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  1. Dreamt last night that we were bringing in Messi on trial. Bit of a weird one I'll admit.
  2. Yeah he'd be a better signing if he cost £10m instead
  3. Initial transfer fee is £700k according to Michael Bailey
  4. What does 5-10m even get you? When Brighton signed Adam Webster - a good Championship defender - from Bristol City, he cost them about £20m
  5. Admirable optimism, I hope you're right!
  6. Nice of us to give them possession back from our throw-in
  7. They were there for the taking, we were the better team in the second half and with a bit more quality and confidence we could have punished their complacency.
  8. Obviously he doesn't have the 'x-factor' that Emi has, but Rupp is certainly a lot more reliable in possession. A safe pair of hands.
  9. Still in awe of that Idah pen That goal-line block from Godfrey looks even better now
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