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  1. [quote user="Cantiaci Canary"]Not consistent enough for a Prem team.[/quote]Exactly my toughs. Probably an agent (or Mr Webber) trying to stir up some interest..
  2. If Wells was available for a transfer in the summer I imagine there would be a host of Championship clubs willing to pay more than us. You''re probably right about Nelson and Klose, don''t think Muprhy has been consistent enough this season to get a Premier League move. Have a feeling Ivo Pinto might be sold and we''ll probably be needing a new keeper too.Another busy summer.
  3. 25 million to squander?  Can''t imagine all that much of the money we''ll get for Maddison will go into new players tbh.
  4. Bar a relegation (maybe) I think he''s here for a while yet.
  5. ''''we will be announcing further ways in which our great fans can lend their support to our Academy in the near future.''''Wouldn''t be surprised if it was a lower stakes subscription of sorts.
  6. 735 people raised the 5 million. Congrataz everyone that put in.
  7. I was going to say Franke but he was playing in a side with Martin and Zimm before he really adapted. Hope he impresses in the summer and earns anther chance.
  8. Maybe we''d be doing better if we played them.
  9. Likened to both Ibrahimovic, Kane and Robbie Keane. So basically he''s a striker then.
  10. Only played 1 full 90 minutes this season.Clearly signed based on his attributes and not goals.
  11. I''m in if I win back the price of my season ticket over the next couple of months.Not sure I''d fancy paying through a website run by an Italian though.
  12. We all knew that this would happen.Shame,
  13. I''m sure he and a number of other young players will be given the opportunity to impress over the summer.
  14. [quote user="kick it off"]That is very interesting indeed given the tag line... Building our future - no Madders in the vid but it starts off with a focus on Angus Gunn... Is it possible?[/quote]I wouldn''t get your hopes up, it''s just showing players that have come though our academy. Maddison didn''t.
  15. Webber did say that they''d be announcing future plans for the academy in the near future, that will be this.
  16. Farke asked about it in his post match presser, and it''s as any norwich fan should have deducted really. Maddison and Leitner are ahead of him in the 10 position and he isn''t a winger.Says he''ll likely be involved  over the coming month.
  17. Just had a look at his interview on the club''s youtube. He says that he''s a creative box to box player. Seems as if he''s played wide left in some games too. So a versatile one if not our dedicated 10.
  18. Thinking about it we''ve got that McLean guy comign in from Aberdeen. Think he was a creative type,
  19. Cantwell almost certainly ahead of him if we''re talking internal. It''s such an important position in the team I''d be surprised if we didn''t sign somebody more experienced to replace Maddison.
  20. Did we really borrow to buy Hanley??????First I''ve heard of this.
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