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  1. If the goalkeeper hadn''t touched it would it have been a goal?
  2. That''s very attacking for an away game. Farke obviously thinks they are there for the taking!
  3. [quote user="kirku"]"Pinto''s been pretty good today" I don''t think we''re watching the same game[/quote] I think you''ll find you just have a different opinion.
  4. ok we''re back on top, need a goal before halftime. Fair play, they''ve picked themselves up.
  5. [quote user="lharman7"]Diabolical football. Krul, Pinto, Leitner are having shockers! How can fully proffesional and highly paid footballers pass the ball straight off the pitch? Woeful![/quote] Pinto''s been pretty good today.
  6. To be fair Krul has made some very good saves this season but there''s something not quite right about him. Might be why we were able to get him!
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