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  1. I feel that the problem is at the top of the club. Our majority shareholders want to be seen as running a nice friendly family community club. The friendly feeeling filters down through the various levels so nobody is under pressure. Our Sporting Director appears to have gone down the route of purchasing players with a view to resale rather than strengthening the team (under Lambert we bought to facilitate the team Tierney for left back, Crofts for midfield, Pilkington for winger Morrison for forward come readily to mind) under Webber you look at the players and think what is our best line up. As said previously players have regressed AArons loyalty can't be questioned but his final ball certainly can, Gianoulis is a tidy footballer but not a left back, Hanley is a solid defender with limited passing ability, Gibson blows hot and cold, Omobamidele I am still not certain about and then Byram. That is our defence. Midfield - looking at the players it is hard to construct a solid midfield with Gibbs, Sorensen, Sara, McLean, Nunez. Forwards - Sargents ball control is laughable for a professional football although he can run all day, Idah must show something in training that we don't see on the pitch, Pukki a quality player, Hernandez, Placheta, Tzolis, Rashica well. Playing system since Farke left we don't seem to have one. Head Coach has worked with Webber before and probably why he was selected this time and must be given time. I think all of these players with the exception of Aarons were signed by Webber and he must be held accountable but with no pressure from above and his arrogance he will continue as he wants.
  2. He would have gone before Farke if I had any say in the matter but once again our majority shareholders are asleep at the helm.
  3. Sorry but 90% is not acceptable. Today was the third game in a row where we looked as though we don't have a clue. As I understand it the SD is responsible for the systems and style of play - totally non existent. The SD is responsible for recruitment which has been woeful - Sargents control of a ball is non league standard, Tzolis has been here a season and a half and doesn't look interested, Rashica is on loan, Idah is not up to standard required, Placheta not standard required, Hernandez blows hot and cold and many of the others are bang average. If we change it now the new person will have time to have us set up for next season.
  4. I think it is time that action was taken against Stroud. Against Burnley he came out and kissed the ball (like a child) as he was walking towards the line ups he then went on to deny us a penalty that the EFL acknowledged should have been awarded. Subsequent to that the club was fined for the aftermath of his decision. He then takes charge against Huddersfield and sends Marquiness off for elbowing a player he raced across to give the red card. He then tokened towards Pukki that Marquiness had elbowed the player when replays show Marquiness jumped to head the ball had his arms out for balance and there was no movement backward or forward picked out by the cameras. The questions needed to be asked are with these mistakes; is Stroud competent to continue at this level. Does he have eyesight problems in not seeing the penalty and seeing arm movements that are not there. Does he have a problem with Norwich City.
  5. I think the state of our wide attackers sums up the mess Webber has made of recruitment.
  6. Farke, Smith and Wagner have all failed with these players perhaps it's time to realise the problem is Webber. Webber told us that with a Sporting Director the style of play would remain the same with the change of Head Coach he is right it has been rubbish all the way through. Under Farke we could pass the ball to our own players. We spent some 50 million last season 8-10 million on Rashica who is now playing in Turkey with us getting nothing in return, 8-10 million on Tzolis who can't start a game, several million on Sargent whose ball control is terrible, given a 5 year deal to Idah whose ball control is terrible I am certain with a different Sporting Director the money could have been spent better. We have also spent money on the training facilities with absolutely no improvement on the pitch. The sooner Webber leaves the club the better. The club may even get better reltions with the local press,
  7. If we finish outside of the top six it would be failure and one person is to blame Webber. Our first promotion to the premier league was interrupted by Covid but we seemed to be holding our own until the lock down when the wheels came off. We then stormed the Championship and got promoted again thinking Webber had learnt his lesson from the last visit to the Premier League. It has been reported that Farke wanted 3 or 4 quality players but Webber knew best and signed an incredible 11 average players wasting millions. If his previous statements are correct that the Sporting Director dictates style of play then he changd the way we played and when this wasn't working he threw Farke out just months into a new contract and after a win. Webber then appointed Smith another major mistake things just got worse and Smith was gone. We are told the training facilities have been upgraded, Soccerbot has been installed but the standard of football has deteriorated. We are now having a swimming pool installed we had one under Chase and it was closed because it was not economical. On Sunday against Sunderland we saw our back four passing the ball between themselves whilst Sunderland had all their players behind the ball making it difficult for us to break them down. Mowbray has said they know we like to play it out from the back so put us under pressure and we have made more defensive mistakes than any other team, he knows that and it has been reported in the press so why can't our sporting director sort it. Webber has now been here some six years if he is such a slick operator why haven't seen more of his youth products coming through.I think Webber is the problem not the answer.
  8. If I remember correctly their supporters were blaming their goalkeeper for two of the goals. I think a fair many of us have seen young players com through from the youth set up I remember Chris Sutton, Dale Gordon, Darren Eadie, Jamal Lewis, The Murphy's and Craig Bellamy we have also brought in players like Godfrey and Maddison and polished them up. All of those players looked to have something about them from the start unfortunately I can't say the same for Idah. Strikers apparantely thrive on instinct but loook how many times Idah starts a run and then stops. The award of a long contract just beggars belief unless they are getting him cheap. I sincerely hope Idah proves me wrong and I would be pleasantly suprised.
  9. After Saturdays match on Canary Call someone sent a text saying that Radio Norfolk's staff should ask Webber some tough questions on the standard of players available their reply "he won't talk to us". Personally I would like to see Webber gone he threw Farke out when Farke (according to Michael Bailey) wanted 3 quality players Webber signed eleven average players none of who were premier league standard. He then signed Smith as head coach who couldn't do any better than Farke and the standard of football was worse and when the crowd turned Smith was sacked. Webbers attitude to local press and radio is poor, his attitude to spectators is if you don't like what you see go elsewhere. I would have liked to have seen Farke stay (after all he encouraged some of the best football I have seen in sixty years of support)and Webber gone we could have then offered Farke the Sporting Director role and if he accepted continue in the same mould. Webber said that with the Sporting Director he could change the head coach and we wouldn't notice the change that's not true either we have gone backwards year on year since winningthe Championship for the second time. He has had two goes at the Premiership and failed.
  10. Therein lies the problem. How many times have Smith & Jones stood by managers that were past their sell by date. Todays team with the exception of Aarons was assembled under Webbers watch and I don't think we have had a more disjointed team for quite some time. Our forwards without Pukki have little idea of what to do, Sargent was our 9 million Premiership centre forward whose first touch is poor works hard but a forward? Idah has he improved in the last 3 years ? (Webber must have sanctioned the 5 year contract). Our midfield neither helps the defence or their forwards and our defence well, Aarons goes forward then can't centre the ball, Gianoulis a tidy footballer but not a defender just waiting for the next mistake. All assembled under Webbers watch. The football has not improved since Farke was sacked. Both Farke and Smith have been sacrificed to keep the arrogant Webber in a job and the club is going backwards. If Attonsio can't see through Webber then what will he give him another 50 million to waste. Time for a change.
  11. I have no problem with VAR, the problem is with those that administer it. It was Riley initially who didn't want referees to use the pitch side monitor until Colina said they were to be used. Surely it is the job of those watching VAR to bring to the attention of the referee any incident that is not within the laws of the game. The offside rule coud be changed to say there must be daylight between the defender and attacker rather than whose big toe or nose was the furtherest forward. I am not certain that Webb is the man to sort this mess out didn't he show the same player two yellow cards in a game without sending him off. I would like to see the FA bring in regulations for referees rather than leave it to PGMOL but the FA are not fit for purpose.
  12. Just wondering how long before the crowd turns on Webber like they did Smith.
  13. Webber has had his time here, for all those applauding his improvements to the training ground and Soccerbot there is no improvement in the quality of football on the pitch in fact quite the reverse. His method of buying to resell would be OK if we bought to strenghten the team (along the lines of Lambert who bought players to fill positions) but at the moment that team looks so disjointed, midfield is non creative, there is no width for attacking, the defence is all over the place, Aarons for all his attacking seems unable to cross a ball into the box. There are teams in this league who have far less money than us but the players give so much more.
  14. The point is that Gibsons first season was in the Championship, Burnley signed him from Middlesboro and found out he is not Premiership class we signed him from Burnley and after his first season found out the same.
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