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  1. Hi Ken, at the time the ball is punched by the goalkeeper onto the head of the ecuadorian player, there is only 1 Qatari player between the goal and the Ecuador player ruled offside. It is an odd one though. I still believe they got it wrong.
  2. Correction to my previous response. The keeper punches the ball onto the head of the Ecuador player. However I would stil argue here that as the keeper has played it onto the ecuador player, the contact is involuntary and not played at. Thus other player cannot be offside. Happy to be told I am wrong.
  3. I have just rewatched this, slowed down and enlarged. The Ecuadorian player jumping for the header, does not touch it. It comes off the Goalkeepers Gloves, straight up into the air. It was not offside.
  4. Good for me, only 1 incidence of buffering. I use a firestick through the tv. Quality was very good tbf. Snake
  5. Dean Headley - Cricket Joe Shaw - Rugby Richard West - Rugby
  6. Spurs v Man Utd (1965) - YouTube Watch this for an amazing turn of pace and finish. Jimmy was one of the greatest and always will be. Snake
  7. I looked at this too, but they have made several high value sales including Tomori, Abraham Guehi, Giroud, Zouma. Tomori, Abraham and Zouma were sold for nearly £90m between them, covering the Lukaku signing. They have done some pretty astute business.
  8. This is really sad news. My deepest condolences to his family. Mick will be sorely missed. Snake
  9. Just slithered in there at the last minute.
  10. EssjayEss where are you getting your hospital stats from?
  11. Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but on sky sports news they have a changing dashboard on the right of the screen which shows league tables etc. Earlier today it showed the top scorers in the prem so far this season. Teemu was at the top on 5 with Raheem Stirling just below also on 5. Now it shows Stirling on top with Pukki below. I know this sounds petty, but why change it? Clear case of big team favouritism? Just thought I would mention it to see if anyone else had noticed. Snake
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