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  1. Olivia Newton John has sadly passed away, one of the most beautiful women to walk the earth imo. Every teenage boys fantasy in my school days. RIP Olivia.
  2. My offering of a song for him. Gab Sara Sara - he comes from a land afar - he's better than Bwendiaa - Gab Sara Sara. Sung to the tune of Que sera sera.
  3. At least if you're cold you can add some extra layers. It was almost impossible to cool down last night with the outside temperature still 27 at 11 pm. As the Gunn show said low 20's is more than hot enough.
  4. Me too, have never understood the love of hot weather.
  5. We really are in the brown stuff if we stay in this league for more than 2 years, we basically get a head start on most clubs with parachute payments and still need to sell to buy. Presumably this is assuming we don't get any investment or are taken over.
  6. Pretty sure Jack Hayward sold Wolves for a pound a few years back which is probably a bit extreme but if Smith and Jones shares were valued at say 100 million and they sold to the yanks for lets say 20 million on the condition the other 80 million went straight to the club. Would that be legal?
  7. I thought seby b had been right on many occasions, it could be the athletic has it wrong.
  8. It's not really what I'd call a big announcement though.
  9. We are only a year into the Lotus sponsorship so I doubt it would be that.
  10. In the video Webber hinted at a couple of big announcements which would help the club grow - could one of them be extending the City Stand?
  11. I thought our wage structure was such that players took a significant cut if we were relegated.
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