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  1. Tired

    Bolton v Norwich

  2. Tired

    Christoph Zimmermann

    A credit to our club
  3. Tired

    Derby Day

    There was a young man called Christoph Zimmermann He defends the goal and then we win again
  4. Tired

    Derby Day

    Emi with another assist
  5. Tired

    Derby Day

    McLean on please
  6. Tired

    Derby Day

  7. Tired

    Derby Day

    Pretty poor performance so far, must be said. Couldn't grumble too much if scum equalised.
  8. Tired

    Derby Day

    need a gif of Farke's wink ASAP
  9. Tired

    Derby Day

    Looking quite flat, hopefully it's just the players conserving energy
  10. My only worry is that they'll just set out to injure from minute 1, last thing we need is Emi or Max crocked.
  11. He scored two and the Guardian can't get his name right
  12. 3-0 up after 82 mins played and I'm still worried
  13. Played so well this half so far, Vrancic and Marco especially
  14. Tired

    Saturday’s games

    well in Swansea
  15. Vrancic has been superb so far