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  1. Don’t come very often as I live quite far away although came twice last season. Of what I can remember from the times I have been these will have to be: 5-0 win v Huddersfield (think it was 1997), including Neil Adams spot kick 3-1 win v Rotherham, when Cantwell scored his first goal for us 4-0 win v QPR although despite scoring for us first half I thought Buendia was a disgrace, and the ref was totally right to send him off
  2. HazzaJet

    Name that team!

    Thanks for this KC - really miss that “name that team” game where you put the player’s surname in a box and if it was correct it would light up. Had a look at it and the only players I couldn’t get were the wingers, Llewelyn and Henderson
  3. HazzaJet

    FA Chairman - season won't be completed

    If the season doesn’t get completed then I think that there should be no champions, promotion, or relegation as no teams are officially champions, promoted, or relegated yet - anything is possible and we might have stayed up. I also feel that a lot of our autumn results were down to injury - had Klose/Zimbo been fit when Amadou was playing I think we could have done better. Also ban all clubs from signing players who aren’t out of contract so teams can restart next season with how their squad would have looked in case they’d received no offers for players
  4. HazzaJet

    Leicester v Villa

    Am desperate for Villa to go down with us - they don’t deserve to stay up in my opinion. They are supposed to have spent over £150m on players and when you compare that to how much we’ve spent and the difference between how us and Villa have done this season it’s completely ridiculous. When I look at how us, Sheff Utd and Villa did last season and how much we each spent last summer I feel realistically that really we should be in a relegation battle, the Blades should probably be challenging for a top half finish, and Villa should be challenging for Europe (i.e. looking to do what their West Midland rivals did last season)
  5. HazzaJet

    Drmic Starting

    I see what everyone is saying by his injuries now - I don’t think I knew he’s been quite that injury prone. Only started this thread to see what the rest of you thought about him. At least he’s only cost us his wages in case he does turn out to be a failure - unlike Naismith who I believe is supposed to have cost us somewhere in the region of £10m and where Thirsty Lizard mentioned Joelinton in an earlier post - it’s believed he cost Newcastle £40m
  6. HazzaJet


    Would go with pretty much the same formation Ron - would just drop a centre-back as we would be playing 11 a-side football, not 12 a-side!
  7. I don’t know what the rest of you think about Drmic, but would you think he should be getting more game time? I have to say that I feel rather sorry for him this season as I was looking forward to seeing him play, although he’s not played much due to injury and being confined to Farke’s late subs bench He’s said that he came to play and feels fit and determined to help us. Personally I want to see him play more as I thought he would be a good signing and the last thing I want to happen is him handing in a transfer request at the end of the season due to lack of game time. Would love to see Farke playing 2 up the top with him and Pukki starting.
  8. HazzaJet


    I agree it’s time for a new formation as 4-2-3-1 just doesn’t seem to be working for us. When Lambert arrived he started playing a 4-4-2 with a diamond midfield and straight away we were a completely different side Although I have belief in Farke and don’t want to see him go, I still feel he needs to find a variety of different formations/tactics he can use as he may need them in case of injuries or to break down the other team’s style of play
  9. HazzaJet

    Tim krul schalke

    When I heard about us signing him as a free agent last season I was season I was very pleased - a goalkeeper with good Premier League experience. I hope we don’t lose him though as I don’t think we will be able to find a good enough replacement
  10. HazzaJet

    The Sadness of Ipswich Town

    Just love how they were doing so well earlier in the season and have completely turned things round - especially when their fans were hitting back at our “City going up and Scum going down” song by making up their equivalent with things the other way round. We were lucky as we had players like Great Grant and Wonder Wes. I don’t know much about the Ipswich squad other than they signed a lot of 3rd and 4th tier players under Hurst last season which was what sent them down. They now sit 10th, 7 pts adrift of the playoffs, 10pts off automatic promotion and 15pts off the title, with 8 games remaining. Every other team in the table also has at least 1 game in hand to them. This has made me very convinced that although City are set to be playing in the 2nd tier next season, Town will be staying down and may even be there for quite a while
  11. HazzaJet

    Strikers next season

    Although my Dad reckons Pukki will go this summer as he thinks he will want to spend the remainder of his career with a big club I think Pukki will stay. I can’t see us selling him for any less than £30m and I can’t think who would want to buy him - ok he got off to a flying start but he hasn’t exactly been great this season has he? If we did lose him I think we will still have Drmic who although is clearly a bit more injury prone than Teemu, I do believe could turn out to be a good replacement. I reckon we will also probably sign someone else and send Idah out on a season-long loan. There was also an opinion article by Robin Sainty last month “Why Norwich City won’t abandon policy on transfer window spending” that says in it about how if Villa go down they would have huge financial problems, City would only have to sell players on their own terms as there are key players on long term contracts with relegation clauses in them that would slash wages.
  12. HazzaJet

    I think we can now safely say

    Hughton was the most boring manager we’ve had so far in my lifetime. I know he got us to 11th in his first season in charge but despite keeping Brighton up last season he still got the sack as the fans were fed up with his boring style of play. Although I do believe we are going to end this season with our worst ever premier league points tally Farke has had very little money to spend on players when Hughton had £7.5m to spend on players like Ricky van Wolfswinkel. Just look at what Farke has achieved when the strength of the squad on his arrival was rather poor. I my opinion only call for Hughton as manager if you don’t follow the games live or watch highlights
  13. HazzaJet

    We will beat Liverpool

    I think you’re being very optimistic believing we will beat the Reds. Ok, you can never write it off - I originally thought the victory over Man City was going to be a 5-0 defeat but personally I think we’ll get thrashed when you look at how well they’ve done so far this season, having still only dropped 2 points.
  14. Totally agree. Although I think we are going to end this season with our worst ever premier league points tally, you have to bear in mind that he had very little money to spend on new signings. What you have to look at is how poor the squad was when he arrived and how great a value a lot of the signings have turned out to be, especially when some of them have been from the youth academy. Although lots of people are putting Hughton above Farke, in my opinion Hughton is one of the most boring ever managers. Despite keeping Brighton up last season he still got the sack as the fans were fed up with his boring defensive style of play. I know Hughton got us to 11th in his first season in charge, but if you’re going to him credit you have to give Farke credit because of what Farke has achieved out of the little money he has had to spend and the youth academy - lets not forget Hughton also got us relegated when he had something like £7.5m to spend on players like van Wolfswinkel
  15. HazzaJet

    Top 3 clubs hated by norwich fans

    Although most people think that Ipswich should come first I don’t hate them as much as I did when I was younger, mainly because I now have some friends who support them - 10 years ago I did refer to them as the scum, but don’t anymore My teams would be: 1) Leeds Anyone remember that fan “spainboy” who was on here and constantly wound us up during our League 1 season? I think fans of all other teams hate them 2) Aston Villa They’ve spent over £150m so in my opinion should be challenging for Europe, not just scraping survival. Also took Paul Lambert off us 3) Ipswich Although most people think they should come first I don’t hate them as much as I did when I was younger, mainly because I now have some friends who support them - 10 years ago I did refer to them as the scum, but don’t anymore. I still dislike them though and always want us to be the “Pride of East Anglia” - love this long unbeaten run we are on with them.