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  1. I understand he was quite a pioneer in football tactics. I think these days it's more popularly known as the double pivot!
  2. I hope due diligence has been carried out, and that Hoppe guy we're supposedly interested in isn't suffering from such a condition!
  3. Could even be flying pigs before it happens!
  4. The kitman might find them a bit greasy, but if they cover up the Dafabet logo I'm all for it!
  5. He's just scored a hat-trick for me in FIFA, so he needs to hang around a bit longer! (Missed a pen, mind you...amazing how realistic these games are getting! )
  6. He's been one of our very finest. One thing's for certain, whenever he moves on/hangs his boots up, we'll never forget Temmu...Teamu...Tiimu...T. Moo...no, it's gone.
  7. Yeah, much of a muchness. Anyway, sounds like good news about Todd Cantwall!
  8. Looks a little light defensively (and I don't think Hanley has done much wrong to be dropped).
  9. Yeah, I was there that day - terrible penalty decisions to deny us victory. Don't recall who the ref was, but hope we don't have him this weekend! (Having said that, I'd like to think he's one of the few people whose eyesight has improved with age! ) Yes, I'm sure those are the figures charged to each club for the incident.
  10. Thought he was excellent tonight - very assured on the ball, and turns out he can dribble through opposition players too! Great return to the starting line up from Todd. Looked really fired-up, and a creative spark we need, so let's hope he can stay in that form. For me, a toss up between the two for MOTM.
  11. We don't do catchphrases here, let alone single word ones...Binner!
  12. I'll leave you guys to the puns...I'm not cutout for this.
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