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  1. I cant decipher the sentiment behind this post. Is it sarcasm or genuine comment?
  2. Is this the same Moderna that, up til now, had never had a vaccine authorised for use on the general population after years of trying, and only when Emergency Use Authorisation was granted to Pfizer, Astra and Moderna etc. did they finally manage to get a vaccine out and injected into people?
  3. Can someone explain to me why its a 'Vaccine Passport' and not a 'Covid Passport'? Surely the aim is to restrict people from gathering who may have Covid, to reduce the spread. Being fully vaccinated does not eradicate your chances of getting Covid or spreading it, it only reduces the %, apparently. And on the contrary, prior immunity from previously having Covid seems to suggest that your immunity status is far greater than that of a fully vaccinated person, studies have shown. So myself, having previously had Covid, pose far less a risk to my fellow man in a nightclub or at the football compared to the guy next to him who has never had Covid, but is fully vaccinated. Studies have shown this and people with far greater qualifications than me have spoken about the world over. Given the recent developments in France, Israel and now with Scotland introducing vaccine passports to enter nightclubs, the football and large gatherings, it is obviously only a matter time before this comes to Carrow Road. There has been no mention of negative tests or prior immunity in the vaccine passport talk, and in fact I seem to remember Boris slipping in at the end of his speech before the parliament 'summer holidays' that he will "serve notice now that vaccine passports will be required by the end of September" adding to it before he scurried off that negative tests will no longer be valid. So this all points towards no vaccine passport showing your fully vaxxed, no entry to matches at Carrow Road. Given the coercion, fear mongering and media and advertising campaign to get the jab into every human on earth and the desperation surrounding it, for me it is hard not to conclude that there is more to play here than it simply being another flu jab. I am and have been from day one, firmly of the opinion that the pandemic and covid vaccine worldwide rollout is completely deliberate, with the agenda of depopulation being the root cause. When billionaires and the elite discuss the world population of 7.8billion people being way to high and that something needs to be done urgently, and im talking about people such as Bill Gates, the Rothschild's, Prince Charles and our very own Boris, this should be something you take notice of and to suggest it is a red flag I would say is a massive understatement. For those scratching their head at this point, here is one article on Demography from the good old Rothschild family. Ive also attached my favorite 'a picture speaks a thousand words' photo of wee bonny Charlie and Evelyn De Rothschild, at the bottom. https://rwu.pressbooks.pub/rothschildsintrotosociology/chapter/demography-and-population/ I now firmly believe that anyone who does not hold this view is either grossly misinformed, incapable of critical thought, unwilling to research, or unable to, or simply deluded to the point that they cannot think for themselves and are happy to be spoon fed information and instruction from their Governemnt and media. To wrap up todays rant, I would sincerely appreciate anybody's reply to my views that could convince me otherwise, because at this stage I am really fearing that I will not be able to see my beloved Canaries this season due to my own medical and personal reasons for declining said Covid vaccines. I'll leave you with this nugget and one of many reasons why I will not ever be getting the Covid 19 vaccine, or any other experimental vaccine (and yes it is experimental as it was rolled out under EUA regulations and has not gone thru the typical vaccine safety measures, ie. years of safety testing, on humans at a grand scale) aside from living my life wholly independent of relying on the pharmaceutical industry to keep me 'healthy'. I do not believe for one second that Boris, our Govt and Govt's the world over, and the pharmaceutical companies give a single $ hit whether little old me lives or dies. Nor do I believe the people involved in this pandemic, the bilionaires, the Govt stooges, the pharma CEO's, give a single $ hit about my life and whether I live or die. It is for this reason that I believe that the Covid vaccine program has an intention entirely removed from saving granny and little old me from dying.
  4. His time is definitely not up. But the Pukki love in has got to stop. I was annoyed with Farkes comments after, basically saying Pukki wasn't fit, hardly played pre season, Covid etc. It showed as Pukki looked like the injured/exhausted Pukki of the 2nd half of the last prem season. Josh Sargent on the other hand, who has had 2 weeks of Bundesliga action plus presumably a full pre season, came on and looked ready to go. Pace and strength and on the front foot trying to hassle Liverpools defence. Idah also looked sharp. But if Farke continues this season with a half fit Pukki, or a Pukki out of form and low on confidence with 0 goals in 10 games, ahead of a Sargent or an Idah, we will go down again.
  5. To add to that, I thought bar Gibson and Hanley, and to a certain degree Lees Melou ( if only for his height ) that we severely lacked strength all over the park. The Premier League is all about pace and power. Something we seem to lack in all areas other than CB. Looking at Watford today and the size and strength of some of their players, they are gonna smash us off the park. Again.
  6. Everytime I've seen Sorenson play I have been impressed with his defensive work, his physicality and aerial prowess. I'm sure his abilities would have given our midfield a different dynamic today. Was crying out for some drive and bite. Don't think PLM, Gilmour or Ruup offered any bite or drive at all. Sorenson may lack the finesse and technical ability of today's 3 midfield starters, but again a team is about more than just 11 players with the most ability.
  7. I still can't understand why Sorenson hasn't been given a go. Last season I thought a Sorenson/Vrancic midfield was the dream team, but we never saw it. And this season with Tettey and Skipp gone I thought for sure Sorenson's time had come. Alas not and today cried out for him I thought. Was not impressed with Ruup at all and I felt a more combative physical Sorenson would have boosted our midfield and allowed Gilmour and PLM to get forward more. Farke sees Sorenson everyday in training so he is better to judge of course. Looks like he just doesn't fancy him as a midfield starter. I seem to remember a certain Tettey and McLean getting their first start together in the Premier League against Man City, albeit when we had a few injuries. Before kick off I thought it was exactly what was needed for the game, and they both played a blinder and gave us what we needed in a strong combative midfield. Today we seemed to have gone with flair and technique in midfield with PLM, Ruup and Gilmour. A bit of steel was needed.
  8. Jacob Sorenson is a recognised defensive ball playing midfielder. Farke just doesn't fancy him for some reason. Game was crying out for him today, think Farke got it wrong. Sorenson for Ruup would have given us more bite in midfield and allowed Gilmour to play a bit further up the field. Would have also given us a bit of height for corners. Farke knows best though and if he thinks Sorenson isn't needed or is the defensive answer then not much we can do about it. He sees him in training day in day out. I feel like Farke has gone with the 3 players with the most ability, but as good as Ruup, Gilmour and PLM are technically, none of them possess the aerial prowess and physicality that Sorenson brings to the table. A team is is all about pegs in holes. I think sometimes we seem to have the Lampard, Scholes and Gerrard for England syndrome, in that we fill the team with the 11 best players at the club, but that might not necessarily work out as being the best team.
  9. "And the statement says fans may be asked to either prove they are fully vaccinated or that they have given a negative lateral flow test in the 48 hours leading up to kick-off." Where and how does one obtain a lateral flow test?
  10. For every New Zealand and South Korea there is a Sweden, Florida and Texas. Doesnt prove a thing either way. In fact you can't really compare New Zealand to the UK. Same size except one has 67million people and the other 5million. How can you possibly compare lockdown and Covid measures from the 2 countries? I think California against Florida and Texas is a more accurate analogy.
  11. Yeah righto. Sweden had very few Covid restrictions and there death toll was on average the same or lower than everyone else. Also compare Texas and Florida to California. Cali mandated masks and Lockdowns, Texas and Florida didn't, almost following the same time line and guess what, similar Covid death toll. In Florida's case it was lower, and I believe they have a higher % of older people, for obvious reasons. I do not believe for one second masks, social distancing and Lockdowns made a jot of difference to Covid 19. I have always believed it to be an unstoppable virus that could not be controlled. And I don't know how anybody can say for certain that masks and Lockdowns have worked. I believe the measures the UK Govt have made were grossly disproportionate, and the reasons for them could be several. Opportunistic capitalisation, as evidenced by Hancock's million pound contracts to his mates and Lord Falconers "the gift that keeps on giving" statement. A$$ covering, in the sense that if the Govt did nothing, Covid would spread and people would die and Boris would be blamed and the Conservatives voted out. So they imposed numerous restrictions to combat Covid and make it look like they were proactive and to look the heroes. Hasn't really worked out that way but I believe they were damned if they did and damned if they didn't. Other countries, Sweden etc. did very little and still got stung the same. 3rd reason I guess is the conspiracy theory in that Covid was created in order to bring about world change and reduce the world population and introduce totalitarian Govt control. And before anyone says it, I am giving comment on the current state of affairs and possibilities. I am not saying I believe there is a hidden agenda. What I will say is though that nothing from the last 18 months has appeared normal and I really think you have to be a special kind of stupid to not even consider the possibility that something sinister could be happening beyond 'there was a coronavirus in a Wuhan wet market, then we had to wear masks and lockdown and take vaccines, but then everything went back to normal'. It is no secret that Depopulation is the one of the global elites favourite topics. It certainly is something our very own Boris Johnson has strong opinions on and has talked about on more than one occasion. Then you have Big Pharmas role in all this. And the money trail. How many billions have certain people and organisations made out of the Pandemic? To think that there is categorically no conspiracy and this is all just coincidence brought about by a pesky virus, for me is a plain sleepwalking mentality.
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