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  1. Tired

    match thread

    Still in awe of that Idah pen That goal-line block from Godfrey looks even better now
  2. A lot of people do care though
  3. Tired

    Srbeny off?

  4. Byram has won a lot of headers today
  5. Another assist for Super Mario
  6. The worst thing about Stiepermann's woeful finishing this season is that he probably has a mental celebration that he's been desperate to show off all season
  7. Rupp looks very handy Hope now that we've got a good lead we can see Josh Martin for 10 or 15 minutes later on
  8. Tired

    Jamal Lewis

    Would rather he was starting games for us and bombing up that left wing, Byram's a good player but his lack of a left foot is really hampering us on that side
  9. Tired

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Not sure if I can watch this second half, got an awful feeling we're gonna Norwich this up
  10. Tired

    Norwich vs Bournemouth match thread

    Is it true that this is the first league game this season where we've been able to name a CB on the bench?
  11. Or simply "sell" their stadium again
  12. Tired

    Norwich v Wolves

    Get in! Great aggressive header from Hanley to get the ball to Pukki
  13. Great so far from Norwich but Utd will almost certainly improve in the 2nd half