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  1. Matt Morriss

    VAR conspiracy

    I'm not sure it matters they are using refs. We can see it's onside/offside and were not specialist linesman. Fact is they are using VAR as a tool to control game outcomes.
  2. Matt Morriss

    VAR conspiracy

    Spot on, hadnt thought of that but I guess your right, their using whatever frames they want. Manipulation of presenting the truth to fit their own agenda. The Man Utd penalty where Godfrey was fouled and now the Palace one have convinced me they are using VAR to manipulate the results they want. The FA should just f off now and form a European superleague if they dont want the likes of Norwich in the prem.
  3. Matt Morriss

    VAR conspiracy

    ???? Completely irrelevant part of the evidence presented. Well done Columbo.
  4. Matt Morriss

    VAR conspiracy

    That's exactly it, the Pukki one we can accept because of the pedantic nature of the rule now, as evidenced again by the ridiculous Wesley one. The Palace one they have clearly stopped the frame and drawn the line where they want to indicate onside, even tho the bloody ball hadn't even been played! Ive looked at it over and over and even if you argue my picture isn't exactly the moment the ball was played, as it wasn't, it was milliseconds on, the velocity at which Zaha would have hit the ball would far outweigh the pace at which Zimbo and Wickham were running, hence that frame with the ball clearly entering its new direction forward will be more than likely to be the fairer frame to use to judge, in that it's the moment the ball was played forward. If you follow the path of the ball and Wickhams proximity to the 6 yard box line, and then when the ball changes direction from the cross, you can clearly see the wrong freeze frame has been used by VAR, or rather the right one to fit their agenda. Utterly corrupt.
  5. Matt Morriss

    VAR conspiracy

    So didn't work, great new Pinkun site then. Link
  6. Matt Morriss

    VAR conspiracy

    Hopefully the below uploads and plays correctly. Proof VAR is a con and has been implemented to be used however the FA see fit. They don't want clubs like us in the premier league, spending zero money. Either that or this season they are using VAR to validate the tough job the ref and linesman have, get us to hate the alternative so much that we will be begging to have the old way back, and we will never complain again about a lino getting an offside wrong. The condemnation of the refs and linos was getting pretty vociferous, so perhaps this is all part of some FA masterplan. I doubt it tho, and the former is most likely the case. They are manipulating the league as they want it. 20200102_121903.mp4
  7. Matt Morriss

    Result v Liverpool

    Thoughts Become Things
  8. Matt Morriss


    Had the match on the TV last night, just play thru Chrome browser and then Cast to a Chromecast.

    Worked a treat.
  9. Matt Morriss


    aah Lewis was it, ok

    Still doesnt change my opinion on Godfrey, dont think he is better than Klose, Zim or Hanley
  10. Matt Morriss


    Dont get the hype around him at all, although admittedly not seen him much, but I thought he was poor versus Stevenage in the cup, lost all his aerial battles and dont remember him winning one header.

    And at fault for the goal sunday, yet again losing the aerial battle. Goal was then deflected off him, which is bad luck i guess, but win the header, like Klose would have done, then the danger is gone.

    Sorry but I dont get the hype around Godfrey, or Thompson for that matter, and would have much rather Zimmerman had come on.
  11. Matt Morriss

    Tv coverage vs Ipswich

    what a surprise

    I said this would happen. The club gets as many £5''s in for the beamback, then £10 for the iFollow sub, and then funnily enough it ends up being on Sky after all. How strange.

    Ive signed up to the iFollow stream, anyone done this before? is it a good quality stream? no buffering/cut outs???

    Also would the Sky red button thing mean its on in pubs? I dont have the full Sky package so dont now how it works.
  12. Matt Morriss

    Had enough of it now

    And it isn''t because the players aren''t good enough. Its because we make it far too easy for opposition to organise and combat our attacks, and we make it far to difficult for ourselves with the current style of play.
  13. Matt Morriss

    Had enough of it now

    Think I''ve had enough of Farkes Football.

    I didn''t like it last season and I decided very early on that Farkes style, possession based, was not going to be effective in the Championship, knowing the styles that are. And so it proved.

    I yearn for the days of my favourite style of football, strong and solid at back, fast counter attacking play.

    This style works in the Championship. Farkes sideways possession play doesn''t.

    The opposition have far too much time to organise and it''s no wonder we often look clueless in the final third because there''s simply no way thru by the time we get there.

    Squad imo looks decent and I think we have some players who could do well in the prem (Buendia, Pukki, Onel, Lewis, Klose, McLean).

    I just don''t think we will ever get there with the current style of football.

    It didn''t work last season and the signs are clearly there so far that it isn''t going to work again this year.

    Had enough now and just looking forward to a new manager getting the best out of the squad and making us a force again.
  14. Matt Morriss

    Tim Krul

    Can''t we loan someone from Burnley''s 49 goalkeepers. Anders Lindegaard or Nick Pope maybe?? Please!!!!!!
  15. Matt Morriss

    Carrow Road on Fire

    Click bait hopefully!!!!!!

    Alarms going crazy and woman’s voice over the PA saying ‘please exit the stadium’

    Fire engine just driving round, nobody got inside yet I don’t think

    False alarm prob, hopefully!!

    Looks like the Carrow Road entertainment is back this season....