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  1. Couldn’t agree more. As I said in another post after watching the second half of the under 21’s last week I was totally underwhelmed by their performance. Giving possession away cheaply by poor passing or poor decisions it reminded me of the performances of the first team. I would like to see a new coaching team with the emphasis on passing including speed of passing. Let’s hope Knapper has his finger on the pulse.
  2. Now Wagner says Sainz was withdrawn because he believed he had been booked which he hadn’t !
  3. If Giannoulis hadn’t faffed around with the ball and given away a throw in it might have been a different result. At times he is a liability.
  4. Offside should only be when there is daylight between attacker and defender otherwise you are level.
  5. Much like the first team unable to pass to our own players, unable to keep the ball. New coaching staff required throughout the club.
  6. It seems like the mushroom season again for supporters - kept in the dark and fed on …..
  7. I don’t envy Knapper at all. He has arrived early at a club where the last Sporting Director (who was worshipped by the majority shareholders) is still working his Notice, his wife is on the board of directors and the footballing side is a mess. It would appear that he has identified that the age of the squad is a problem, that Idah is not worth a five year contract. Let’s hope he continues working on improvements to the footballing side of the club. I don’t think he can say too much while the Webbers are around and hope when Attansio completes his takeover he will shake p the board of directors.
  8. Any one see Referee Tierney deal with Richarlson tonight. It would appear Richarlson ask for a card to be shown Tierney held up his hand as if showing a card and then crossed his hands saying don’t do it. Why wasn’t the player booked as was Sainz obviously different rules for different players.
  9. Let’s hope that Knapper is going to do some work on our academy. Last night we saw young Gray a seventeen year old playing for Leeds who has featured in 30 games this season, earlier this season against Sunderland we saw a sixteen year old come on as a substitute. What are we doing loaning out twenty and twenty one year olds to gain experience. Perhaps our development plans or staff need looking at.
  10. Wagner says he doesn’t want Placheta to go without a replacement that doesn’t say much about the youth coming through. If we haven’t got a youngster that can replace Placheta then we are in a mess.
  11. How can he say anything while Webber is still under contract to March and his wife is on the board of directors. What a mess.
  12. An odd signing when you read that Farke wanted to assess his fitness before offering him a contract yet we step in and sign him.
  13. I think the bottom line is if the football was decent and we were putting on a good show nobody would care what was going on behind the scenes. It would appear the present head coach and his staff are unable to deliver anything resembling entertaining football and while that lasts the bickering will go on.
  14. Thinking exactly the same, the speed at which they move the ball beats our passing at the back.
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