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  1. Andy and Tzolis are both starting having played midweek
  2. I feel like this guy will be either a revelation or a disaster, no middle ground. Hopefully the former!
  3. the pepsitrator should be fined at the very least
  4. It's a bit "identi-circle", but I quite liked the new Brizzle City logo. How would you feel about this but in yellow and green?
  5. The constant mentions of Delia Smith's "rallying cry" from over 15 years ago and tired Alan Partridge references in lieu of actual insight or interest in our club.
  6. Maybe Bruce hasn't looked at the table in a while but Leeds are an attacking team and are sitting pretty in 9th place and are 16 points ahead of Newcastle.
  7. The last four years have been fascinating and amazing in equal measure, the transformation we've been lucky enough to see here is something fans of most other clubs could only dream of. I keep having to remind myself to enjoy these times while they last because as we know football is always moving and the good times can never last forever. When Farke and Webber decide they want a new challenge and leave us it's going to be gutting.
  8. He's fit, just hasn't played much over the past few months. As it stands, we're not obligated to buy him if (when) we go up because he hasn't started enough matches, so I'd be very surprised if he was still here after the end of the season.
  9. Was that Aarons' first assist this season for the Hugill goal?
  10. Yup, sometimes I forget that Farke (and Farkeball) won't be here forever and we should make the most of enjoying it while we can. Not only is he a fantastic coach, but he always comes across as a humble and respectful human being. We're lucky to have him.
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