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  1. Lewis won’t go for £15m mate - Webber stated before the season had even ended that none of our talent would go for anything less than £20m as despite relegation we have no need to sell and so want to keep all our talent for next season I think what I’m seeing is a project planned by the club to try and make us a strong and financially healthy team
  2. I think the reason why we overrate players is because no football fan likes to see any of their best players go. However I think we all have one desire for next season: to bounce straight back up, and I’m convinced that will be the club’s objective
  3. Put me into tears of laughter mate. Unfortunately I don’t think we’d accept that either - wouldn’t be able to afford his wages
  4. Exactly JF - I see exactly the same as you. If a young defender in a team that has just been relegated is really good enough for both the PL and CL then why is he only worth £10m when you see clubs of that level offering £80m+ Do we want to sell any of our talent? NO Do we need to sell any of our talent? NO As a result of this I’m trusting Webber to stick to his transfer policy and not let any of our talent go for under £20m. For Lewis I wouldn’t accept anything less than £25m with 50% sell on clause
  5. Totally agree with you there Branston. Yes it’s great to have your international squad made up of players with top flight experience but does the manager really think Lewis is better than Robertson? Lewis is keen on the move as he has said he wants to play in the CL and PL week in week out but does he really think if he goes to the champions of the PL this summer he will do that? Personally I can only see him getting experience of watching and warming the bench in the CL and PL week in week out if that If Liverpool want Lewis why can they only afford £10m for a player with PL and good Championship experience when they can afford to offer £80m+ for players with good PL and CL experience and pay loads of players wages of £200k+ p/w? As Webber has said, we have no need to sell and want to keep as much of our talent as possible for next season so will not let any of our talent go for under £20m. For Lewis I wouldn’t accept anything less than £25m with a 50% sell on clause
  6. Just like everyone else has said, I think we need to find an experienced striker ready for the Championship next season. Here’s my views on our current squad: Pukki: Ok, last season was his first season in the championship and he was the top scorer but what caused his goal drought? He got off to a flying start in the PL this season then since his toe injury he hasn’t scored a single goal from open play. How will he do next season? Was he just not good enough for the PL or is he carrying a permanent injury? I’m 50/50 with him for next season as I‘ve got no idea how he do Idah: Got a hat trick on his senior debut against Preston but do bear in mind that was the cup so were Preston fielding a weaker squad? Got a little bit of PL experience but they were really 10 min substitute appearances, although got a whole game at Old Trafford. Due to his lack of first team experience I’m afraid I have big doubts on him and if we do go straight back up next season I don’t think he’ll be good enough for the PL, although I’d love to be proven wrong Drmic: A free agent last summer. Thought he was going to be a great signing at first but was proven horribly wrong. On £50k this season but £25k next season. Even so, we know the club wants to get rid of him as he’s turned out to just be a waste of space. Might be good enough next season but have big doubts Sinani: Can’t see him playing up front - I thought he’s supposed to be a winger too. I also don’t think the Luxembourg top flight is very strong in comparison to the English top flight - l mean look at RvW. Was the top goal scorer in the Portuguese top flight wasn’t he? Scored on his PL debut for us and didn’t score again all season. Think he also only ever scored once more for us, in a cup fixture a few years later As I’ve said, I’d love to be proven wrong on any negative views I have on our players but it’s just going to have to be a whole case of wait and see
  7. If any of our players move back up to a PL club, I think it should be one of the smaller teams as I do believe they would stand a chance there. Clubs like Palace or Brighton might be ok for them or one of the newly promoted teams. I just can’t see them standing a chance at any of the big teams
  8. Yes it certainly doesn’t ruin your career financially it’s just I thought the reason football players became football players was to play football? It certainly can ruin your career as a player though
  9. Having no need to sell this summer we’d never let him go for that price - Webber stated the starting price for any of our talent would be £20m, as we also want to keep as many of our first choice players as possible. Lewis has about 1 1/2 years worth of Championship experience, and 1 years worth of PL experience. Farke has also warned all of our “superstars” not to think that they are superstars yet - I mean is Lewis really better than Andy Robertson? If we did accept an offer from Liverpool for him (and we would never accept £10m) and he accepted a contract I think he would probably end up wrecking his career.
  10. It was sad when the board announced last summer that they weren’t going to investing in players much as it made relegation all too obvious, but it was understandable and a sensible move - also the relegation clauses in contracts. I have to admit I always have big doubts about our survival whenever we get promoted, even if we do try to strengthen our squad - what would you think if we’d spent about £40m on improving the squad and still gone down? The main positive now is that we didn’t spend much this season and have now received our first parachute payment - £100m if I’m right? At least our squad has had got some PL experience now and as we are now financially stable we have no need to sell, whilst Bournemouth and Watford are having to part company with their best talent. With Bournemouth and Watford parting company with key players and Leeds, WBA and Fulham promoted it looks easy next season, but I think we need to see who we manage to keep and what our squad’s morale level is
  11. When Bennett was with us I always rated him as an average player. Yes he was common in the CB partnership, but he was no superstar. I don’t follow players’ careers once they leave us but from what I’ve been reading it sounds like there’s a lot of pros and cons about him. I think we need to sign an experienced CB at Championship/Premiership level, who isn’t injury prone. Sounds like he’s done well for Wolves in both the Championship and Premiership. I don’t think 30 is too old for a CB provided that we don’t sign them on any longer than a 3 year contract - Klose’s 32, but being at a PL club he’ll probably want high wages.
  12. McGovern is 36 and out of contract next summer. He’s never been a great player for us and so I can only see him being released when his contract expires. With Oxborough and Mair both out on loan we need to sign another keeper - either on loan as backup or as a replacement for McGovern when he goes Many times in the past I’ve seen people think 2 keepers is enough but we do need to sign another. Yes 2 is enough for the match squad, 1 for the starting XI and 1 for the bench but it’s essential to have 3 in the club squad - what do we do if Krul breaks his leg/picks up knee ligament damage on the opening day of the season and McGovern gets sent off in the next game?
  13. As the board has no need to sell and want to hold on to as many of our key players as possible, Webber stated that the starting price for any of our talent would be a minimum of £20m. Don’t know if that will be the case though
  14. Saw the thread about us possibly signing a centre back. Yes I agree we need one but in my opinion if we are to sign one we need to look for one who isn’t injury prone with either good Championship or possibly even PL experience. To find a player of that standard I think we need to start off having a look at 1st tier clubs, not 3rd tier Ok, I don’t know anything about Dickie’s career history but if he only has 3rd tier experience like I think so, then surely Famewo’s probably as good as him
  15. Sounds like a great signing - from a PL club, young, home grown, with plenty of Championship experience and decent records there and also a regular international for the lower England levels. I don’t know whether he’s an attacking or defensive midfielder though. Tettey is currently 34 and out of contract next summer so I think it may be to replace him or possibly Vrancic, who is currently 31 and also out of contract next summer All I really want us to do now is look into signing a striker and centre-back of similar quality as I think we’ve got more than enough midfielders for the time being. Maybe also consider looking for another keeper, as McGovern is now 36 and out of contract next summer
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