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  1. Surprised club legend* Steve Walsh hasn't had a mention. * Unfortunately that club was Leicester City, rather than us.
  2. I've just tested it and it's working ok for me (Android using Edge).
  3. I have to say, they were always my two favourite Borrowers!
  4. To be fair, the post was only created 40 minutes ago - others had a chance to step in, but didn't.
  5. Must have been a pretty bald pitch that day! 🙂
  6. Thanks, love the thread title! 👏 Good interview, which hopefully won't upset the easily offended. (Not so sure about the camera work though...another film director kidnapping wouldn't go amiss!)
  7. Yes, these recent threads have definitely had a high xxG!
  8. Phew, had my concerns when clicking the thread, but relieved to see it's not the latest celebrity sex tape doing the rounds!
  9. Damn autoincorrect (half-expected mine to change that to autocorrect, but to its credit it appears to be self-aware!)
  10. Well I hope none of our players are on the beach already (perhaps this is what people mean when they say Kenny goes missing! 🙂) Think Gibbs as a starter is a decent shout, assuming Sørensen fills in at left back.
  11. Yeah, also surprising how small his feet are by comparison!
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