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  1. Iwans teeth


    cheers bud
  2. Iwans teeth


    sorry for the lazy screen shot and no click thing
  3. Iwans teeth

    A couple of transfer rumours...

    I don't think it would stop Idahs chances at all and I would rather start this season with Jordan than without him
  4. Iwans teeth

    Favourite Songs Sung at Carrow Road

    wings of a sparrow
  5. Mr Bailey's job is up for offer if any of you budding journalist fancy a tickle . Mind you the salary is only 25000 I thought for some reason it would be a little higher .
  6. Iwans teeth

    What about Hanley at DM

    remember Steven Whittaker brilliant dm game
  7. Iwans teeth

    Ralf Fahrmann Medical

    Norwich City are delighted to announce the signing of goalkeeper Ralf Fährmann on a season-long loan deal
  8. signed fresh terms to take him through until 2022
  9. Iwans teeth

    Christoph Zimmermann

    never forget he tackled a man with his head that's commitment
  10. Iwans teeth

    Sean Raggett

    But I don''t raggett it
  11. Iwans teeth

    Sean Raggett

    I''ve Sean better
  12. Iwans teeth

    Sean Raggett

    Norwich City defender Sean Raggett has joined Rotherham United on a season-long loan deal.
  13. Iwans teeth

    Maddison To Liverpool £30 million


    Can''t do clicky thing sorry