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  1. Just a clash did not go up meaning to punch him in the face deliberately, went for the ball not the face just happens,
  2. Just wondering if there was such a month as would have lots of city nominations, Justin fashanu would be my choice as black icon and Duncan Forbes my white icon
  3. That team is so much better than the present team a real centre half and quality strikers
  4. We need a Antonio, Bamford or a vardy unfortunately we have no one like them ,idah looked promising but so far has been a let down hoping Sargent can improve
  5. Watching MOTD last night we have not got the quality of the other teams , no one really willing to take the ball forward or strikers not up to it , we need a big strong striker who can be challenged and not fall over or be pushed off the ball , we just seemed to go sideways or back to the keeper .
  6. Won’t have to worry about that , but if we do have a peanut butter sandwich
  7. I used to love standing in the sixties and seventies the atmosphere was terrific, but now as an old boy need to sit as standing all that time would be to much , guess it could work in the lower Barclay for you youngsters , but will never be like it was years ago .
  8. Brighton,wolves, Leicester,Southampton,and palace, Are just some of the teams that have gone up and established themselves for more than one season in the top league . Why can’t we do that I remember Southampton in division one looking like they were going nowhere and now that are established in the premiership. Is it just down to investment by rich owners ?
  9. His point is we have signed a lot of average players instead of one or two quality players , these players we have signed will take too long to gel as a team and in my opinion there are just too many new faces in the team at once and the team changes too much every week
  10. Just think of the centre half’s we have had in the past , Forbes , David jones, Bruce, Watson , Malky , real leaders or strikers like Jimmy Bone ,Ted mc Dougall, holt, Robert’s , and Sutton could do with someone like that now
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