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  1. Tired

    Farke on Canary Call

    Get em Daniel
  2. Terrible officiating but we're not playing well enough either
  3. anyone found a cheeky video feed?
  4. The state of some of these posts, you'd have thought Farke and the players would have earned some good will and patience after reaching the summit of the table and recently amassing 25 points from 27, but obviously not.
  5. Only really Jamal and Tommy playing to their usual standards.
  6. Tired

    As off tonight

    Well the best that Sheff Utd can hope for is 91 points, we're on 85 points so we'd need 7 points from 15 available to guarantee promotion.
  7. Tired

    Reading Match Thread

    Who took the corner for Zimbo's header?
  8. Tired

    What are Luton doing right?

    Yeah I'm sure Aarons said in an interview recently that he was without a club when Norwich signed him.
  9. Tired

    Where now for Andy Carroll?

    4-4-2 with Carroll and Lafferty up front?