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  1. Unfortunately,there are companies out there who would act like this. I work for one. I suffered a heart attack a couple of years back and on returning to work was served with a disciplinary for my time off.
  2. This subject has always been a sore point where City are concerned. For a team like us,who are never going to be freescoring in this league,the opportunity afforded by corners and free-kicks must be taken advantage of, if we are to have any chance of surviving.Just amazes me how bad we are in this area of the game.Also,anybody else noticed how many times we give up possession at throw-ins!
  3. After Normann he was our best performer out there today. Agree he should have buried that chance and also the one when Pukki slipped him in. But Pukki was guilty of hesitating on a couple of occasions also. Its what you get when you're a side trying to get a foothold in the toughest league in football and the lack of confidence is evident from all the players in the attacking third. Small shoots of progress though. At least we're making the chances.Feel we are not far away from where we want to be.I know its difficult to keep the faith,but its all we have at the moment and we have to believe we'll get there.Chelsea away? Strange things happen.
  4. Can't see Cantwell coming straight back in. Not Farkes way.
  5. I see that Graham Potter is set to be the new manager at St.James Park......could be as early as next week. Could just unsettle Brighton a little bit.
  6. Idah subbed after 59 mins. BBC text on game,not mentioned once in 59 mins.Sorry,but I really feel the previous hype of this player was massively overplayed. Just don't think he's destined to ever make it here.
  7. Absolutely no interest in this game,or come to that,any qualifying games for tournaments.
  8. When will people on on here get it their skulls its not the owners of this club who actually say who we buy. They might put the money up,but do you really believe they know a Normann from a Gilmore? I doubt it!.
  9. Tough call. Perhaps somebody with a low centre of gravity could weave a way around the brick sh#thouses!!
  10. ...on second thoughts..why don't we all lose all the negative beliefs and try and send some positive vibes through our phones and ipads into the ether up to Burnley..you never know..BELIEVE!!!
  11. Really want to be positive about this one,really I do,but I just see Burnley again being too strong physically for us to handle. Aarons needs to stop McNeil from delivering the crosses which Woods thrives on and Hanley and co need to be resolute in the defence of those crosses. Unfortunately,can't see either if these happening on past history. So hope i'm wrong!!!!
  12. Looks like it could be Nuno very soon!!!
  13. Never a pen!! Ball had gone and Kabak pulled his foot away!! If it takes that long to decide its wrong!!! F#cking hate it!!!!!
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