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  1. Think Webber Farke and Delia all hand in glove It ain’t going to happen
  2. There’s no problem at Carrow Road it’s all in good hands Master Tom who arranged the Coffee shop sponsorship will soon be in charge
  3. Paddy Power opening a book on Todd Cantwell Family Issues Personal Issues Family Member Sick Injured Not Injured Mental Health Problems Falling out with Farke Bust up with Hanley Gay What’s Next
  4. Your spelling of compaition certainly is cryptic
  5. We had enough clear cut chances yesterday to win easily and temporally move out of the bottom 3 All squandered
  6. Wait till the Reverend Lineker and the BBC pundits get started tonight
  7. Doubt that, Kings Lynn looking good to finish in the bottom 3
  8. A bullet to the heart A few in jail today need the same result
  9. What vigil were the women at when the police waded in??
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