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  1. For me it has to be Trybull as Godfrey is clearly favoured at Centre Back. But what about Louis Thompson? He was given a very long new contract by Farke and Webber just last season so he must be highly thought of. Obviously injury issues got in the way last season but Farke must like him with that sort of contract. So what position does he have in mind for him?
  2. See from fixture list home games midweek are on Wednesdays this year. Anyone know if this is normal for them to be released as Wednesdays only for them to get moved to Tuesdays. Thanks.
  3. Watch Arinsabia. Not just because he scored against Lynn. Strong ,powerful, got something about him.
  4. Saw him once for the U23''s. Looked powerful and a left footer. Anyone know anything about him? Impressive against Lynn and not just for the goal.
  5. Keenan Culverhouse Watson Bruce Bowen Crook Peters Eadie Davies Boyer Huckerby. Subs Gunn Stringer Mendham Townsend Foggo Bellamy Bly.
  6. See Ipswich in top 10 including Scotland for most depressing teams to support. Thought 7th a bit low, expected top 3. MSN sport.
  7. Could he be at least part of the answer to the striker role next season. Seems to be scoring more often lately. Works hard and holds the ball up well from what I have seen.
  8. Mentioned by Farke the other day that he got in on time for the snow. Anyone heard how the injury recovery is going? Guy deserves a break.
  9. Could Culverhouse be Irvine''s replacement? Any thoughts?
  10. Were together for years at Man U so might be able to work together as Sporting Director and first team coach.
  11. Anyone know what has happened to Gafaiti? Is he still with us?
  12. Regarding Voo, Neil has said that he rates him and believes he has the makings of a premiership player but needed to work on his defence. The loan agreement was always with the intention of returning to fight for a place back at Norwich after he got playing time. Some posters just love to put a negative spin on things. Pathetic.
  13. If he is as honest and straight as he seems then he may decide to stay for a long term project to be loyal to the club. It will be up to him. I don''t think raising this as an issue is at all helpful. It can create a problem that at the moment is not there.
  14. I think Andrue was probably a mistake. He has hardly played and is now at Rotherham until January so nowhere near our first team. I have been far from convinced that Wisdome is a quality full back. our last full back loan was Kyle Naughton and he was class in comparison. The other signings have been excellent or look very promising.
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