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  1. daly

    The Forgotten Men

    Not really a laughing matter how much the above are costing the club
  2. Loan Players Reads like an episode from ER or Casualty NCFC loan rejects Matt Jarvis Missed the last 11 games as ankle issues re-emerged Steven over rated Naismith Knee surgery ended season in March Sean Raggett Further ankle surgery Yanic Wildschut Surgery on ankle ligament finished his season January Savvas Mourgos Knee ligament damage last October finished his season Diallang Jaiyesimi as above Simon Power Calf problems Mason Bloomfield broken arm No wonder you have to wait months to get a hospital appointment
  3. daly

    How lucky were Ipswich

    Bill want a little bet that Ipswich gates are at least 18000 average next season
  4. daly

    Congratulations Kings Lynn

    Thousands need to be spent on the ground and dressing rooms and cannot see that happening, gates will never exceed 1000 unless they are winning regularly which is not going to happen
  5. daly

    Well done Newport County

    Still can cycle fifty miles a week and don't need Viagra yet thanks for tor interest
  6. daly

    Well done Newport County

    Remember the late 1940's and the whole of the 1950's when City and Newport met every season in Div 3 South and we struggled in quite a number of those games.
  7. Well those who want to see the demise of Ipswich into obviation have no concern whatsoever for all the staff and part-timers who rely on the club to make a living. Ground Staff, Catering, Stewards, Office Staff etc When we went down to the 1st Div a relation of mine who had given loyal service for over 20 years was shown the door via an email before being given official notice
  8. Whatever is this big obsession to persistently continue to bring up the Ipswich on this forum. it should be about NCFC and issues that affect us. I personally do not gloat because a team has dropped out of TC to Div 1 not due to the loyal supporters who go to Portman Rd to watch football, which obviously has been disappointing. The club has been run into the ground by the BOD. Remember the end of last season and the number of people coming on here saying they will not be renewing their season tickets. Lets count our blessing that we have seen some of the best football I can remember in 70 years of supporting NCFC MOVE ON
  9. daly

    Promotion Quiz

    That's harder than my Countdown appearance
  10. daly


    Sure we'll get a striker on loan with Premiership experience
  11. Leitner/Tettey 20 yards or so from me, thought it was really dangerous if that is a normal training prank.
  12. Great reports throughout the season One question How do you keep so many notes are you in the Media section because where I sit I am up and down like a yo yo Amazing how many want to get a beer and food during the game or use the toilets.
  13. daly

    Radio 5 podcast

    The days are gone when the cheapest footballer you could buy was the keeper, now to get a Premiership keeper who is half decent will take all of Farke's twenty million budget.
  14. daly

    Bielsa trying to pronounce Ipswich

    Can never understand how he manages to manage with his complete lack of the English language. Every time he is interviewed he has an interpreter with him
  15. daly


    When their is the money at stake in todays football, players, managers and the BOD will cheat in some form or other. Diving, getting in the ref's face for every decision he makes if it goes against them. Best of all the number of times players try to get fellow professionals sent off. EVERY club does it