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  1. Not so bad as that but I can remember being in a queue that went beyond the far end of Carrow road bridge to get tickets for the league cup semi final v Chelsea in the 70s
  2. Can you remember some of our famous loan players we had I can remember Peter Osgood, Martin Chivers ,Bobby Bell, Asa Hartford and Trevor Hockey , some were good some were not so good remember Peter Osgood being disappointing
  3. My first ever games were when John manning was playing great player seem to remember if I’m right the supporters club raised money to buy Gerry howshall or Ken malender we seem to have a lot of strikers come and go , of course there was Ron Davies , plus Terry allcock, Hugh Curran , John manning , Laurie Sheffield and Bryan conlon. Happy days but the team at that time seemed to just hover around mid table until Ron Saunders arrived
  4. It’s on you tube along with highlights of several city 70 s games
  5. Was a great season I will never forget, I remember being in the huge crowds in the Barclay and south stand when on the ball city would echo around the entire ground , bone and cross up front foggo on the wing , paddon Livermore and Briggs midfield Payne stringer Forbes butler with Keelan in goal and super sub Trevor Howard what a team managed so well by Saunders . Happy days at Carrow road running across the pitch at Watford after getting soaking wet and invading their stand to get dry !
  6. It’s all about the money if he goes he will get a decent cut and higher wages I guess
  7. Can’t see Brentford losing again this season
  8. We only have ourselves to blame hoping things change v Stoke but need big improvement
  9. Scored again tonight and had one ruled offside
  10. They will finish champions and Swansea second we might should get in next four if this is not the start of a bad run reminds me of Leeds crash
  11. Why could we not do that to Middlesbrough shows the difference
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