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  1. How many premier league games take place on weekends, how many games are there midweek. Would Sky not be allowed to alter the dates of games for these six teams.
  2. If we were a big name premiership team it could have been reviewed in 24 hours.
  3. I rememer reading a reporter shortly after Boothroyd was appointed stating that there were much better coaches than Boothroyd but because he had worked with someone at the FA before he got the job. Once again sums up the FA.
  4. By Judges own comments he swore at the referee and should have been punished. Once again it shows the FA is not fit for purpose Judge should have been before the FA. The FA have turned a blind eye to the standard of refereeing, turned a blind eye to the standard of use of VAR leaving it ll down to the controversial Riley to implement and totally mess up. Whilst the FA are so out of touch with the day to day running of the game I cannot see any improvement happening, according to yesterdays news they are more interested with the female players education rather than sorting problems out.
  5. I would also like to see our fastest player on or near the halfway line because it normally takes two players out of the opposition attack. I would also like to see us attack much quicker, at present we rely on the possession based game where we string together far too many passes to get to the oppositions penalty area this gives the opposition time to organise their defence to nullify any threat. I feel that when we are playing packed defences we must shoot from distance more. Having watched Brentford a couple of times I noticed how quick they can get the ball forward I would like us todo the same whether its more direct passing or using the speedof Placheta and Hernandez.
  6. Surely the quetion should be should he be refereeing.
  7. I thought the start was the best, referee blows whistle the Ipswich player plays the ball back whilst the other players all take the knee. HaHa
  8. Whilst I am not to disappointed that we are out of the cup I am disappointed at the manner we went out. I thought Farke would have changed shape at half time to pose them some problems. We had two fast wingers on the pitch but failed to exploit their pace with early balls into space. With only five minutes left we were srill passing square across the back with no intention of getting forward quickly. Whilst the pitch was not quality - I know it is the same for both sides - the number of our players that slipped over would suggest perhaps the footwear was not spot on. Perhaps it was that Farke wanted out of the cup, who knows, what I do know is that other managers will watch this and change their tactics accordingly could be a long second half to the season let's hope not.
  9. And theres your problem a controversial referee promoted to the Head Post when many in the game didn't want him to get the job. I can't forget a few seasons ago when Leicester were close to winning the title Kevin Friend was taken off a Tottenham game because he had links with Leicester surely if a referee has links with a Premiership club he shouldn't be refereeing a Premiership game. We then had the Simon Hooper debacle I will never forget the comments from the press box behind us one commentator reported "first game of the season and we have already seen the worst decision of the season". Hoopers still around. Now we can fast forward to VAR and one hoped this would cut out cheating and dubious decisions but not with Riley in charge he said he didn't want pitch side cameras to be used as this would add to much time to a game so people some 200 miles away could be refereeing a game. Last season we saw Sheff Utd score a goal against Villa with the ball clearly the other side of the post, goal line technology wasn't working and neither was VAR and the goal wasn't given. In another game Moss awarded Man U a penalty against Villa when replays clearly indicated that the foul was against Villa again VAR did nothing. VAR can take up to five minutes to come to a decision whilst those in TV studios can make a decision in seconds. Fortunately Collina stepped in and said pitch side monitors were to be used. The thing that I feel most annoyed about is that the FA has done absolutely nothing about it.
  10. Whilst I agree with the OP I feel that we had this problem last time in this league. Whilst our centrebacks play the ball between themselves we are allowing opposition players to get behind the ball and their defence organised. Our build up play whilst attractive at times is so often sideways and slow again allowing the opposition to get behind the ball and allowing them to pack their eighteen yard box making it difficult to get near their goal. We need to attack much quicker and more direct to present more problems to the opposition, sometimes shooting from distance to get the deflections that arise from packed defences.
  11. Didn't they discard Nick Pope he has done alright.
  12. I am another that cannot see an immediate return to the Premiership. Whilst the new signings sound good they are unproven in a very tough league so we will have to wait and see. Our defence was leaky last season so unless improvements are made I would expect the same again. Farke has had three years and failed to improve our defence still relying on zonal marking with all its problems, we still have eleven players in our eighteen yard box defending corners and set pieces so have no outlet if we manage to get the ball out increasing pressure on the defence yet again. We need new players and a new mindset to progress.
  13. Much will depend on how Farke sets his teams up. Zonal marking has not worked for us and will need addressing, all eleven players back in the eighteen yard box to defend corners and set pieces needs addressing this gives you no outlet if you clear the ball and allows the opposition to put more bodies in the box. The defence needs an overhaul we have two small full backs that aren't that good at defending. We need to move the ball much quicker from back to front not the pedantic ten passes to get back to sqquare one. Three seasons in and the Webber/Farke defence is probably the worst it has been for several years, it was porous in the Championship and needed improving but wasn't. Farke needs to stop talking about statistics that don't count (ie against Millwall some three seasons ago) Norwich 75% Millwall 25% the only statistic that counted was Millwall 4 Norwich 0. Whilst I wish them well I don't know the damage this season will have done.
  14. Although a different era I did wonder what Ron Saunders or Duncan Forbes would have said hadd he turned up for training like that.
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