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  1. Are we all missing something here that could be staring us in the face. Josh Martin had a great pre-season and looked a real talent.Ok,may be a big ask for him to step up so soon,but why not give him the chance.
  2. He'll have a problem at Elland Road when it comes to hiding his hairbands. Plenty of competition for them up there!!!
  3. Cantwell will be gone,thankfully. Hopefully Buendia will grow up !!
  4. Would'nt have mattered if Hugill or Idah were there,crossing was lousy from all over. Huff and puff but no quality anywere.Massive improvement needed from all departments.
  5. Pukki will be fine. Played well and looked sharp for Finland v Republic of Ireland earlier this week.Just needs a bit of luck to get up and running.
  6. Sinani was in Germany with the squad and by all accounts has impressed the staff and it seems he's is proving to be a good bit nearer EFL level than was first thought.
  7. Figures for tests events down to 1,000 in Sept. Think we can forget PNE. Possibly October as well.
  8. Also,for the first time for a while we have some real pace. Lets use it.
  9. Gibson himself has said he's fit and ready to go if called upon to do so. Even so,it will be Zimmo and Godfery to start.
  10. Don't think the bars will be open. At least not in the concourse.Bars and food outside probably.
  11. ....just to add...Daniel O'Shaugnessy. Did he walk into the wrong dressing room and no one noticed!!!!!!
  12. Matter of opinions, but feel Pukki's having a very good 2nd half. Movement and linkup play is excellent. Unlucky not to score with a smart turn and shot.
  13. You're all forgetting Josh Martin. Farke does seem to like how he's progressing. Could be a surprise choice.Be surprised if he's not at least on bench.
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