.
  3. Emi and Todd having their own little game. Finish that though, Emi.
  4. May be some man management there. Farke showing Steipi that yes he's been dropped from the start, but still important to the squad. Where Farke knows well that Dowell would be the answer on a typical day.
  5. Haha this is just toying with them now. How many chances. Pukki needs a goal on this day.
  6. maybe I was mistaken. Perhaps just a cross into the box from Emi that Vrancic gave up on just had to catch the ball?
  7. This is unbelievable. Another odd man attack and we can't finish.
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