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  1. daly

    Gone then.

    That really is a remark way over the top, this was obviously a case of a Paedophile group from Portugal or paedophile's staying in the area taking this poor young girl and getting away with it. The Portuguese police have a LOT TO ANSWER FOR As for the original post being deleted you should not be surprised anything controversial will get pulled. Remember posting about Ed Balls wife Pixie and the expenses fiddle and this labour controlled site will remove it
  2. Why do they bother to take their shirts off, most have T- Shirts and Bra's on, next we'll see one of them advertising Victoria's Secret underwear by removing their shorts
  3. You find that funny?????????/
  4. daly

    If Bolton go ....

    Should think Nat Lofthouse one of England's greatest centre forwards is turning in his grave the way this great club has been run into the ground. Cannot understand it around 20 million potential punters within spitting distance
  5. daly

    Krul Next Year

    A few bad goalkeeping mistakes over the weekend probably due to weather conditions but Remi Matthews gets the award for biggest gaff, ironically he looked round and did not see the Wigan player
  6. daly

    4 Home Games Left..

    Hope the Manager and the players do not read this board as everyone seems to think its a forgone conclusion that Premiership football next season is assured. LONG WAY to go yet
  7. Still Leeds were the Number 1 team for years with so many great players right through the team from No.1 to 11
  8. daly

    Krul Next Year

    I saw Krul at his best at Newcastle where he was a commanding figure, he is not half the player he was and sure he will admit his days as No.1 are limited. See this season out and take his wages sitting on the bench next season If we and hopefully get Premiership football next season then we need to splash out big money for a top keeper but till then BACK Tim and give him the confidence to see us into TP
  9. daly


    Because none of them good enough to go any further than TC at best The top keepers are coming in from abroad
  10. daly

    Krull Footwork

    Krul will definitely see the season out as No. 1 keeper if we should get promoted then the manager will have to make that position a priority. With the speed of Vardy, Sterling etc he will have to be a lot quicker with his actions
  11. daly

    What Else Do You Fondly Remember..?

    How about Reveille, TitBits and Parade and Diana Dors showing off a bit of her bits
  12. Branston Would have thought we want Ipswich to still be in with a shout going into their last game otherwise its a free three points for Leeds Pressure back on us now with 3 big games coming up
  13. daly

    Josh Murphy

    Never mentioned Emi or Onel I said I would rather we had one of the Murphy's over the waster we still have in Naismith
  14. daly

    WACCOE meltdown 😂

    I hope the top 3 make it to The Premiership which taken over the 46 games should be the case. Have a horrible feeling that should we not make the top 2 then we will miss out. Its got to be the worst feeling finishing third and having to go through it all again to make TP