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  1. We signed him with a sell on clause, but as far as I'm aware we didn't sell him with one. Wasn't worth a sell on clause anyway
  2. I’ve always loved Samba De Janeiro. I even have it as the ringtone for my mobile
  3. If we fail to get promoted I think we will see him playing for us next season, as I can’t see the extension in Batth’s contract being activated, and if Gibson and Hanley are kept probably being used more as backup than starters as Knapper wants to create a younger squad. If we win the playoffs though, I think he will be sent out on loan again along with all our other players currently out on loan
  4. If Celtic and Rangers move into the EPL they may never qualify for Europe again
  5. Formed a brilliant defensive partnership in Farke’s second promotion campaign but both past it now. Although Gibson’s out of contract this summer I think there may a possibility that he might still be offered a new one if we fail to get promoted, if an offer comes in for Hanley this summer I would take it whilst we can still get some money for him
  6. If Sargent wanted/needed to come off, then the reason for him being subbed is understandable. Even so, I would have brought van Hooijdonk on as his replacement, not Nunez
  7. Yes. Although I would still have taken Sargent off, I would have given him at least 10 more minutes on the pitch and brought van Hooijdonk on as his replacement
  8. He did so that he would be available for Watford on Tuesday but took him off far too early, and should have brought SVH on
  9. I can understand why Wagner took Sargent off, but did it far too early
  10. That draw with West Brom has put Ipswich level on points with Leeds, just behind on GD and one point behind Southampton. However, Leeds and Southampton host Rotherham and Huddersfield so will probably extend their leads by three points
  11. QPR hoping to take advantage of our “recent run of travel sickness”. Yes we’ve lost 3 of our last 4 away fixtures, but it wasn’t a bad performance against Leeds and when we lost to West Brom and Millwall Sargent had only just returned from injury. Even so, I don’t think it’ll be an easy game, as QPR have also done quite well recently
  12. I think this is a fair rule. Bad behaviour is never accidental. I think they should also make it so that two of them qualifies as a yellow, just like two yellows qualifies as a red
  13. The current top 3 I think will definitely make the top 6. I think Ipswich should do as they’re currently 15 points clear of 7th, although you never know as the wheels are very wobbly at the moment. With the rest I think it’s too close to call at the moment, as each team still has at least 16 games left to play - West Brom in 5th are only 4 points clear of 7th but with a game in hand, but then even Cardiff in 13th are only 5 points off 6th
  14. He can’t complain about the red card - Kitching had already been booked and brought Sargent down through on goal. There were no protests from the players either. I don’t know why he thinks we’re very lucky to win it either - we put in a decent performance, although I didn’t think Coventry were that poor either, and nearly retook the lead shortly after the red
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