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  1. Shame to see this pub could close for good and be knocked down . I can remember the city coach calling in there on the way back from away matches . Had a great atmosphere at the time . Sign of the times I guess . Any memories any one ?
  2. Same sort of situation we had with jarome played him too long , although he went on to come good again elsewhere. If they are not going to play him right and the players won’t support him that answers the question should he be dropped , use him on the bench for now for a couple of games to see if there is improvement . He no doubt has been good in the past
  3. Think pukki should be on bench as I thought we looked far better with him
  4. Swapping and. Changing the team is not good . I realise some of the changes cannot be helped but just hope we settle down to give the players a chance to play tight as a team and get to know how each other play
  5. I was there , the atmosphere was great after one of the best ever season , lots of thought we would never make it to the the top league , just the thought of Man Utd Chelsea Spurs ect coming to Carrow road was so exciting. Jimmy bone and David Cross up front worked well for us . Unfortunately like so many seasons in top flight did not last , biggest disappointment was the fact that George Best never turned up for the game at Carrow Road so never got to see him play .
  6. Yet again another season and looks like no goal scorer , pukki should be dropped early days but signs are not good
  7. When I think of the players I think what a overpaid lot they are . If I performed like that when I went to work I would have been sacked. No passion for the yellow shirt
  8. I was at Watford , what a great season that was , packed crowds at every home match and an atmosphere that would rock the stands , for me this was the best ever season . We got soaking wet as well and ran the whole length of the pitch to stand in the rookery end , the Watford fans ran out of the stand and we virtually filled that end . I even ended up on the front cover of the EDP celebration pull out , in colour!
  9. Seems like losing to us is the kiss of death for managers
  10. Bottom three confirmed I think , just playing for fun now , if you can call it that
  11. Well it is now with Everton winning , I’m sure it’s a fix
  12. Ok admit never heard anyone say that , but I went to Liverpool to visit the cavern ect and got a cab and the cabbie a reds fan talked football , like most people I feel, he said he liked Norwich as they are a family club , owned and run by British people and to be admired , but they will go nowhere as they can’t compete with the multi millionaire clubs . He said most people must see them as a nice little club , who now and again produce some good players , but then sell them .
  13. We are not Brentford because we are and always will be little old Norwich
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