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  1. Vardy takes it first time and smashes it past the keeper. If the keeper saves it it''s a great save. Sterling just hesitates/thinks and makes it that bit easier for the keeper, which means they can then get bodies between the ball & goal
  2. Problem is Rashford hardly staked a claim v Belgium. Sterling looks shot of confidence in front of goal so is overthinking everything. Take his chance yesterday. Perfect ball and touch, then it all went wrong. He hesitates, so keeper comes out, so he tries to go round the keeper, but keeper is too close and does well. Then instead of playing a simple 3 yard pass sideways he hesitates again, tries to take a player gone and get a shot away and it becomes easy to defend against. I have no issue with his play outside the box (although sometimes there are easy balls on he ignores) but against better teams we may not be able to afford to miss those types of chances without getting punished
  3. I see it like this. We probably want to move Oliveira on. Oliveira probably wants to move on. We cant afford to sell Oliveira until we get a replacement in. We cant afford to sign a replacement until we sell Oliveria. There isn''t much serious interest in Oliveria. Some we are in some weird kind of limbo at the minute
  4. Looking closely at the teaser, it looks like it may be based on the ''Hero'' template. http://www.errea.com/shop/shirt-hiro-ss-ad-fm430c.html https://www.canaries.co.uk/siteassets/image/kit-launch-18-19/jamal-teaser---1440x810.png/Large Collar seems to match, and there seems to be 2 ''pinches'' on the sleeves that may be the seams on the template sleeves
  5. https://twitter.com/NorwichCityFC another teaser right here. I''m still going with the Iceland kit but yellow and green... see here... https://cdn1.uksoccershop.com/images/cache/1521469523-iceland-errea-2018-19-home-football-shirt-kids-475x475.webp
  6. Pretty sure the home shirt will be along the lines of the Iceland kits (if someone can post a pic?) with green on the sleeves. The pattern on the Iceland shirts seems to fit with a few hints that seem to be given as well
  7. ''We would like a striker who has played in the English leagues before and is currently on a hot streak. Such a player will be expensive and therefore we won''t be buying them. I am not sure what we''re going to do'' That player is Jack Marriott. 27 goals in League One, only 23 years old. £6mil is the fee being quoted. I think we may struggle to get anybody else that so obviously fits the mould of what we want for that price. It may be ''expensive'', but its the sort of price we are going to have to go to unfortunately. We should have that amount to spend as well imo, plus signing him may help us move Oliveira on.
  8. This is goig to be a huge story. Has anybody seen a keeper booked for encroaching before. But he didnt even encroach, his foot was on the line as yhe pen was taken. This is up there with the ref that gave the wrong penalty decision against one of the Englands ladies teams and the game had to be replayed from the penaltu in stoppage time.
  9. It wouldn''t surprise me if we looked into League One, maybe Marriott - even then Peterboro valued him higher than £5mil
  10. You could get a great marquee for a million quid... In all seriousness, the reason I put marquee in quotation marks is I don''t think for a second we will be spending 8/10mil on a player, but I think we will have to spend more on a striker than £1/2mil - probably up to the £5mil mark, paid for by moving on Oliveira and part of the Maddison fee
  11. Yes we are ''in the money'', but the problem is 1mil doesn''t really get you much these days in the Championship. I guess it will cover the wages of a ''marquee signing'' for a year, but that''s as far as it goes
  12. I think Pinto will go this summer, so will be 2 right backs needed. However, Southampton''s win, coupled with the run ins for a few teams means they have a chance of staying up, which makes a deal for Reed much more likely.
  13. Its not that often you find stadiums close to a train station & city centre these days, with plenty of places to eat & drink within a stones thrown of the ground
  14. Also in other news, Wildschut confirms he will return to Norwich. Well I presume so anyway, he has had an absolute shocker tonight. Can’t see why anyone would buy him after that!
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