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  1. daly

    Man U details released

    Well if it’s behind closed doors count me in.
  2. Still think a major announcement should be made to the unbelievers regarding this virus as the number of people I have spoken to today still seem to think it’s being overplayed. The government obviously does not want to panic people so it’s a fine line Keep safe
  3. Big problem is the under 40/50s should they catch it and pass it on it’s the older generation you will be the one’s to suffer. The majority of that age group don’t seem particularly bothered
  4. daly

    Master Bill's class

    His marking sounds familiar with a few at CR
  5. daly

    Drmic Starting

    Would love to see him do well for us but he chases around like Lafferty did but offers little at the moment
  6. daly

    Man U details released

    This should never happen
  7. daly

    Drmic Starting

    Agreed, but Nutty you’ve been around when we had strikers who were 100% better than him
  8. Well I appeared on Countdown and Celebrity Gogglebox but all this is above my head
  9. daly

    Man U details released

    If the cup game is behind closed doors then the league games will follow suit
  10. daly

    Drmic Starting

    2 goals for the National side in 5 years
  11. daly

    Man U details released

    Relegated in front of zero fans
  12. Let’s hope so, the amount of people not washing the hands is unbelievable. To be fair the toilets at CR are disgusting, I’m sure Delia and Co do not have to pee under such conditions. You can wash your hands till the cows come home but you are pissing into the wind if the majority ignore it
  13. daly

    Sheffield United

    They have Wilder we have Farke depends if you want to watch a team that gets results or watch entertaining football with nothing at the end of 90 minutes
  14. daly

    Drmic Starting

    Doubt if many clubs are going to be flashing their cheque books for a Sunday league player
  15. daly

    Small town defeat

    Fleetwood Manager should be locked up and the key thrown away one big yob