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  1. That was the start of a short affair between them, you can see the chemistry oozing from them
  2. Seen Neil Diamond at Ipswich Town Ground Zurich London Earls Court twice Staples Center 3 times in LA Fantastic entertainer who sadly is suffering from the early signs of dementia Anyone interested in those programs for shows
  3. One of the boroughs of London with a massive Asian population reported I believe only a 43% take up of the vaccine. So is it OK for them to Carry on Spreading 50 years ago it could have starred Sid James and Kenneth Williams
  4. No we don’t want to offend the minority population who can get COVID and pass it on
  5. Cannot possibly the way to start with a team that looked knackered on Saturday with so many available players
  6. No one is disputing Farke is a great Manager but cannot understand the logic in not bringing on subs earlier, it was obvious that a few players were drained. We hung on to win against a team currently third from bottom. Going to Birmingham Tuesday on that pitch will be a struggle
  7. Yep Amazing how it’s always the ref, fact we can’t put a game to bed
  8. Why would they, taken points off the majority of top 6 teams and playing good attacking football
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