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  1. This guy seems over the moon with the deal
  2. As we always have a bit of guns and roses at carrow Rd let's just swap song to 14years
  3. I'm thinking we must have someone lined up as a replacement who isn't available to start as yet . so we're keeping him in place until available as its easier than a caretaker maybe more hope than thought .
  4. It also shows we create alot of chances for our strikers with sarg in second.
  5. Scored 4 in 16 for qpr last season can't see hwank scoring 4 in his career.
  6. So chris Martin is a free agent , I would much rather see him have a run out than hwang. I know its clutching at straws but its kind of the position were in .
  7. I saw pukki this morning in sainburys buying the worlds supply of strawberries. Hopefully a little break will rejuvenate him for a play off push
  8. Maybe it was just hugill was surplus to requirements and not the position.
  9. Saw this this morning In terms of signings for Norwich, Wagner is said to be interested in signing Brighton striker Deniz Undav on loan, with several Football League clubs keen on the German
  10. I don't suppose stevie g has really been mentioned , young , not the worst resume .
  11. What about Darren Moore doing well at Wednesday
  12. So as webber hints to another two names that are not on the list getting interviewed. The question is who ? Schumacher?
  13. Hasenhuttl would be the best alrounder he has a very good resume . I also have a liking for robins and has had a successful managerial run to . No thank you to wagner been a bit tainted for my taste
  14. I think its called " looking a gift horse in the mouth " and it was the biggest sin of all this horrible ordeal .
  15. we all knew smith was a turd before the world Cup . Yet that gift of four weeks was totally wasted someone needs to be held accountable for that . It was almost handed to us on a plate yet club said no thanks we'll flog this dead horse .
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