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  1. I would like the team to do their best every match and play together as a team . The club to respect the support they get and do the best for the fans
  2. Yellowhammer


    We need a central defender more than anything how many midfielders are on the books now I’ve lost count
  3. Yellowhammer

    Been conned

    I have been conned by the club I have supported for over 40 years , I stupidly paid the £50 fee for home premiership member got a nice silk scarf but have tried almost every match this season to get a ticket for me and my son with no luck. Go on site just before nine wait until it opens then put in a queue for 45 mins get on site almost all sold find two seats near each other slightly apart put in basket click on basket redirected to main site and put in 20 min queue!!! Understand tickets not guaranteed but thought would stand a better chance . Can’t afford a season ticket . Most expensive scarf for £50 I have ever had . Anybody else find it easier if so how do you do it ?
  4. Yellowhammer

    Hopefully we can

    I cannot understand that the playoffs are always quoted as worth millions to the winning team who get promoted , we get promoted as champions and have no money . Can someone explain why this is so
  5. Yellowhammer

    Farke getting off lightly

    Got to agree with some of this if Sheff Utd can do why can’t we , seem to be unable to change style of play to suit games , Idah is a big striker and I thought a few high balls lobbed to him may have worked he had no service at all
  6. Yellowhammer

    Bounce straight back up?

    Can’t see the point in bouncing back up don’t want another season like this one
  7. Yellowhammer

    Match thread v Man Utd.

    Heads went down after penalty but just so poor did not think season would be over this quick Fans have been great deserve so much more
  8. Not sure all this hype about how bad they have been will do us any favours , lose v us and that could be the end for him , think they will be well up for it , but we seem to like playing top teams so you never know
  9. Yellowhammer

    Given up

    If we can hang on to our players for the rest of this season it would be good as a lot of them will be trying to put themselves in the shop window as is already happening with this transfer window , emi has greatly improved as has todd
  10. Yellowhammer

    Given up

    With the right financial backing I believe farke could be a top manager . I would be surprised if he stays at the end of the season if we go down. I would love us to survive and will give city as I have done for over 40 years my full support . Just think we need a centre half and striker now sbeny is on his way .
  11. Yellowhammer

    Given up

    Sounds like Daniel farke has resigned himself to being in the championship next season , can’t blame him with no money to spend and like he says who would want to come here now. Sad situation really I think he will do his best but any more injuries or suspensions and it will be a real struggle .
  12. Yellowhammer

    Would love to blame VAR....

    It's Huddersfield all over again
  13. Yellowhammer

    1,138 days...

    We are the whipping boys they know we will roll over or make mistakes so they keep pressing and sure enough
  14. Looks like we are down so going to be hard to attract any one to sign in the window ,although don't think it would make any difference now. Just have to endure the rest of this season ,what a terrible Xmas and new years day this has been for the club . Lack of investment to blame in my opinion .
  15. Yellowhammer


    Yes and we are getting stranded at the bottom