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  1. Has brought a tear to my eye reading that this morning. I can relate to so much of that. Thoughts are with you Melissa x
  2. Totally agree. Doesn''t matter about rivalry looking back he was a legend for our fiercest rivals and a decent England manager too. Remember the 3-3 draw in 1979 well..
  3. Looked like a blatant dive to me from where I was sitting and sadly the boy is getting a reputation for it. If that had been Jerome falling over would that be acceptable. Its a shame and excellent second half performance has been overshadowed by this.
  4. As worked up as he was to get such a late goal and make his point id say he was a t**t for removing shirt and getting a needless booking. when he is suspended in October for a game or two for 5 bookings it could cost us. Have never understood why players need to remove shirt or go into crowd no matter how pumped they are.....
  5. apparently we are in for a Danish under 21 international called Dominic Estos. very powerful ....
  6. Is it just me or does anyone else as much as we all dislike Ipswich not like the word Scum ....
  7. I Did raunds town v corby last season ... defending was of a higher quality than seen my klose and co this season !
  8. As much as I will take the win yesterday I do hate to see any player taking a dive as Wes blatantly did . No place in the game for diving and as Wes has a history for it u can understand the Wolves players reaction .
  9. My Dad would as a treat have a bowl of Bovril for his supper
  10. supper used to be had after the Sweeney or the professionals had finished at 10pm
  11. noooooooo... lunch is the meal midday dinner is the evening meal tea is the posh occasion u have when your nan comes round
  12. To open the debate up a little is it tea or dinner? I had a pack of oreo strawberry flavour, bbq pringles and a cadburys caramel ...
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