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  1. daly

    Local Derby Returns - Kind Of

    Kings Lynn in Div 2 not in the next 5 years
  2. You’re all redundant Master Tom got it and he didn’t even have to put in a resume
  3. daly

    Local Derby Returns - Kind Of

    What are the odds by the bookies on renewing next seasons derby
  4. 4-1 for me failing that 0-2
  5. When you are in the position of being in the bottom most teams will do all they can to insure they stay up. With the season ticket freeze the BOD have given up and are realistic that we are down and will not spend
  6. daly

    Kyle Lafferty

    He still couldn’t keep in his trousers
  7. Does that mean we’re doomed to T C
  8. daly

    Farke and new players

    Should be up to speed by the Man City game seriously though think he will be given game time this weekend
  9. Thought it quite funny but then I’m quite happy to please
  10. If we lose the majority of players as mentioned above we can look forward to years of mid table mediocrity in The Championship.Think it’s disgusting how this BOD have learnt absolutely nothing from previous promotions and know that season tickets will sell out whatever league we are in
  11. No more slipping the man on the police gate a couple of bob then.
  12. daly

    Hopefully we can

    So planning for next season is to sell off the family jewels
  13. daly

    A dearth of strikers

    Problem goes back long before Webber and to be fair he has inherited a backlog of a number of city signing being a complete waste of money. We should now be building a side round the youngsters and be at least a mid-table Premiership side. The financial problems with NCFC have gone back donkey years and for a side that plays to full houses every season someone needs to sort out the mess this club gets into on a regular basis
  14. Last season we witnessed some of the best football played by a NCFC side for many years. It will be the greatest disappointment to most city fans if this team is broken up. In Godfrey, Zinnemann, Lewis, Max Aaron’s, Cantwell, Buendiu, Hernandez and Idah with an average age around 22 we could have been the equivalent of the Busby Babes for years to come. I just hope that the BOD do all in their power to keep this side together.
  15. 3 more points for Watford who were doomed prior to coming to CR