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  1. Embarrassing. Multi-millionaire egos at play. Bet they're great fun on a night out.
  2. How this fella is the go to England keeper is beyond me. Despite the mistakes for Everton,its his constant smiling when on the end of a defeat that would really p*ss me off as a fan.
  3. The Rangers captain today scored his 50th penalty. In total he's scored 131 goals. He's a right back. Think you can safely say that league is poor.
  4. Thats why he won't be here next season,regardless.
  5. There's more hope for me than City if he starts with Barnes up top. Also all he has to say re: SVH is that he has prove he should start. Doe'snt have to say he's sh*t!!
  6. Wagner says Hooijdonk has impressed in training...so why the f*** was'nt he used on Tuesday night. Guy is either full of cr*p,a liar or he has'nt got clue.
  7. Gibson really worries me,regardless of who he's paired with.
  8. Marginal? What the headball or area it happened in?
  9. Having slept on it,and calmed down a bit,I guess most of us would have taken a point on Sat and a win last night. But i guess its simply the way we thru it away. Total lack of game management. Yep we missed some chances,but defensively shocking,not for the first time.Any team who decides to just go long and bombard us seem to find our weakness.........our centre backs,regardless of who they are. That ,and leaving Barnes up top, has to be addressed if we make the play-offs.
  10. Keep saying the same thing. Its the not knowing the reasons why,which is really p*ssing the supporters off!
  11. Gibson really is total cr@p. Bloody awful footballer.£40,000 a week! My god!!!
  12. Never forgiven him for disallowing Pukki's goal v Spurs when he was the VAR!!!🙈
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