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  1. ridgeman

    Referees this season....

    Just read that all Championship clubs pay £50,000 per year to help train the select group 2 referees. What a poor return we have had on our investment.
  2. Just recounting our last game against them Buendia was kicked out of the game after 21 minutes and Leitner had to go off at half time after some rough treatment will they allow us to play this time or will it be more of the same. The fans must get on the referees back if they resort to these tactics again.
  3. ridgeman

    Wigan away

    Now confirmed for Sunday linchtime just shows what Sky think of football fans.
  4. ridgeman

    £25k Fine from Ipswich game

    Once again the FA have shown just how out of touch they are. They have hit Norwich the hardest because of their previous history but don't take into account the fouls that led to the incident. One was a late dangerous tackle the other had nothing to do with football but lets not worry. Once again I find the FA not fit for purpose.
  5. Week after week we see the officials, referees and assistant referees, make mistakes but no explanation as to why they make these decisions and no repercussions for their mistakes. Gayle has now been banned for two games for deceiving an official but what of the referee as it appeared from all of the clips it was an obvious dive. Managers and players have to give interviews shortly after a game and if they say anything against the officials they face disciplinary action. Recently managers have claimed that officials have affected the result of a game. At Carrow Road we have seen some woeful refereeing recently and I feel in the recent local derby had the referee been stronger at the start of the game some of the later antics could have been avoided but the players knew they could get away with things and they did. Surely referees should explain their decisions when controversial decisions are made and be held to account. Although Gayle has been banned the result of his dive gives WBA an extra point and deprives Forest of two.
  6. ridgeman

    genuine question.....is Paul Lambert all there?

    I have just read that Lambert is unhappy that Norwich didn't shake hands with his coaching staff perhaps he should look a little closer to home because Hernandez put his hand out to the Ipswich coaching staff and they walked straight past him. I think Lambert has lost the plot, but that should have been obvious when he went there.
  7. ridgeman

    Paul Lambert

    One aspect that I don't understand is Lambert was shown a red card which meant he is sent off, he then sits in the stand no problem. The BBC local news clearly shows him on his mobile phone to Gill in the dugout surely this can't be right once sent off you take no further part in the game.
  8. ridgeman

    Hope its not Hooper

    Whats wrong with four yellows for Ipswich
  9. ridgeman

    8/10 Performance? Paddy.... Come on!

    If he is a Coventry fan he probably hasn't seen a performance like that before.