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  1. I think Normann and Kabak are only available to buy if we stay up. I doubt they would be inclined to play for a Championship team and I also doubt we would have enough cash to sign them at that level either
  2. I’d prefer that too, as I think we all would. All I’m saying is that if he doesn’t turn out at his best in the PL, I’m confident he will do in the Championship
  3. Was pleased to see us sign someone with experience. Yet to see him at his best but it’s far too early to write him off yet. Provided he’s happy to stay next summer, I do feel he could turn out to be quite a threat in the Championship next season judging by his performances so far* *that’s on the assumption we get relegated. I’m not writing us off yet as I still feel it’s too early when you compare the number of points adrift we are to the number still available. My confidence is going fast though, and in order to do so I think we have got to get at least 2 points out of the next 2 games
  4. What’s the strength of that league though? Just because he’s scoring for another team doesn’t mean he should be playing for us as he’d probably still be rubbish in the PL
  5. If we were assured promotion again next season I would, it’s just I think promotion next season will be a lot harder than it was last season
  6. From all the adverts I’ve seen in life, I’ve never been impressed with the likes of alcohol, gambling, even fast food companies. I’ve always felt they should be banned, just like tobacco companies have. I mean why were tobacco companies banned? A: Smoking is addictive, and very bad for your health So here are my views on the other types: Alcohol - addictive, not good for your health, causes loads of problems every year like on street violence and drink-driving related accidents Gambling - yes you can win money but if unsuccessful you lose it, with it being addictive and causing financial problems for loads of people Fast food - less serious than the others as not addictive and ok provided you exercise to cover for it. Even so, it is causing plenty of obesity problems
  7. I agree Buendia was our star player but I think one thing you don’t know is why we sold him - he wanted to move on. He’s had attitude problems in the past and I think if we’d not let him go we’d have only ended up facing the consequences of doing so
  8. If we get relegated I can see Farke being kept for one more season to see if he can get us straight back up again. If he fails, I think he will go. Pity Lambert has failed miserably ever since he left us, as otherwise I wouldn’t have minded him as a replacement
  9. Yes Buendia was our best player last season, so why did we sell him to Villa? A: He wanted to move on He’s had attitude problems in the past and had we not let him go I think we would probably have ended up paying the consequences of doing so
  10. Agree with you there. Are we really happy to risk having another Hughton/Bruce/Pulis? Yes Farke’s awful at PL level and a defensive manager might keep us up for a bit, but he’s great at Championship level I’d much rather we keep Farke and risk relegation than sack him and risk having another defensive manager
  11. I’m still not convinced with him yet and like others said over the summer, I thought he could benefit from a Championship loan this season. Felt he would have converted the penalty though
  12. Krul Aarons Hanley Omobamidele Williams Normann Lees-Melou McLean Rashica Tzolis Pukki
  13. I see your point there. Can’t ever see Soto in a first team team shirt. Can only see Sinani in a first team shirt if he does well this season, and we go straight back down selling at least 2 of our attacking midfielders
  14. I think it’s a bit harsh to call Sinani and Soto flops when you’re still waiting to decide on McCallum. Since they were signed they’ve all been out on loan with Sinani and Soto yet to play for us and McCallum the making just a single appearance in our League Cup defeat to Luton last season. I have to say I have doubts on Soto, but I do believe in McCallum and Sinani - they’re both doing quite well on loan in the Championship.
  15. Yes we’ve started the season with 4 straight defeats, but there are still 34 games left to play. We knew it wouldn’t be an easy start either once our fixture list was announced, and apart from Man City I feel we’ve made some good performances. We put in a good effort against Liverpool, were very unlucky not to get a point against Leicester, and it sounds like Arsenal’s winner against us should have been ruled out for handball in the build up You can’t judge how a team will do this early in the season. I will give it at least 10 games before I start making predictions on how we do. If you think we’re definitely going to get relegated because we’ve failed to pick up a single point from our opening 4 games, then you must think that Brighton are prime candidates for Europe and Leeds are going to face a relegation battle this season - if they lose to Liverpool and Burnley pick up a point against Everton then they will fall into the bottom 3!
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