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  1. Like the football coaching staff at Carrow Road The IT staff can’t get it right Black Square at left corner made it impossible to read teams Why do NCFC never show subs on screen Perhaps their number hasn’t been drawn out of the hat by Wagner at KO time
  2. What league is Billy Gilmour playing in Answer The league that NCFC are light years away from
  3. Have you ever managed to go North of the Border you might be surprised
  4. In the 3 largest cities you’ll find it hard to find a true Scot which I am English and mainly Immigrants run the shops, hotels transport etc
  5. Not talking about match days The place is a tip most afternoons
  6. Only good point about Queen of Iceni Cheap drinks Management useless Tables filthy Food and dirty plates left on tables for ages This must be the worst Wetherspoons in Norfolk Whiffler/Glasshouse/Dereham fantastic
  7. This league has to be the equivalent to The Sunday League
  8. Yes should be a sell out £5 a ticket and £2.50 for the old codgers
  9. Mind the Gap Its getting bigger
  10. PS Capital T in Try Last time I heard gonna was when I lived in Reno NV
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