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  1. Voted for Pukki. By far the best and most consistent player in our squad. 10 Goals in this awful team is a great achievement.
  2. If Webber was to leave. Do you think we can keep our old club crest. Yet another Webber decision that the majority of fans didn't like.
  3. After another terrible showing today, I can't help but think how todays team would do against a second string Norwich team and possibly the team for next season. I know we have players injured and out on loan. Would be interesting to see what everyone else thinks. Krul, Byram, Hanley, Gibson, Williams, Normann, McClean, Gilmour, Sargent, Rashica, Pukki vs Gunn, Mumba, Omobamidele, Zimmerman, McCallum, Lungi, Rupp, Tzolis, Rowe, Dowell, Idah I've only gone for the starting line up from todays game and I know it's very hypothetical, but where we failed today, i actually can't see the second string doing any worse and if they did face off against each other, my money is on Norwich B team. I still think Tzolis will come good and I think he'll tear up the championship.
  4. Not at all. I just prefer commentators who know the leagues and do their research. Not just the top 6 clubs.
  5. Of course. But he's had a certain tone when talking about Norwich all evening. It's like he hates us. He's meant to be impartial.
  6. What has Norwich City ever done to him to justify some of the comments he has made tonight?
  7. As lot's of people have said he is very young (Only just turned 20). We forget that at times. Also it seems three weeks ago Sargent was the target for failings in the transfer window, two goals against Watford and he's now the player who is going to save our season. Tzolis is a big talent, that was clear against Bournemouth and the Newcastle game he was unlucky with a bad VAR decision. I honestly don't think he's going to be a flop, scouts and Webber believe it or not know what they're doing. We're such a better club than we give ourselves credit for. Great Stadium, World class training ground. Fighting to stay in the best league in the world.
  8. The new crest is growing on me. I agree with everyone saying it'll look better with a black outline. I just done some googling and most football crests have at least three different colours on their crests. I even think a white outline on the canary might improve the design... There's just something missing.
  9. I've seen on Grant Holt's Instagram story that he is currently in Helsinki. Does anyone know why? My thoughts are that it must have something to do with Pukki reaching 100 caps for his country.
  10. Maybe introducing a player gradually is the best way to get the most out of them. The lad is only 19 and never played in the English leagues before. I look back at RVW and honestly believe the pressure of expectation was a big factor in him failing with us. We had just lost one of our greatest ever strikers in Grant Holt and all the expectation was on Ricky to fill his boots. I remember Chris Hughton constantly playing him because he wanted him to come good some badly as he cost us soo much money. This just depleted his confidence further. Tzolis will be compared with Emi by lots of fans and maybe coming on as a sub and scoring a last minute winner against Arsenal is the best way to welcome him into the starting eleven. Also Tzolis was named as a sub against Man City and left out of the matchday squad against Leicester so I do think he was/is injured. In regards to Farke bringing in Brandon Williams for the Leicester game, I believe it was the correct decision, Williams has more Premier league games under his belt than most of our XI, without looking into up, possibly Hanley, Gibson and Krul have more. I was very impressed with BW against Bournemouth. Regards of it being a poor Bournemouth side, his first touch and link up play with his teammates was very impressive, especially considering he had only just arrived. All football fans are very fickly and we're no exception to the rule. Let just give the couches a little longer to work with the new boys and judge them 12 games into the season and not 3. I also believe that us not spending the last time we were in the prem was all part of the plan. That money has sat to one side for a season and I think it's been used to help with salaries and fees this time round to get better players than most newly promoted teams can afford. Worse case scenario is we get relegated and sell all these players for much more money than we paid for them.
  11. I saw the other day that his Mrs was asking for removal recommendations on Instagram so I assumed then he had either found a club or he's be bought out of his contract. I remember when he purchased a stack of pizza's from Brick to give to people on the street. Also the Trybull's raised a ton of money for a local charity a couple of years ago. Seem like generally nice people, wish him and his family all the best in their next move.
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