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  1. As much as I love watching Buendia,and tonight he was a class above,I would go for Skipp.At least 8/10 every game.Has been the difference this season....and what about that full length block at the end.Class act for someone so young.
  2. We will always struggle against teams of physical athletes. For all our technical nous, if we go up I really hope this is addressed.If not I fear we will suffer the same fate next season.
  3. You're right. Even in the average Premier League teams it appears the majority of the midfields contain 6'2' plus physical units which last season simply steamrollered us.We 'll have to address that to have any chance of competing.
  4. Re:The '75 final.I was 17 and me and a few mates were there.We were so bad.Near the end Jonny Miller had a chance to equalise,but obviously did'nt,and some fella next to me let forth with "if that f#####g w####r had put us thru extra time I would have ran on there and wrung his f#####g neck!!' Never forgot that!!
  5. I know its not related,but I guess that means The Killers will be cancelled. Or maybe a ballot for 10,000 seats!!☹
  6. ..don't know where you live,but it won't be daylight evening game in Norwich!
  7. Skipp is my player of the season already.I know you'll all say how can I say that after 31 games and that Buendia is the player who makes us tick and gets all the rave headlines,but the main reason we are so much more resilient defensively is massively down to Skipps reading of and dealing with danger in front of the back four.Plus his desire to drive forward and get us on the front foot. For a twenty year old he has been hugely impressive. Would love to think that if we go up we could persuade him to stay and for Spurs to agree.
  8. We all love the Championship as it means wins.Unfortunately the riches of the Premier League cannot be disputed,and to gain those riches means getting beat more often than not!! Just hope we give it more of a go if we do achieve the aim.Feel there will be a fair change in personnel.
  9. Can't agree with that! Was never going to happen for him here in that he just was'nt cut out to be main striker on his own in a Hughton style team. Would have been great in a Farke team.
  10. Don't take Coventry lightly. In Gustavo Hamer and Callum O'Hare they have two very good players who can cause us problems.
  11. Van Wolfswinkel got mullered for the so called "ghost"pass. I like McClean, but if that had cost us the game I wonder what social media would have put him thru!!
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