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  1. £2 on the following Pukki to score 2 or more 3-2 Norwich McClean to score anytime A red card to be shown Sheff Utd HT/Draw FT Sorry these were so late.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions for the city game so far. I'll pick some tomorrow morning as I won't be around much later than that.
  3. I think Sheffield Utd look astoundingly good value to beat Watford away at 13/5 So I'll go with that. For the City game, we're 22/1 to win 3-2 and it's 25/1 for that score to be reversed. Either is probably a good shout.
  4. splutcho

    Aston Villa Tickets

    Small amount of tickets just went back on.
  5. splutcho

    Sticker book!

    I'm amassing a pile of swaps. Surely between us this forum can get a few finished books.
  6. Late again! Them down the road to beat Tranmere please. 2-0 loss for the City game.
  7. Rotherham to beat Bolton for me please. For the City game, us losing 7-0 is 40/1.
  8. Them lot down the road to beat Shrewsbury seems a pretty fair price at 5/6 I'll go for that.
  9. Afternoon all. I'll have Liverpool to beat Arsenal. For the City game, both teams to score in both halves is 9/1.
  10. I haven't quote got the mettle, or money to match dj11's fiver per Pukki goal, but I will do the same for every goal he scores past 10 for the season. I'll call it the Lawrenson special. If he hits 20 I'll double the lot.
  11. Sorry I'm late. For the sake of stats, I'll take Bradford to beat Oldham.
  12. Happy New Season everyone. I'll go with a Coventry away win at Bolton. Looks a no brainer. While I don't think we'll win the game, I fancy us to create chances against anyone, so Norwich to score over 1.5 goals at 6/1 is one I like the look of. Liverpool to win 5-2 is 50/1 also.
  13. I think we'll go down, but I won't lose my head if we do. It's an incredibly tough league and were trying to do it a little differently. I respect what we're going for but have a feeling we may just come up short.
  14. splutcho

    3rd kit apparently leaked...

    I had someone tell me 3 weeks ago that the 3rd kit was grey. Would suggest to me this is legitimate as it'd be a hell of a coincidence if not. I don't love it, but then I tend to like flashier kits. It'll be a nice option for those that like to go a little understated.
  15. splutcho

    Michael Bailey

    A big loss but good on him for broadening his horizons.
  16. Sorry I'm so late. For the sake of the stats I'll go with Sheff Utd to beat Ipswich.
  17. splutcho

    Has the title chance gone now?

    4 points or more = title Less = 2nd Would be very surprised if Sheffield United don't take 6 points. Ipswich are no hopers and Stoke were poor today, we threw 2 points away. At the end of the day, if they pip us to it, they deserve it and we don't.
  18. splutcho

    Starting XI v Stoke

    You don't think Emi will come back in?
  19. Gutted. The slightly riskier ones paid off and the banker let us down. Sorry folks.
  20. Sorry this happened to you and your mate. When anything like this happens, it's best to remember, we unfortunately all have fans like it. 99.9% of people are decent sorts.
  21. splutcho


    Wouldn't go that far. Definitely off the boil last night, but massively important for us in the first half of the season.
  22. splutcho

    Starting XI v Stoke

    I think Kenny could consider himself unlucky if he misses out, but then I'd be quite eager to start Vrancic. I'm glad I'm not the manager.
  23. splutcho

    Oxford goalkeeper sent off

    I think this was one of the few things he did get right. Like others have said, I think the presence of the defender means it's not a red.
  24. splutcho

    The Fans

    I got a lot of stick for criticising fans last week. Admittedly I wasn't there tonight but they sounded decent on the box.