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  1. daly

    Greg Downs

    I played in the same Thursday league side as his dad Bob and Greg used to bunk off school to play for us His Dad was a real gent
  2. Bought most of Sunday papers with the exception ofThe Mirror Best article was in The Times almost complete coverage in the first 2 pages The Sun which I got had no coverage whatsoever. Full marks to The Times recognising what a fantastic achievement NCFC produced
  3. daly

    Aston Villa Tickets

    My ticket is in the buy back system so if they sell out it will go on sale its in the South Stand near the center circle.
  4. daly

    Summer signings

    Don't understand the comment re First Competitive game of the season. Thought we played a number of friendlies prior to season starting Does that mean now that they are up to speed after playing a Div 2 side
  5. I am sure Farke wanted to win this game to at least give the fringe or outer fringe players game time, Cannot go along with that there were 11 players who had not played together before as an excuse as surely he knew the majority of the team he would be putting out tonight a week or so ago Very disappointing to say the least
  6. I can remember the days when Norwich City had to apply for re-election to the Division 3 South and you couldn't get much lower than that
  7. daly

    If we’re going to play our way…….

    We have played 2 sides that will finish up in the top 6 The crunch time is Nov/Dec when we should pick up a few wins if not then its going to be tough The football has so been as exciting as last season and I applaud the Manager for sticking to his system Think he should have changed the team earlier with the conditions today
  8. Thought it should have gone to Ben Godfrey by a country mile
  9. Spends too much time complaining
  10. daly


    Farce at the moment till they sort out the teething problems
  11. daly


    Lets hope he gets a grasp of English a little quicker than the Leeds Manager who still needs an interpreter to answer any questions in English
  12. daly

    That Idiot Streaker.

    What a state of affairs football has become irrespective of someone even wanting to streak. Some grounds now have metal detectors/3 lots of security to pass through, then being patted down by some butch steward Amazing where alcohol is allowed namely Rugby and Cricket fans are not segregated and party together How long before Armed Police Officers and the military are at grounds to make sure no fan misbehaves
  13. daly

    That Idiot Streaker.

    Ironic that a streaker gets fined £5000 and the gang of thugs who committed burglaries in properties over East Anglia and stole high value cars one of whom netted £125000 made to pay just £1 back or face an extra day in prison. Country has gone to the dogs
  14. daly

    Norwich will stay up!

    Some of the Nationals seem to write us off and a lot of their columnists have been around The Premiership for years. The guy in The Mail on Saturday spoke a lot of sense, you cannot go gung-ho in this league. We scored lots of goals in TC because we had massive possession, especially at home but I can see where he is coming from regards our fragile defence. Given that Lewis, Arrons, and Godfrey are outstanding and have been touted on here to sell in the future for 20 30 40 million apiece then something needs to be done to ensure we do not ship goals as we did in TC and that means changing our style of play Personally I hope we continue playing as we did in The Championship rather than out last outing in TP where the football from us was boring Carry on Mr Farke we are all behind you C
  15. daly


    No way did Godfrey deserve a 10 bad marking on one goal and whoever in the defence decided Lewis was to mark Virgil Van Dijk at corners when he is so lethal
  16. daly

    Pukki Positives

    Ted McDougall Phil Boyer Terry Bly Ron Davies
  17. Must say he was OK when he was at Sprowston High, don't think he ever nicked any sweets
  18. Ewan and Craig Fleming real nice guys always ready to chat Used to see Duncan Forbes on a weekly basis when he came to my business to sell NCFC Lottery tickets (imagine todays footballers selling lottery tickets after the end of their career) Top Man Derrick Lythgoe who was my Best Man at my first marriage in 1958
  19. daly

    Todd to start?

    The fact he started in the last 2 games and played the majority of both games should be a clue to if he starts or not
  20. Do you leave room for your Burtons 3 piece pin striped suit???
  21. daly

    Jordan Rhodes

    Well he never cut it in The Championship, realise he is good for the dressing room but a couple of hookers in there before the game could raise their spirit at a fraction of the cost
  22. daly

    Tonight's game

    In the Gunn Club overpriced, overated
  23. daly

    Norwich pride

    That's your opinion
  24. daly

    Is this a football site or not!

    Those were the days
  25. daly

    Norwich pride

    Lollards Pit only 1 flag Greens/Nuffield Health Club managed 2 No Union Jacks just gay flags flying