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  1. [quote user="Boris"]a bit late but just back to Bulgaria... was on the game too! for me despite looking lovely the grass was a bit dry and high so this make the ball move so slow. Result is not so fair as we looked a bit heavy who is normal at this stage. Im shocked from Andreu.As he looked as ex player not like pro. Ricky tried but lack of confidence make him loosed 2-3 great chances and i not have big hopes for him with this mood.He not exchange enough with Naismith for 60 min and look frustrated at times. From top performers I see Tettey for sure .He was so good and motivated in this game show class against Posh is not much but still show good mood. Aslo twin Murphy''s have very good game imo. have more expectations from Maddison but Cantwell make really good game very good technically work hard with ball. Overall we badly need new number 9 and with around 8 players missed this game we have enough quality to progress if motivation and positive mood is here .[/quote] Completely agree with this about the grass, looked lovely but was long and ''spongy'' and the ball didn''t move quickly which made a dull friendly even duller...
  2. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]Have Norwich ever launched a new kit and done a player announcement at the same time? Has any club ever done that?[/quote] http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/2016-06-02/cambridge-united-unveil-new-kit-and-announce-signing-of-mingoia/ I know its ''only'' cambridge but ...
  3. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]If Norwich went out and signed a 20 year old who had scored 7 goals in 30 odd games in Scotland, just how close to the first team squad would you want him? Another season on loan for him I feel - this time in League One or higher and see what he can offer.[/quote] Bang on. Also look at the player that was shining hamilton and come to us... albeit a different position but same point. Much lower quality league and still not performing. Unfortunately another youth product that will tumble down the leagues...
  4. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]Launch is at 4:30 today, I believe. Does seem overly faffy, most clubs seem to just post something up saying ''here''s our new kit(s), off you go....'' . Making an ''occasion'' out if it is all well and good for the home kit, but ultimately it is only NCFC supporters who really care much about the away one and it could be done at the same time as the home.[/quote] Commercially, releasing separately is sensible.People will see the home, buy it, then lose enthusiasm. Then 2 weeks later another kit comes out and they''ll get that enthusiasm again and buy another. This isn''t for everyone, though. I''m sure not many would buy 3 in one go costing £150+. But may buy a few seperately...
  5. Completely understand what everyone has said, and i''m not quite sure why we let that video go out, think we just wanted the idea on the website. We have a new video (Awful quality, which isn''t what we sent in, but they''ve lowered it, i''m guessing for quick uploading....) have a little look if you get a chance, i know the presenting is quite poor but i believe we get the point across better.Have a look on the Facebook event here too, where there are our original prototype images of the website and app we are creating. On the point of contacting the police or just go on the app/text our free number, some football fans wouldn''t want to become known to be the person telling or take the time to call the police, our app/texts will automatically be directed to the football club, so stewards can keep a closer eye on the area. We have been in contact with all 92 clubs in the football professional leagues, with the idea. So far, 9 clubs have replied with positive intentions, which is encouraging. And establishment wise, in Norwich and Ipswich which is where i have been, 17 pubs/coffee shops/restaurants/burger bars have signed up. Thanks for the feedback guys, again please vote!http://thebigpitch.co.uk/pitch/official-match-day-programme/https://www.facebook.com/events/1554697048138264/
  6. Hi, I along with two others want to try and improve the experience of football matches for all. http://thebigpitch.co.uk/pitch/official-match-day-programme/ This is our link, all you have to do is click, no registration, its a competition at my uni, the people with the most votes gets to present their business plans to the judges, as in a 1 minute video we have found it hard to get across what we plan to do! It''ll enhance every aspect of a football matchday, from parking, to pubs. Please vote for us! OTBC
  7. Hi, I have two tickts for the forest game in row a. Wondered if anyone wants to swap for ones further back? I don''t particular like being near the front but some people do :) thanks
  8. In London Saturday just wondered if any pubs are showing the game? OTBC
  9. Hi. Quite rarely I''m in Norwich today when an away game is being played and I know some pubs show every game but don''t know which do? What pubs are good to watch the game? Thanks
  10. [quote user="lappinitup"]Binner![/quote]and this is why i never usually post, can''t ever put your own opinion across.
  11. Okay so i was at fulham, and have been to all the home games this season, all this negativity is starting to get to me. After fulham i really though we were in for a hiding every week. But things then picked up and even after saturday i am still very positive. We still created chances definitely first half, jackson had 2 very good chnces both would''ve made it a real match. Second half we lost 3-2 and in attack i still think we look quite positive and have a fair bit of creativity. I think the abuse of surman is so unjust. He looks good, his corners were terible but on the ball i think he looks composed. I agree with some tactical decisions being wrong, jackson coming off, no fox and hoolahan is weird and would improve the team. Liverpool were good, not many people have credited this. If our defence was more solid, things would be different, turner is shocking, i hate player bashing but he shouldnt be allowed near the team from now on, fulham he was awful, his fault at newcastle and so many mistkes saturday. Pilks was missed saturday but i still think we provide enough quaality to stay in this league. Does not one other person agree?! Morison definitely had his best games since last year, and now holts got a goal he should be off. STAY POSITIVEOTBC
  12. hello,trying to sort out a train season ticket from cambridge to city fr next year, well just find out, just for match days, i know they used to do this, are they still availible if so does anyone have one and how do you go about getting it?? thanks in advance! OTBC
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