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  1. Matt Morriss

    Result v Liverpool

    Thoughts Become Things
  2. Matt Morriss


    Had the match on the TV last night, just play thru Chrome browser and then Cast to a Chromecast.

    Worked a treat.
  3. Matt Morriss


    aah Lewis was it, ok

    Still doesnt change my opinion on Godfrey, dont think he is better than Klose, Zim or Hanley
  4. Matt Morriss


    Dont get the hype around him at all, although admittedly not seen him much, but I thought he was poor versus Stevenage in the cup, lost all his aerial battles and dont remember him winning one header.

    And at fault for the goal sunday, yet again losing the aerial battle. Goal was then deflected off him, which is bad luck i guess, but win the header, like Klose would have done, then the danger is gone.

    Sorry but I dont get the hype around Godfrey, or Thompson for that matter, and would have much rather Zimmerman had come on.
  5. Matt Morriss

    Tv coverage vs Ipswich

    what a surprise

    I said this would happen. The club gets as many £5''s in for the beamback, then £10 for the iFollow sub, and then funnily enough it ends up being on Sky after all. How strange.

    Ive signed up to the iFollow stream, anyone done this before? is it a good quality stream? no buffering/cut outs???

    Also would the Sky red button thing mean its on in pubs? I dont have the full Sky package so dont now how it works.
  6. Matt Morriss

    Had enough of it now

    And it isn''t because the players aren''t good enough. Its because we make it far too easy for opposition to organise and combat our attacks, and we make it far to difficult for ourselves with the current style of play.
  7. Matt Morriss

    Had enough of it now

    Think I''ve had enough of Farkes Football.

    I didn''t like it last season and I decided very early on that Farkes style, possession based, was not going to be effective in the Championship, knowing the styles that are. And so it proved.

    I yearn for the days of my favourite style of football, strong and solid at back, fast counter attacking play.

    This style works in the Championship. Farkes sideways possession play doesn''t.

    The opposition have far too much time to organise and it''s no wonder we often look clueless in the final third because there''s simply no way thru by the time we get there.

    Squad imo looks decent and I think we have some players who could do well in the prem (Buendia, Pukki, Onel, Lewis, Klose, McLean).

    I just don''t think we will ever get there with the current style of football.

    It didn''t work last season and the signs are clearly there so far that it isn''t going to work again this year.

    Had enough now and just looking forward to a new manager getting the best out of the squad and making us a force again.
  8. Matt Morriss

    Tim Krul

    Can''t we loan someone from Burnley''s 49 goalkeepers. Anders Lindegaard or Nick Pope maybe?? Please!!!!!!
  9. Matt Morriss

    Carrow Road on Fire

    Click bait hopefully!!!!!!

    Alarms going crazy and woman’s voice over the PA saying ‘please exit the stadium’

    Fire engine just driving round, nobody got inside yet I don’t think

    False alarm prob, hopefully!!

    Looks like the Carrow Road entertainment is back this season....
  10. Matt Morriss

    Great business, good start

    [quote user="Rick O''Shea "]This is happy clapping at its most extreme

    Not even LDC''s rose tinted glasses could have come up with this OP[/quote

    I''m far from a happy clapper. Maddison was always going so I accepted that last season. And I''m just ecstatic quite frankly that we got £11m for the constant disappointment that was Josh Murphy, and the utterly useless Marley Watkins.

    I''m positive about what lies ahead, no point being negative. Buendia and Hernandez intrigue me. Just hope we can buy some more quality.
  11. Matt Morriss

    Great business, good start

    I agree that the spending of said £50m will probably be nowhere near what we want. But my point is last season did not work one bit, and it didn''t work because our attack was one guy in most games, and another who didn''t do enough.

    I don''t care about sentiment, he''s one of our own bull, Murphy was not good enough. Ive been here a long time and I''ve been spoilt by the Huckerbys and Redmond''s and Eadies. Murphy I''m afraid couldn''t lace their boots.

    Another season with Murphy as our main attacking threat equals another failed promotion bid in my book and £10m is great business.
  12. Matt Morriss

    Great business, good start

    Very pleased with the business done so far. Nobody wants to lose Maddison but the fact is he is destined for bigger things and £25m is crucial to us.

    Last season we were clearly a one man team. Too many matches if Maddison didn''t score we didn''t win.

    That needed to change, so if selling Mads changes last seasons glaring problem then so be it.

    We have also got very good money for the two other reasons we flopped last season. Murphy and Watkins.

    I have never been a Murphy fan, either brother. Both have ability clearly, but last season was a prime example. Far too inconsistent and teams that get promoted, there attacking players contribute far more than Murphy did.

    Watkins bombed completely and for me Murphy and Watkins were expected to be our match winners last season. Watkins didn''t win us one match, and while Murphy did win us several, no where near enough for a team chasing promotion.

    So that''s £50m in if you add in Pritchard. 2 underperformers gone for £11m profit and £25m inevitable reality bites pounds.

    We must spend it well. Buendia looks tasty, Leitner we know, showed promise and could well be a gem. We need to find some more Trybulls, Reeds and Hanley''s.

    Next signings are key I feel and we need to buy some Johnson, Croft, and Holt types to compliment the Buendias and Leitners.

    Some of that £50m needs to be spent, and spent well. But for me a great start and I''m positive for next season.
  13. Matt Morriss

    433, Harry Kane & Merry Xmas one and all

    Further to this, Reed and Trybull can double up with Pinto and Stiepermann when defending, and can cover when the fullbacks push on in attack, and Tettey will sit centrally if we get hit on the break.

    Makes sense to me, I should be a manager.
  14. Matt Morriss

    433, Harry Kane & Merry Xmas one and all

    Watching Harry Kane made me think about the way our strikers play. He''s got two goals now by simply being where he should be, and on the end of the good work by the supporting players.

    So simple when you look at it, yet we struggle to play this way and have done for some time.

    How many times do we see Oliveira or Jerome out on the flanks or dropping deep, only for the ball to eventually find its way wide and into the box, where a striker is nowhere to be found. Said ball in is invariably a poor one too.

    It''s basic tactics and gameplans. You have your supporting attacking players, Maddison, Pritchard etc., and there job is to manoeuvre the ball close enough to the goalmouth to enable a shot on goal from the striker. When the striker is part of that supporting cast, the gameplan falls down.

    We seem to struggle with this concept and I don''t know why.

    This leads me to my second point and switching to 433 with Tettey flanked by Reed and Trybull and Oliveira accompanied by Maddison and Alex.

    Our wingers have been woeful this season, Murphy, Watkins and Wildschut so why do we continue with the tactics of two wide men.

    It limits Wes or Pritchard when they play wide, and the aforementioned 3 have done absolutely nothing when they have played, save for a few early goals from Murphy.

    A front 3 with Oliveira staying central and Alex and Maddison doing what they do best, shooting, passing and crossing, to me represents our best chance of getting goals.

    Maddison looking up only to see Oliveira wide, and Murphy and Watkins horizontal to him, does not.

    Add in Tettey, Reed and Trybull and I think that formation is our best chance of keeping a clean sheet and getting a couple of goals.

    Games online today apparently so check your chosen streams.

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.
  15. [quote user="Hairy Canary"]Read it a couple of times and to be honest it seems straight forward. Cutting the qualifying statements about rules and prior approval we end up with....

    Where any match goes to extra time, each Club participating in that match will be permitted to use an additional substitute.[/quote]

    Isnt the issue though that Arsenal made two subs, 4 in total, in extra time? or have i got that wrong?

    We made 4 subs too, 3 in normal, 1 in extra, as per the rules.