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  1. The ins and outs of the Homegrown rule are all a bit bizarre. Surely having to include higher numbers of players who have come through your own academy and are English is much more relevant to the future and progress of academy’s/English football? Just seems to inflate the price of English players and encourages teams to poach foreign players at a younger age. I know if you haven’t got your 1 club developed player you can just name 6 subs. Can we do that with regards to the 7 homegrown?
  2. Found an article online from Finland last night. The manager reported he had some sort of back cramp/spasm in the warm up but told the manager he was fine to start the same. Felt it again after a ‘spurt’ and didn’t want to risk it so he came straight off. Quote from the keeper after saying he feft fine shortly after, and the manager has said the ‘Norwich physios won’t have a problem with him’ He did have k tape on one of his legs but that’s not really too unusual nowadays, not only is it used for protection from injury but it can also increase blood flow assisting cramp etc. Fingers crossed 🤞🏼
  3. 4-1-4-1 / 4-2-3-1 seem the formations adopted all of pre season I can’t see him dropping to 3 at the back as much as it may seem to make sense looking at the lack of real solid LB/RB options. Krul Aaron’s Hanley Klose Lewis Trybull Marshall Leitner Pukki Hernandez Rhodes If tettey isn’t going to make 2 games in a week I’d prefer him to play against Leeds. Marshall looks a threat going forward and quite clearly isn’t a right back despite his best efforts. Arguments for a fit pinto to play instead of Aaron’s or Thompson to be given a go in place of leitner.
  4. Krul Marshall Zimm Klose Hanley Husband Trybull McLean pukki Hernandez Rhodes Having said that I’ve got a feeling the heavily adopted 4141 used in pre season will be used Saturday.
  5. Why the negativity? Stinks of championship goals. Nelson can be as flashy as he wants this lad just sticks it in the net. Get him on board.
  6. 7 for Morris, Sign him up! I think Godfrey/Cantwell/Thompson/Matthews will all be around the squad a bit more next year along with hanley/raggett/Lewis/husband/watkins/murphy we should be able to get 7 but you’re right it’s looking pretty tight. I’m not sure about srbeny either but I remember pinto/vrancic etc struggling when they started here. I’d like to give him a pre season before making my judgement.
  7. Can’t believe people are still talking up Calton Morris. Scored 14 in 83 senior games 6 in 43 for Shrewsbury (4 in league out of the 60 scored) 0 in 8 for Rotherham 8 in 32 for Hamilton I’m sure if we were to sign a player with Morris exact record we would be saying why on earth have we signed him? Just because he’s on the books doesn’t mean he is entitled to a chance. Webber has said previously how much youth we have in this club that arent really youth anymore sitting on the bill and will never do anything for us. I know it’s easy to put down him down or to say he can’t be much worse than we have given how poorly our strikers have done this season, but it’s pretty clear we are crying out for an out an out goalscorer which Morris isn’t. Jerome/Nelson don’t want to be here with the latter still picking his toys up and srbeny has only had a handful of games so can’t really judge until after a full pre season. It’s clear we are going to sign a couple of forwards but I fail to see how he fits in or has the ability to play in the championship. Idah seems the most exciting out of all the youth and will be interesting to see if he features in pre season. Think it speaks volumes that Lewis was fast tracked and cantwell is often talked about. If they’re good enough farke/Webber will get them in.
  8. Think he would be a star if he’s played behind the striker but obviously given Maddison that wasn’t ever going to happen. Trybulls Injury may well of had an affect on his position as TT is fairly quick with moving the ball along and you don’t get that with tettey. Injury/transfer affecting Maddison’s position at the club I wouldn’t mind is trying to bring leitner back in a more attacking capacity. Always seems a nice friendly guy based on social media, he’s tied up to a contract in Germany so wouldn’t ever say he wants to leave/stay here publicly
  9. Fair play to farke for persisting with him, vrancic took a lot of criticism and admitted himself he was struggling to adjust but he looks at home in that central midfield role
  10. I would be interested to see how much time on the ball we spend in the final 3rd of the pitch. We talk about how consistently we''ve been conceding and the individual errors from defenders but at times we almost seem to play on the break/counter leaving Jerome isolated. Tettey has been awfully sloppy with distritubion even by his low standards but with howson injured and dorrans out suspended it leaves us with 2 from thompson Tettey mulumbu Would love us to go 3 at the back or the diamond but unfortunately I don''t think it''s what Neil will do. I''d like: Ruddy Pinto (Martin) Bennett Klose Brady Murphy Thompson Mulumbu Pritchard Naismith Jerome Obvious argument for hoolahan to play but I just think Pritchard offers more of a direct threat to the right back.
  11. Under Alex Neil''s reign in championship we were successful and for the majority he went with: Ruddy Olsson Bassong Martin Whittaker Tettey Would love to see bassong back in the side. Takes stick for his mistakes and clumsiness, but is he really that bad? Occasionally loses his head and tries to take a man on outside his own box but is solid.
  12. Ruddy ......Bennett Bassong Klose Pinto......Thompson.........Olsson Dorrans Pritchard Hoolahan Jerome We''re Always looking towards individual mistakes and I think it''s generally because were stretched or someone is wildly out of position. Would like us to have pinto and olsson providing some natural width while keeping stability with a back 3. Gives Pritchard and hoolahan a license to roam around too.
  13. Sooner we get rid of him the better. Went on loan to Birmingham and even then he got dropped to the bench after a game or 2. If he''s as good as he thinks he is everyone in our league would be begging to take him off us
  14. does anybody know if the game will be shown in Vegas/American TV? been looking online but no luck, hoping there''s some American canaries who could help out!
  15. Think the main issue was he didn''t look fit! Looked shattered after an hour and I''m not sure he had a full pre season with the illness or whatever he had. Was a game with more tactical issues than howsons individual performance, the game was far too narrow and compact in the middle of the park. With more space in the centre and people to aim for out wide players with howsons vision will have a big part to play even if he does sit deeper. As for mulumbu I think he has to start Tuesday. We forget how brilliant he was when he left west brom and he looked full of energy and fight that we lacked centrally throughout the game
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