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  1. At least Jacob would not spend half the game on his **** complaining
  2. Managed something we don’t seem to achieve by staying in the EPL for 5 seasons Wish we could even manage a second season occasionally
  3. Didn’t he instigate the sponsorship with the small company Galway Roast which has now ceased trading due to lack of funds
  4. Pushing the boat out again
  5. We’ve broken a few records this season so why not add another and go 10-0
  6. Get to half time level then 2-0 if not 5-0 Would love to see us make a game of it but we will be defending from the first minute
  7. Must have been No. 23 Creance Rd .Derrick was my best man at my wedding Used to play football with his two lads in our back garden
  8. Try his wife probably the best place to start
  9. Think the whole situation with fans on this board is that it’s a complete case of frustration regarding whether we should have borrowed and spent more. Given the loans etc we signed this year were like our season a complete disaster Watched this club from the days when we finished bottom of Div 3 South and you couldn’t go any lower to European football and seasons in the EPL but the ambition of NCFC seem to a minimum
  10. As long as he can run that’s the main thing, if he’s no good we can enter him into the track & field events
  11. Certainly took a fair while to decide she’s homesick
  12. Would imagine that behind the scenes there is trouble brewing Need a complete clear out starting at the top
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