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  1. Left out tonight after a bust up with Farke at training on Monday, walked off the training pitch after a heated discussion hence why he’s not in the team
  2. Exactly mike... Wes being the quiet little Irish magician will no doubt get treated unfairly after such a long career here In my opinion I think moritz leitner is no where near as effective as wes, and I doubt he will be here next season either.. Maddison will no doubt be off.. then what creativity have we got?
  3. Definetly not injured, swinging golf clubs at a driving range while Norwich was about to ko against Ipswich clearly says something
  4. I’m sure he will definitely get the testimonial, but I’m Sure the players have to sort it out themselves and with the Inter Milan match its gone down the pecking order , I believe the club he will be playing against will be the club he will be going to next year as part of the deal. As for him getting in the current line up, fair play he might be out of favour but with his experience and with Pritchard going.. we are relying on Maddison.. he is a player who can turn a match around in a split second and i thought the Ipswich game was calling out for him and it would of been his final game against them, which throughout the many years he has been vital and huge part of beating them
  5. Why is this legend not even around the team no more? Heard from a good source he is match fit, and out of favour..he didn’t even go to the match Sunday bcos he was guttered not to be even in the managers plans...help this man get the testimonial he deserves surely that should been more important than the “Inter Milan legends match”.
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