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  1. Had heard he’d gone to Brighton but didn’t realise they signed him on a permanent deal. They must have been crazy to have done that. At the end of last season even the Chelsea fans admitted he should have gone on loan to a Championship club, and so really I think it would have been better for Gilmour to have gone on loan to a Championship/SPL club this season, rather than to another PL club
  2. Clearly not ready for the PL yet. He needs to go back in January, and go out on loan to a Championship club
  3. I’m perfectly happy about this, and think that he gets a lot of unnecessary criticism. No, he’s not PL quality but he’s fine in the Championship
  4. To say they’d like to meet us more than we’d like to meet them makes it sound like you’re a binner fan stressed out over how long it’s been since you last beat us. You even lost at home to newly promoted Cambridge United last season
  5. Sorry TVB but I suffer from learning difficulties and so don’t really know anything about shareholding. The £20m that I’ve put for Delia is just based on what I’ve seen loads of times in the past decade in articles related our poor wealth/questioning her ownership. The £700m that I put for Attansio was from what I saw in an article on here when he was first linked to Foulger’s shares
  6. Didn’t think he deserved all the criticism he got last season. He was still a teenager when we signed him and is contracted until 2026, so there’s plenty of time for him to develop. Would like to see him get a few games for us in the Championship as it might help develop him - if we manage to get promoted this season Sargent’s already starting to look like he might turn out a completely different player next season to what he was like last season
  7. When the rumours about Attanasio buying Foulger’s shares first started back in May there was a lot of debate on here whether he should take over from Delia. Yes: Think I read that he is supposed to be worth about £700m, Delia’s is just £20m No: American, and we all know how much the Manure fans love the Glazers. Being a Norwich fan herself Delia respects us and doesn’t treat us nastily Me: Undecided. Seems a nice friendly guy and saw someone say that apparently he has a good reputation amongst the fans of his baseball club, which is a positive sign. Maybe wait and see what he’s like over the next year
  8. Maybe bring banners to the first home game after the 5,000 mark has been passed saying “Over 5,000 days since the binners beat us!” Another option would be to sing “x,xxx* days since you last beat us” at the end of the game if we win the next meeting (which will probably be next season) *x,xxx represents the number of days since they last beat us
  9. We’d all love our country win the World Cup, and so for England’s own good I’d love to see the FA toughen the homegrown player rule - maybe increase the minimum number to 12?
  10. As far as I’m aware we will get £500k if he makes a competitive start for his country - the Pink’Un mentioned it last time he was called up
  11. I wouldn’t ditch Tzolis yet. He’s still only 20 and contracted until 2026 so he has time to improve. Sargent is still only 22 and contracted until 2025 so despite all the criticism the likes of him and co got last season, I still had belief in them. However, although Rashica is also contracted until 2025 he’s already 26, so I do believe it may be better to wave goodbye to him now
  12. If the reason Pukki’s not in the squad really is by his own request it sounds like he’s looking to avoid injury so he can do well for the club - there have been rumours that he wants to line up a January transfer
  13. We signed him for about £9m with a 15% sell on clause. I understand his value would have dropped, but considering he didn’t turn out how I thought he would (just like Drmic) I think it might be best just to get rid of him for what they offer, as I reckon he’s on high wages and I don’t think he has any desire to play for us ever again. As others have said, I think a decent sell on clause would be a good idea as with Galatasary he’ll be playing in Europe and so I do believe they could pump his value back up again
  14. I’m very interested to see what happens to the clubs owned by oil billionaires in about 20 years time. Although it’s believed that our oil reserves will still last for about another 40 years, most countries are already trying to cut down on their fossil fuel usage as much as possible. Will probably still have enough money to run the clubs
  15. I was in my Mum’s car as she drove me and my brother back home from school when I heard about it on Radio 4. As soon as we arrived home we turned the TV on and watched it live
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