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  1. Think tonights booking is Zimmermans fifth of the season so he will miss Saturdays game.
  2. The comment that made me laugh was " it is a sign when a player like Bamford can come in after being bought for several million pounds and not in the line up" does Farke not know Bamford was here and coul;dn''t get in our line up but as Leeds played well it shows how far we have regressed.
  3. One of the problems to my way of thinking is what if Farke is not the problem but Webber is are we stuck with him.
  4. My sort the sort that have been going since the late fifties regularly. The sort that saw the blankets being taken round to keep the club afloat. Don''t dig out supporters whilst supporting those running the club. It was Webber who said if supporters didn''t like it they could go elsewhere not me. Huddersfield don''t seem to have missed him in fact they closed their academy after he left.
  5. Seeing Maddison go to Leicester my mind wandered back to the King Power Stadium and our visit under Lambert. We won the game 3-1 or 3-2 were worthy winners. We have gone backwards and Leicester have gone forward they can afford £20+ million pound players and we are looking in the bargain basement. I cannot see any progress in the near future and with Webber telling supporters to go elsewhere if they don''t like it he might get his wish.
  6. To me next season will depend on what Farke has learnt from his first season here. Should he continue with tippy tappy sideways football the season will be much the same as this, however if  he choses fast atttacking football things could be OK. Watching the Cup Final I found Shearers comments on Man Utd''s season mirrored our season in as much as he demonstrated that sideways passing slows the game down enables the opposition to get all of their players behind the ball making attacking much harder. He also produced evidence that previously Man U attacked at pace with many of their passes being forward this made it difficult for the opposition to defend against.I have often felt this season on the few occasions we have attacked at pace we have caused more problems and had the final delivery been better we could have scored a few more. Time will tell.I also don''t like the way Webber blames all those before him, lets see what he can deliver this will be his third transfer window, as Ed Balls said the jury is still out on this set up.
  7. Didn''t Webber say a few weeks ago that we had signed a player but he couldn''t say who it was.Well as the season has finished and now the transfer window is open can''t  see why he cannot ne named unless he is still involved in the play offs.
  8. Whilst I would not be upset if Farke left the problem would be who would work with Webber. Many managers have said they don''t like the Sporting Director selecting the players they have to work with.
  9. I have long felt that Delia is happier in the lower reaches of the leagues where there is less money. Whilst I initially welcomed the appointment of Webber I now have deep reservations the only man to knock Howson and say he didn''t want to play for Norwich (although Howson came and applauded the Norwich supporters after the boro game) then stated that Pritchard didn''t want to play for Norwich and after yesterdays performance one wonders if any of the players want to play for Norwich. The signings of Watkins and Husband make you wonder if he knows much about the way the coach wants to play.Farke - didn''t know anything about him before his appointment and after the Brighton friendly at the beginning of the season I thought there was some decent football played. His philosophy seems to be possession football which is great if you make most of the possession but what has he learnt - Millwall 25% possession Norwich 75% possession Millwall 4 goals Norwich 0 goals. Yesterday SW 40% possession Norwich 60% possession SW 5 goals Norwich 1 goal. For me this season we have seemed at our best when we attack at pace but unfortunately that has not happened enough, against Fulham at 2 - 0 down we were still playing tippy tappy football at the back.Not long ago Balls said the jury were still out on the new set up - when will he deliver the verdict.Lets hope next season gives us something to be a little more cheerful about.
  10. Didn''t we sign someone from Barnsley this season who had scored quite a few.
  11. It appears quite simple make him an offer that is acceptable to Norwich. Should he decline the offer keep him on the books for a year but tell him to stay away from the ground. A year out of football at his age won''t help. Wouldn''t want his attitude to rub off on the youngsters and it would show whether he wants to play or wants the money.
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