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  1. Shame about the Stoke result but we can’t expect to see all the other results go in our favour. Swansea and Watford have both lost though, and victory tomorrow will now see us go 10pts clear of the playoff zone
  2. No chance now - Robins just scored a 3rd!
  3. Don’t think Swansea will get any better than a draw now
  4. I have a lot of uncertainty about this game. Cantwell out with Onel a doubt, I guess it will be Placheta starting on the left. Wycombe did very well against us earlier in the season, and I think that just like last time they will be very defensive. Really we should win this game, but I won’t be surprised if Wycombe manage to get something out of it. Despite my doubts, I will still go for a 1-0 victory
  5. Great start to the day, will now be at least 8pts clear of 3rd place if we beat Wycombe, along with Watford having some suspensions. I have doubts on Stoke and Bristol City, but lets see if by chance they do do us any favours
  6. No, I want 6pts so we will be in top form ready for our game against Brentford. We are perfectly capable of beating Birmingham and Wycombe, and victory would put us on 70pts at the end of this month along with only requiring 7 wins from our remaining 13 games to put us on 91pts
  7. Should have done better and scored more goals. Don’t have a clue why Farke left the subs till stoppage time - I know he tends to make them quite late just can’t understand why he left them as late as he did today. Despite the poor performance, it was still a massive 3pts for us with Brentford, Swansea, Reading and Bournemouth all losing 64pts with 15 games left. 9 more wins should be enough - will put us on 91pts
  8. McCallum had no Championship experience prior to this season. I think Farke was looking to get him ready in case we find ourselves playing in the Championship in the near future, as if we do we would probably have lost our first choice players by then.
  9. I would like to see Dowell get the nod ahead of Vrancic as he was the first choice no.10 before he got injured and I don’t think Mario has the energy to start a league fixture anymore. Maybe bring in Sorensen for McLean as since he’s returned he hasn’t been playing all that well. However, I reckon it will be an unchanged starting XI
  10. Yes, and we’d also be on a 5 game winning streak for our game against Brentford
  11. I certainly agree with you there. Although we might be in for some nasty surprises in these fixtures, I would agree playing the bottom 5 would almost certainly turn out to be easier than the top 5. I also have strong beliefs we will do well
  12. If I was Coventry I’d rather play them now than near the end of the season though. The last thing a team in a relegation battle would want is their last few fixtures to be against promotion candidates
  13. The opening March fixture against Brentford will be a massive game and I think a huge challenge. The later fixtures are also difficult to call because you don’t know how we or our opponents will have done in recent games - I mean Derby haven’t done bad under Rooney and are now out of the bottom 3, perhaps they might be on a 4 match unbeaten run when we play them? As I’ve already said, yes on paper a lot of those fixtures look very winnable but what we must all remember is every fixture is also winnable for our opponents and with the later fixtures we also don’t know how we or our opponents will have done in recent games.
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