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  1. One word to describe this . Weak. It never says you want these people to go, and indeed suplementing what is there with a couple more monkeys gives what you ask for. Pathetic
  2. Why does this idiot also HAVE to take every throw-in? Against reading, he went down injured in RB position, then seeing the ball go out of play, ran 40 yards clutching his hammy to take the throw. I''ve noticed before that when he doesn''t get to take them he just stands there and looks like he''s sulking. Is he so bad that the only thing he can do is  throw the ball? Possibly yes...Worst thing? He''ll be here next season - no-one else in the championship will have him
  3. Am i alone in thinking this should be printed in the EDP? it sums everything up so perfectly
  4. What is always forgotten, is that Steve Foley collapsed in the dressing room about 10 minutes before kick-off, and it was suspected he might be having a heart attack. I can''t help but think that if a friend and colleague of yours was in the same position, your mind might be a bit distracted from your job. Yes the performance was shocking, but too many facts have become ignored to help people win their own personal pathetic arguments
  5. I can''t help thinking that we''ve given ourselves a bit of a ''bootroom'' set up like Liverpool had in the 80''s. A collection of people who know the club inside out, with one who is good at dealing with the media (Gunn) backed up by two guys less media-savvy but far better in terms of football knowledge on the training ground (Crook and Butterworth)Personally I have always thought that Gunn is little more than a figurehead who gives the teamtalk, and plays ''good cop'' to Crooks'' ''bad cop.''
  6. The worst thing is I know he charges a fee in excess of £300 a game
  7. [quote user="The Chirp"]i can tell you it''s 100% true. he went for the job but didn''t get it. i know loads of people on here say they know things and most are just talking up their beliefs... i honestly can''t say how i know this as it would break confidence (said enough confirming it) but he went for it but it all fell through at the final hurdle. [/quote]Can also confirm this story is true, from a source within the club, but once again don''t want to name the man in question.
  8. [quote user="Mange Tout"][quote user="WilliamG"]Once again utter rubbish from ND. Doesn''t he remember Sunderland telling Sky no a couple of seasons ago?[/quote] Tedious..... [/quote]And is still relevant. We are not good at holding these people to account. Hell, he''s meant to be educated, so shouldn''t he at least be able to check his facts out correctly?
  9. Once again utter rubbish from ND. Doesn''t he remember Sunderland telling Sky no a couple of seasons ago?
  10. Bertrand will never be a left back of the quality that Chelsea require. This doesn''t mean he wouldn''t fit our purposes beautifully. 250k?
  11. Everytime we have this guy he is a joke. Remember reading last season?Him and Lee Probert are the two worst refs in this league, and a disgrace to their profession
  12. Michael Jackson - Got quite big in the 80''s and Early 90''s, but then some poor management decisions and failure to be protected from idiots surrounding us led to our demise to a point were we''re fast becoming irrelevant, laughed at by everyone else and with no hope of a comeback without massive changes.Now we''re having to sell off all the assets we have to pay the bills and avoid bankruptcy.
  13. [quote user="The Lord"]Haven''t won in that place i''m pretty sure this decade or even millenium and have to say not a very pleasent away day alround either... [/quote]Surely as we are in the first decade of the Millennium, then failing to win within the decade also means the Millennium?:P
  14. I[quote user="seat124"]it is usually safe to book a weekend away on the fourth saturday in January![/quote]I have for the past four years.... nice little event i go to in leicestershire - no risk of clashes
  15. I got to 12th. 2nd season though and started with 4 wins out of 6... looking good
  16. Local Schools 5-a-side on the pitch at half time? Sheff utd do it and it works well.Norwich fans vs. Away fans penalty shoot-out with an academy goalkeeper?No music, merely a self-generated atmosphere?
  17. No i intentionally left this out - It was claimed that the turnstiles do not cover the wage billl. That is additional money - i was being kind on the board!
  18. I emailed the club about this a long time ago. Apparently they won''t be putting one up any time soon, because of that ''the Jarrold Stand'' sign. And we couldn''t have delia having to crane her neck to see could we?
  19. Hi, bored last night I done a bit of maths about how our ticket sales don''t account for our wage bill. (Quote Doomcaster on radio norfolk)Say we have 23,000 fans at every game (an underestimation) and all of these fans pay £18 each. (again many pay more, but kids pay less, as an estimate its probably on the low side)23000 people x £18 = £414,000 coming through the turnstiles per game.Lets say we have 23 games in a season, to allow for one cup game.  (and ignoring friendlies, reserve football etc)£414,000 x 23 home football matches = £9,522,000 net taken at the turnstile. Is our wage bill seriously over this? If everybody employed by the club (from players to stewards and cooks) totals the better part of £10,000,000 surely the turners aim to ''remove bureaucracy'' was as flawed as their time at the club?This does not include merchandise sales, refreshment sales, programme sales, and that is just for matchdays. Where is all the money going? Can any of the delia-lovers argue with these figures? (that as i said, are probably underestimated)
  20. We HAVE  a reserve squad?Oh yeah. its got Hoolahan / Cureton in it. Ok i''m not Jamies biggest fan, but Hoolahan is being wasted criminally.
  21. RUSTY is our vice-captain as far as i can remember. Adam Drury is possibly Club captain?Dejan, a natural leader anyway, should be captain though.
  22. Once again another example of the courage and passion of Darel Russell. Talents only matched by his footballing ability
  23. Re: the loans - in ''cullum-gate'' it was said that all director loans could be recalled at any time by the directors. This is presumably what has happened.
  24. [quote user="Matt Juler"]would you be so happy if we sold our best player for less than half of what we value him at? [/quote] No... we let him go for nothing!
  25. Got one as well. Whilst not knocking something that was free, the quality of the material was debatable, and i certainly feel a bit iffy about accidentally wearing a blue scarf::P
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