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  1. We are going to be a laughing stock after so many years of domination. We are a complete shambles
  2. Definitely it killed the atmosphere when the hotel was put in
  3. It’s inevitable he will go if he keeps getting the goals , we cannot hold onto our stars , big money and the chance to play in the premier league is too much of a temptation, don’t blame them it’s just the way things are especially when we are likely to finish mid table
  4. Yes great footballer , in the days before Money and foreign players spoilt the game
  5. Yet another bewildering decision made by the club Morris and mumba are others we should never have let go , letting our young stars leave then signing inferior players is stupidly
  6. Big mistake letting mumba go, will regret that , don’t really see us more than mid table again still don’t have a good striker .
  7. We have wanting a new striker since pukki went off the boil about two seasons ago , still have not got a decent one , this I fear will be our downfall again
  8. Angus Gunn should have got it , just for the times he saved us from a thrashing , Sara has been on and off form not consistent
  9. Another future star gone , like Carlton Morris real shame , but obviously great move for him
  10. Just go , enjoy saying bye to pukki, won’t do any good protesting , never has . The club make the decisions we just provide the money for them to play around with. Already provided them with money for next season with season ticket sales so I doubt they are that worried .
  11. I expect like others have said you will see why on Saturday
  12. One of the worst decisions city have ever made was letting Carlton Morris go , how we could have done with him this season .
  13. Tonight will decide who is in with a chance of the playoffs , lose and we can forget it especially if all the others around us win , in some ways will be a blessing as just my ready .
  14. What is wrong with this club? If only we still had Cantwell , rashica, mumba, toffolo, and Morris still here instead of selling and loaning them out , think we would have had a far better team . Morris banging in the goals for Luton , we could do with him now . Cantwell scored today and rashica scored yesterday , ok May be against poor opposition but at lest would have had a stronger squad , fantasy land now with , Emi , and skipp as well would be top of the leauge
  15. The drum was brilliant in the first 30 mins v Rotherham and so we’re the team but the drum lost the plot in the second half with random beats coming from it and half hearted attempts to get the fans going the team were the same , is it a coincidence?
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