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  1. As far as I can remember I think my first game was to see them play Charlton at The Valley in the 90s. I believe it ended as a 4-4 draw
  2. HazzaJet

    Spurs v Villa

    Totally agree with you there - in my opinion you can’t judge a team until midway through the season unless they have had a really good/poor run. Say we beat Newcastle and pick up at least a point out of our games against Chelsea, West Ham, and Man City. What could we possibly look like after the following 4 games against Burnley, Palace, Villa, and Bournemouth?
  3. Webber has already stated that we are not under any pressure to sell players this summer, and to sell one of our crown jewels when we've only just come up from the Championship I think would be crazy. We also haven't even found cover for Aarons yet so I can't see us selling him when we would have no one to fill his position
  4. HazzaJet


    Cantwell's only 21 and I think he should stay. Like BigFish has said I reckon he's going to get hardly any game time this season due to Onel, Emi and the arrival of Roberts. Yes he did play a big part of the autumn, but this was only his first season playing for the first team and so I can't see him ready for the top flight. I think sending him out on loan to a championship club would at least keep his current skills going, and if we go straight back down we would at least have some cover for the loss of players.
  5. HazzaJet

    Dennis Srbeny

    I think that Srbeny should stay as he was only 25 last month. I feel that he is still unproven at Championship level though, simply because unfortunately he got very little game time last season due to the form of Pukki. As a result of this I think we need to: Sign another striker, whether it be on loan or a permanent deal Play Srbeny as 1st choice for the cup Send youngster Adam Idah out on loan - look what those loan spells for Aarons, Godfrey, and Maddison did to them in recent years
  6. HazzaJet

    What price Webber?

    If Manure put an offer in for Webber only accept it if they give us £200 million - we need him. Surely they won’t go for him yet though as we’ve only just come up from the Championship
  7. HazzaJet

    Alan Brazil

    Ipswich do have a bigger stadium and better history than us overall, but: We've been having far bigger attendances than them They haven't beaten us since 2009, whilst in the 2010-11 season we did the double over them with a 9-2 score on aggregate Over the past decade I feel we have been the better side - that time when they were a strong team was back in the 1970s - 80s What's Brazil going to say if next season we make Europe, Ipswich get relegated to League Two and then the National League the season after that?
  8. They’ve got nothing to play for but I’ve got a horrible feeling that Villa will beat us and Sheffield Utd will beat Stoke who also have nothing to play for. If this does happen then we’ll miss out on the title on goal difference, which will be very sad. Hopefully they will rest some players ready for the playoffs though - McGinn is on the brink of a 3 match ban, Abraham is set to come back from injury against us but is a key player and they’ll probably want to make sure he’s available for the playoffs
  9. HazzaJet

    C'mon Bolton

    Was expecting an away win. Would love the Trotters to make a late comeback though
  10. HazzaJet

    James Maddison - £25m

    Maddison is our star player at the moment and I’m certain he will win POTS. However, I feel that he plays a massive part in the team and if we lost him the turnout could be catastrophic. I would only sell him for £40m+ and a 50% sell on clause

    Although he’s doing really well for us, I also think too many young star players go to play in higher leagues then ruin their career by finding they get hardly any game time. Therefore I think Maddison should stay with us for now but if he wants to go up a level he should only go to a smaller Premiership team, not Spurs or Liverpool
  11. If Murphy wants to go to Newcastle I think he must be mad. He got regular first team football with us last season and although was great, he was playing in the 2nd tier and is still very young. Personally I reckon if he went he would ruin his career as I can only see him being a bench warmer there, although I may be wrong
  12. HazzaJet

    Leeds "must pay £5m for Jonny Howson"

    I would ask for at least £10m for Howson
  13. HazzaJet

    That was NOT ared card

    Definitely a red. I wasn''t at the game but listened to it on Radio Norfolk and the commentary said that it was the right decision as Dijks could have broken Emnes'' leg
  14. HazzaJet

    brady / palace bid

    If the rumours about Olsson are true, then we mustn''t accept any offer for Brady until we have signed a replacement left back (unless they offer us something ridiculous like £30 million +). Why do Villa want to give us McCormack in return for Brady? - They only signed him last summer and they signed him because they wanted him. Yes we did want him then but we don''t want him now thank you very much. Why not ask them for their first choice left-back instead?
  15. HazzaJet

    Klosse at his worst...

    Bassong was a decent player when he first arrived - won POTS and was the captain. However I think he is past it now as he''s getting towards the end of his career. He did have a few good games just before Christmas but I''d always have Klose ahead of him