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  1. Sargent starts for the U S of A v Wales.Could be interesting!
  2. Tin hat at the ready. I've said before,anybody who thinks Idah is going to come back and fire us into the EPL are seriously deluded.He really is'nt that good! EPL Div. 1 at best. His goals per game for us and Ire.Rep. should tell you that.๐Ÿช–๐Ÿช–๐Ÿช–
  3. That year all the so called "top four" were crap.All the football stars aligned that season for Leicester. Simple as.
  4. You'll get your tckt by the start of next season. Lots of people not bothering to attend games. Will increase the longer this manager is there. But he's going nowhere soon. I've had mine 20 years,and am seriously thinking of chucking it in and just pick the games I want to see.Financial climate will make a few minds up i feel.
  5. Scary thing is ,Howson was prob the best player on the pitch,and he must be 34 at least!!
  6. I think No.9 is referring to the time he was observed on Tombland bragging about his wealth compared to the nightclubbers of Norwich.I'm certain he's not the only member of that England squad who's done such things or something similar.Foden,Grealish and Maguire to name three.
  7. Unless Gibbs and Cantwell have knocks this smacks of a man not knowing what he's doing. Both were excellent on Wed.He could'nt wait to get pointy man back in!!
  8. With all due respect to him,if we are relying on Hernandez to win us games,we'll be waiting a long while. Can't fault his effort,but he's really not that good,and at 28,is'nt going to get any better.Sorry.
  9. I don't particularly care what he says. But the fact is i've been saying for a while now he's a very average CB and even less of a captain. He's probably quite happy bouncing along in the Championship rather than having to face anyone like Haaland!We have no leaders on the pitch,and his needless kick into the midriff of Sharp on Saturday would have been a red card if VAR was in the Champ. Has anybody seen him raise a clenched fist,or raise his voice in anger at any time on the pitch.If we were to get promoted we would need to replace him and Gibson as soon as.
  10. Nobody has mentioned just how easy it was for Morris to turn Hanley inside out when he faced him up!!
  11. So,this evening on Tombland. A ยฃ50,000 car with a personalised number plate which leaves nobody in doubt which NCFC player it belongs to,I mean it actually spells his name,is parked,on its own,in a plainly signed disabled driver only designated parking space.Yes,the player is injured,but obviously NOT disabled!! I'm sorry but this smacks of an attitude of arrogance beyond compare. God the fella can afford a personal driver,let alone a taxi,but no its a case of " i'll just leave it here,because I want to and sod the fine,its nothing to me" This is where fines pro rata to your earnings should be enforced. I earn decent money,drive a decent car,but would'nt do this,so why,why,do these people think they can.Rant over,but it bloody annoys me!!!
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