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  1. Would imagine there will be very few clubs if any who are not going to be close to folding apart from the top half dozen, even those owners will have business interests that will be struggling. This is going to take years to get back to normality.
  2. Getting boring now going over the same old ground
  3. My point was despite all the problems with the USA riots Morgan still opened the show with a 5 minute rant about Mr Cummings ( last post his name was deleted by the moderator no idea why) Time to move on, whose interested now we know what he did and the lies he told
  4. Can’t believe still bringing this subject up time to move on. At 6.am this morning Piers Morgan rambling on about it. USA looting and burnings in 100 cities and he still opens show with ****’s. The rioters (different from the protesters) don’t need much excuse to loot the shops
  5. With the social distancing to get in the ground queuing would be back to the Acle straight
  6. Would think it’s about time to move on
  7. Anyone with the thoughts if Cummings can do it then why not me must have a brain cell of a flea
  8. Time to move on Relegation threatens
  9. No one knows what damage this virus causes long term to the lungs Example all the buildings after WW2 containing asbestos
  10. 40000 to 60000 deaths and still rising
  11. Along with hundreds of other footballers The world has changed and it will be years before any form of normality returns. More people from different trades, occupations etc going to be signing on for the foreseeable future. Shops closing, all the skyscrapers that have been built for office’s remaining empty. It’s a bleak future
  12. Till this virus is sorted I personally would not want to be in any ballot.
  13. It’s now turned into Political Points and will not go away in the foreseeable future, we haven’t even heard much from the Krankie lookalike yet
  14. If the lockdown continues much longer only need to stock 2 sizes XL and XXL
  15. The value of any of the above will be devalued by 50% at least. There will be so many players on the dole
  16. Keelan Never said I was a Boris lover but Corbyn was the main reason The Tories won so convincingly. Bit like choosing between Naismith and Lafferty Both poor
  17. This obviously is not going to go away, had he owned up explained situation as Bill said it would be tomorrow’s fish and chip.
  18. The alternative was a racist IRA loving Corbyn
  19. How things are financially they’ll probably be shopping at Oxfam or The British Heart Foundation
  20. More political points to gain for the leftists
  21. Til You think things will be back to normal, how many clubs are going to survive with no revenue coming in from gate receipts etc More unemployment less spending power who is going to spend £100 on an away day to watch football
  22. Email the club and the refund will be there in 5 days or so
  23. If you’re a 20 year old footballer with your whole life ahead of you why would you put yourself at risk of a killer disease by going into the unknown.
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