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    One For Us Coffin Dodgers.

    Love the cigarette in Bollands hand
  2. So Fawlty Towers is condemned to history??? Your blood pressure is going to go through the roof if you go to Tilly’s thread for””””” One for us Coffin Dodgers””””” the NCFC Team is made up of all white players DISGUSTING Tilly you racist
  3. KIO You must be a bundle of fun watching old re-runs on TV like Fawlty Towers with the Major ranting on about cricket nations and Alf Garnetts spates with his Black neighbour You would probably have a heart attack if you had to watch the Black and White Minstrels
  4. daly

    One For Us Coffin Dodgers.

    Great picture click on it and goes to Facebook with a Terry Alcock Funeral Services Advert popup
  5. KIO Far from a racist 2 of my best friends who used my shop daily and who I went out with on a regular basis were both from IPSWICH, BOTH BLACK and NCFC players namely Ruel Fox and Louie Donowa both lovely lads. You don’t know me but like most of the liberals on this forum unless you mention Blacks, members of the LGBT then you are considered resist. It really pisses me off
  6. Here we go play the racist card all I said was that when Leeds/Ipswich/Forest won the competitions they comprised of mainly U.K. players and before money was the factor in the Liverpool’s/Man City etc doing well Get a life
  7. Why everyone needs to have a go at Ipswich/ForestLeeds past in European Competitions remember they won their cups with the majority of players born in the U.K. not like today
  8. daly

    McLean to West Ham for £10m

    Time all these agents were banned, they are parasites who are only interested in making a fast buck
  9. daly

    Klopp being a tw*t

    Got his Gnashers in a twist and now he’s paying for it
  10. daly

    Klopp being a tw*t

    Winter Break they’ll be wanting £100000 a week next
  11. daly

    Jamal to Palace?

    How many said Maddison was a great deal, year on he’s probably trebled in value
  12. Landlord will now be in the home dressing room and tenant in the away dressing room
  13. Should have a bit of an advantage over other players with an extra i
  14. daly

    What's going on on the 8th and 15th Feb?

    Or if you’re a professional footballer love interestS
  15. daly

    What's going on on the 8th and 15th Feb?

    Blame that depressingly Greta Thunberg
  16. daly

    What is the "five year plan"?

    Tell that to the. BOD then
  17. daly

    What is the "five year plan"?

    The only consistent thing about us is we’re always permanently broke
  18. daly

    Late sub's

    Won’t be a problem next season in TC as we’ll probably win more games hopefully if we can keep most of the squad together. Remember TBOD insist we be a top 26 club.
  19. daly

    Turning on Farke

    The club is probably out of it’s depth being in The Premiership under the present regime compared to other clubs setups. The stadium needs upgrading re main stand, toilets food vending area’s etc. It’s only this season that the dressing rooms have been upgraded and that was a league rule. Literally millions need to be spent just to survive and despite all the money this club has received through sell out season tickets over the years and selling players we always seem to have no money.
  20. daly

    Tainted Title

    Looks like he got them from a Christmas Cracker
  21. Go1st class for a tenner assured of a seat and free biscuits and coffee
  22. daly

    Somebody thinks we can do it!

    We blew any chance of staying up when we failed to take any points off West Ham, Burnley, Palace, Villa twice, Brighton, Watford, Southampton, Sheffield United all sides we thought were winnable when fixtures were announced. Now 7/8 wins from 15 games Seems a hard ask to me
  23. daly

    Ben Marshall

    Other news Is l’m off to Aldi’s
  24. daly

    Jamal Lewis

    Max could be gone in days and then Lewis comes in