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  1. Remember him well towering center half with a head of black curly hair £12 a week during the season £10 a week during the summer
  2. Perhaps the count is by the same guy who does the NCFC attendance figures
  3. Every day commodity for a yuppie Tilly was a Filofax not a pair of handcuffs unless you were a kinky yuppie A fashionable young middle-class person with a well-paid job.
  4. Yes upmarket Wetherspoons Full of Del Boys yuppies at overpriced cocktails
  5. If the players are unfit is it the Managers fault Personally if I was on upwards of £40000 a week I’d move heaven and earth to make sure I was 100% fit
  6. Can’t see where this is going as Delia is passing on the majority shareholding to Tom Smith Same old Same old
  7. Think you’ve got me muddled up, never as far as I can remember said I was a Smith fan
  8. Well you’re certainly frustrated today with all the negative posting Got to be either getting out of bed wrong side or Sexual problems
  9. Amazing how the last 8 to 10 minutes of kick and rush football when we looked more likely to score
  10. Ricardo Seems like a lot of apathy about yesterday’s game Good report
  11. Probably the fact that this squad is not good enough despite being told numerous times that it is the strongest in the division. We’ve scraped wins out of nowhere when we’ve been second best Now starting to catch up with us Playoffs at best at the present time What the holiday in Tampa will bring remains to be seen Sounds a bit like The Jolly Boys Outing
  12. Or if your a foreign national and only take cash
  13. Given the mixed reaction of supporters to Dean Smith would have thought this was tactical move by the BOD to avoid any floor questions as it was Webber who decided he was not invited
  14. Delia looked very unimpressed when the bog guy said sure she could remember the Bly Bly Babes Pinkun headline from the 59 cup run Looked really pissed off
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