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  1. Might be quieter on here tonight
  2. Tired

    Match Thread v Brighton

    Baffling how it looks as if Pukki, Marco and Emi have never played together before
  3. Tired

    Today's Match Thread

    The problem isn't zonal marking, it's our application of it.
  4. Tired

    Score vs Man Utd

    1-3 unfortunately
  5. Tired


    2.1m views on that
  6. another decent one https://www.thetotallyfootballshow.com/feature/norwichs-win-over-manchester-city-was-all-part-of-the-long-term-plan/
  7. Tired

    Mings again

    Well head-to-head is an improvement from foot-to-head
  8. Tired

    Full match

    Didn't realise how good the move was that led to the corner for the first goal
  9. Tired

    BBC League Table

    It usually takes them a while to update the form thingy
  10. Tired

    Bring on MOTD. Can't wait......

    highlights up with Goreham commentary
  11. Tired

    Bring on MOTD. Can't wait......

    I'll watch but you just know they'll focus entirely on Man City's wayward finishing and dodgy defending rather than highlight what we did so well.