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  1. Yellowhammer

    Orient 1972 There's people on the pitch...

    Best season ever in my books managed to get my face on the front of the EDP special with my mate was aged16 had soaking wet hair after running over pitch v Watford away exciting times
  2. Yellowhammer

    Corbyn Speaks

    Agree now is not the time for political gain the members of parliament should stick together it’s easy to criticise from the sidelines
  3. Yellowhammer

    Small Claim To Fame.

    When living on Essex I used to see Trevor brooking most mornings in the paper shop in Brentwood also frank bruno at a local park , met Steve Davis fishing on the parks lake and met joey Essex an unforgettable experience ! Oh yes and met glen roader with his family out for a walk after his time with city , nice chap chatted about his time at city he thought he did ok and enjoyed his spell with us .
  4. Thanks for all the replies, lots of great memories. Another I thought of was not at Carrow road but up the road , Johnny miller scoring twice to knock them out of the league cup after we signed him along with peter Morris and Clive woods from Ipswich
  5. Another best thread , but what are the top three moments you have seen at Carrow road not on the tv but in the crowd , mine are in the seventies 1 The two games v Chelsea in the league cup semi final ( the fog one and the rearranged game ) 2. Dave stringers late headed winner v Crystal Palace keeping us in the top league 3 Justin Fashanu great goal v Liverpool Great atmosphere at all the games 27000 to 33000 and the noise was fantastic
  6. Yellowhammer

    What’s your favourite animal?

    Got to be elephant they have souls are you bored already!
  7. Yellowhammer

    Lets discuss Duda

    Both him and Rupp a waste of signings be just about ok in championship but not quality rush signings to satisfy the fans
  8. Yellowhammer

    Farke out

    He is the best man at the moment and believe he would get us back up again but got a feeling he will leave in summer to seek more ambitious club with money
  9. Yellowhammer

    The Grey Strip

    Worst ever strip hate it can’t beat good old green and yellow , don’t mind the red so much but green and yellow will not clash with red and white stripes .
  10. Yellowhammer

    match thread

    Duda should have gone off much earlier both our jan signings are worse than what we had . We did play better second half but again missed the opportunity to gain points on the others . Like to seen pukki off and idah on at the start of the second half
  11. Yellowhammer

    Sheffield United

    They will be up there a lot longer than us that’s for sure , how did Duda stay on the pitch for so long ? We looked better second half but really not a match on them . Unlucky to not scramble a goal shame as would have been a good day to pick up points
  12. Yellowhammer


    I was pleased with all the penalties apart from Kennys thought the young lads did very well to hold their nerve , especially as they were at the home end
  13. Amazing performance from our supporters the team did well as well. Proud of them both tonight
  14. Yellowhammer

    Friday matches

    Do you think it is a disadvantage playing first on a Friday , it must spur the other teams on knowing the result in advance
  15. Yellowhammer

    B****y H***

    Well that’s put us back on our place nothing gained really