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  1. I am another that cannot see an immediate return to the Premiership. Whilst the new signings sound good they are unproven in a very tough league so we will have to wait and see. Our defence was leaky last season so unless improvements are made I would expect the same again. Farke has had three years and failed to improve our defence still relying on zonal marking with all its problems, we still have eleven players in our eighteen yard box defending corners and set pieces so have no outlet if we manage to get the ball out increasing pressure on the defence yet again. We need new players and a new mindset to progress.
  2. Much will depend on how Farke sets his teams up. Zonal marking has not worked for us and will need addressing, all eleven players back in the eighteen yard box to defend corners and set pieces needs addressing this gives you no outlet if you clear the ball and allows the opposition to put more bodies in the box. The defence needs an overhaul we have two small full backs that aren't that good at defending. We need to move the ball much quicker from back to front not the pedantic ten passes to get back to sqquare one. Three seasons in and the Webber/Farke defence is probably the worst it has been for several years, it was porous in the Championship and needed improving but wasn't. Farke needs to stop talking about statistics that don't count (ie against Millwall some three seasons ago) Norwich 75% Millwall 25% the only statistic that counted was Millwall 4 Norwich 0. Whilst I wish them well I don't know the damage this season will have done.
  3. Although a different era I did wonder what Ron Saunders or Duncan Forbes would have said hadd he turned up for training like that.
  4. I am afraid you will have to wait a little longer because he is waiting on a call from Barcelona, perhaps somebody could tell him it will be a long time coming.
  5. It's a no contest really, I can not remember leaving the ground when Lambert was in charge thinking we didn't even try, unlike Farkes teams. Farke has had three years in charge and still the defence is not even up to National League standard. Under Lambert I remember at Brighton 1-0 down, then 1-1 and Lambert takes off a defender and brings a forward or midfielder on and we went on to win. Lambert was not afraid to make changes and would make a substitution after 15 - 20 minutes if necessary. No contest.
  6. It should have been that way from thw start it was Riley that thought that stopping the game to view the screen would add too much time onto the game. At least the crowd will know what is happening unlike the mess he made of it this season.
  7. Good to see the Premier League now has to follow Fifa guidelines on VAR and not Rileys ridiculous interpretation.
  8. After 3 years at the helm Farke has our defence as disorganised as I can remember. We need a defensive coach in immediately to sort out the mess. If Farke cannot work with a defensive coach then it will be up to Webber to take some tough decisions. For those that think our defenders are good enough for next season remember how poor they were last season.
  9. I can accept relegation what I can't accept is gutless performances there has been too many this season.
  10. At the start of the seson I was hoping that the defence would be strengthened as it was pretty porous last season - but it wasn't to be. We now have three injury prone central defenders who will need to be upgraded before next season starts. I am another that thinks Godfrey would be better used in midfield. We certainly need much more muscle in midfield as we are so lightweight. Do I think Webber can deliver - not certain. It is unfortunate because when the season started I genuinely felt this was the best team we had taken into the Premiership but it is so disappointing the number of games we haven't turned up or the half hearted displays we have seen, the lack of substitutes or the inability to change the course of a game.
  11. Just ask yourself how many teams these three have successfully managed and then you see why they talk as much as they do.
  12. I think you will find another Norwich player was playing him onside somebody in the right back position was well behind Klose.
  13. What would the attendance be at Carrow Road if that was applied!
  14. Didn't he send a Sheffield player off then change his mind. Shouldn't be in the Premier League but then neither should a lot of the others.
  15. Tuesday should be entertaining on the touchline Lambert one side Barton the other.
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