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  1. How many championship medals does rashica have compared to hernandez
  2. Personally I think he's our most proven winger in the team he'd make my starting eleven.
  3. Id have argos in the squad all day everyday. If he'd had not been farmed out last season I'm sure smith would have found a place for him instead of Sargent.
  4. Wheres argos I've not noticed him in anything yet
  5. I heard from someone who heard from an ex club press that . The top three who we believe .. f,l d,s and kk are red herrings it won't be any of them .
  6. One of Dean ashton tips to be the new gaffer .
  7. Him and Delia have to simultaneously turn two keys to get to it ..
  8. I know half the team are away on duty , but the rest still need training and as all back room left with farke... whos the man for that job ...?
  9. Farke seemed to struggle with players that had attitude ie : todd , leitner , oliveira . He didn't seem to have the skills to turn them round . Which is a skill needed in man management . Sadly some of the best players have a bit of attitude about them nice guys tend to finish second .
  10. https://youtu.be/_1FqQwgMZtg Not City related but found this fun to watch . On a plus he says his lowest point in his career was being at Ipswich
  11. sorry for the lazy screen shot and no click thing
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