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  1. Yellowhammer

    A club without ambition

    The problem is we are well supported whatever leauge we are in ,the club is almost guareenteed 25000 fans .
  2. Worried to see that the players thought we dominated the game and DF thought we should have won, maybe DF should watch from the stands
  3. Yellowhammer

    Self inflicted defeat

    I agree with lake disrict, confidence at rock bottom ,too much pretty football,keep waiting for us to find the form we had v man city but really cant see us improving who ever is in the team
  4. Yellowhammer


    Very poor ,hard to see where any points are coming from after this ,disjointed and no idea. So disappointing how the hell did We beat man city
  5. Yellowhammer

    Comedy of errors

    Terrible defending ,a laughing stock,like watching pinball, never seen such a bad defence.really don't know where any points are coming from. We have had injuries but cannot see that with a fit squad we would be any better,feel sorry for pukki he gets no service . Only hope that we somehow find the form that beat man city again .
  6. Could not get tickets for the man match , just wondering which old team mates were on the pitch for him ,caught a glimpse on tv of some .
  7. Yellowhammer

    Gloves !

    Watching the video of the training session ,not like it used to be in big Duncan's day ,I remember watching them piggy back each other up and down moushole heath .Think it would kill today's players!
  8. Yellowhammer

    Monday madness

    Would love one but cannot afford one ,wish I could
  9. Yellowhammer

    Monday madness

    Just joined the Monday madness trying to get tickets v arsenal ,got tickets in basket went to pay then told sold out .now all sold .
  10. Yellowhammer

    If we actually had our CBs fit...

    When you look at the squad I can only see 2 or 3 players who are up to playing in the premiership one of those is krul who I must admit I would not have thought would be.when you think about the players out klose and hanley were struggling to get into the first team last season zimmerman is the most missed .We really need to sign a CB and possibly another striker in January.
  11. Yellowhammer

    We do this every time

    Think it will make a difference when and if we ever get a full fit squad ,lose v Watford at home then we will be in trouble
  12. Yellowhammer

    We do this every time

    Just find it stupid that the club won't invest ,you would have thought they would have learnt from previous season in the premier .This is a forum for views
  13. Yellowhammer

    As i've said for the last 20 years

    Agree with you ,we need to move with the times trying to survive with a championship team is ridiculous
  14. Every time we get promotion we do not spend ,money spent at villa and sheff utd has had success ,you cannot enter this leauge without spending. We have to endure this every time, agree with other posts on here we need new owners and move with the times .
  15. Yellowhammer

    Duncan Forbes

    True legend ,enjoyed watching him play ,him and stringer were the best,always had time for the fans, one of the great canaries .