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  1. Leeds wont go down. 10 games won compared to Fulham which sit in 17th with 3 games won. Only 13-14 games left. Leeds have only one recognised DM in Kalvin Phillips and he is out hence the poorer form. Like any team (that manages to stay up for the first season ) is all about consolidation and survival. Summer will be a time to build on consolidation and aim higher. Once Phillips and Rodrigo are back then Leeds will win more games. Fulham would need to go on a run similar to a top 4 team to overtake Leeds. Then there are the teams in between.
  2. Ok maybe Becchio. He scored a few in the championship but lacked pace for the prem
  3. I don't think I fancy us getting this player. A few Norwich fans have mixed feelings about him and on transfermarkt he's rated at £18m.. At least when we were your feeder club you took genuine quality.
  4. Koch has to gel with the team as well as Rodrigo. Leeds have since bought Diego Llorente from Real Socieded. You can't expect a great understanding in partnership after two games and I doubt if we had the White/Cooper partnership this would've happened. Having said that they are seeing signs that Koch is better than White, he was also in a pundits team of the week after the Sheffield game. Early days.
  5. Leeds didn't disgrace themselves and that game could've gone either way, it was just the bad judgement from the two new players that gave away two penalties. Long way to go but yesterday they didn't look out of place. Bielsaball is working but might take its toll in the winter. . Liverpool never have less than 50% possession but they did yesterday. They certainly look streets ahead of Westham, Westbrom and Fulham.
  6. Nice to be promoted but not looking forward to VAR and losing a lot of games. I think Leeds will be more ambitious than Norwich in the transfer window though even though the first year is the hardest. When Leeds went down 16 years ago it was heartbreaking but the championship has come on so much in those years and teams are much better and not a crap league like it once was. I Will miss the championship though in a funny way, there much more competition where as the prem its usually 4-5 teams that will always dominate the top spots each season. Will definitely enjoy the ride win or lose.
  7. I guess there is a way of investing correctly too. Villa for example seemed to put all their eggs in one basket and spent an absolute fortune but it's not paid off for them, I expect they may be in serious financial trouble next season or have some sort of fire sale?!
  8. Well Leeds still have time to mess things up but at the minute I dont see any nerves on the pitch like last season. A game like Stoke would've been a banana skin but in all honesty it's probably one of the best games they've played all season. When sky posted the highlights on social media there were fans from prem teams that couldn't believe this play came from a championship team. (Check out the 4th goal and 30 pass build up). Stoke are fighting for their lives and jave a lot to play for. The Prem is a massive step up but I honesty don't think Norwich have made enough commitment to try and stay in the prem at previous attempts. You went up in better shape than Sheffield Utd but it's their togetherness that has got them high up in table and something has gone seriously wrong yet again at Norwich. You can have the best players in the world but if they don't play well together then it makes things a lot harder. This brings me to the team at Leeds, Bielsa inherited a team that were capable of mid table at best and has turned them into excellent players that gives them that same togetherness that you see in the likes of Sheffield Utd. Leeds have also prepared for the prem with the right investment should they get promoted in two weeks. So to sum it up I know many on here are saying Leeds should be prepared to lose most games but they will not approach the prem like Norwich seem to do when they get promoted.
  9. Well we are not over the line yet, im not that deluded . I don't totally agree with your comment that Leeds will be straight back down though, there are teams in the prem that may scrape relegation but have been poor this season, Ive watched a few of these teams and they are clueless and we do look better than them because we have that togetherness, that bond which is probably why the Blades are doing well. Fulham have the best team in the championship in terms of quality but half the time they also look clueless. Leeds played Arsenal earlier in the season and although we lost we were the better team by far in the first half,we dominated possession and chances but unfortunately we had barndoor Bamford upfront that could not convert the chances given to him. Arsenal could hardly get the ball off off us and they weren't playing reserves either. Bielsa's style suits the prem more than the championship. Im under no illusion that the step up to the prem is massive but I honestly believe we do stand a chance of survival of least. As someone mentioned the break isn't going to be too long and Leeds would need to get some players in but the players that have joined Leeds in previous windows adapts to the Bielsa way pretty quickly.
  10. Well in all fairness you never stay up, not having a dig because I know its tough to stay up but considering the blades went up with an inferior team to Norwich they have done a very good job.
  11. That's you lot down then (again!!). How the hell you can be so poor compared to Sheffield Utd when you were the better team in the championship. Oh well, least you have Rotherham away to look forward to.
  12. Bamford was a panic buy i'm totally admitting that, we have to see how Augustin plays. He comes from better pedigree than the championship and was wanted by Man Utd when he turned up at our stadium so potentially will be better than Bamford anyway.
  13. I don't think its an unlikely event that we will swap divisions. I do think it's very likely now that you will go down, the gap is quite big at this stage of the season especially when the bottom teams are scrapping to stay in the division. Leeds will no doubt bottle it. You flatter Pukki although I don't think he will go to a top team, more of a Bournmouth or Palace type team but I think you will lose him nevertheless. I think we would be looking for a better calibre of striker anyway. I totally agree with your Bamford comments though.
  14. To be fair Leeds won and now we are only one place behind you (well we are top of the championship and you are firmly rooted to the bottom of the prem and will more than likely get relegated). Yes i'm back when the going is good (and will disappear when things don't go well) so happy new year an all that!! I think it's odds on that we won't play you next season but if we don't then can we have Pukki? You can take Bamford in a swap deal. We might take Pukki anyway :-). Well here is to the rest of the season, and no i'm not confident in Leeds going up but it's a much weaker league this year so who knows.
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