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  1. Port vale. Great stadium and sleeping giant
  2. I'd ask what they think about the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre
  3. Sadly this has crept into football. Used to just be heading into the corner in injury time. No it's players feigning injury if the team is ahead , taking ages over a thrown in , goalkeepers falling on the ball after a routine catch and surrounding the ref at every opportunity. Spoiling the game for all
  4. They were arguing over the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre
  5. I'd get there early and let them both enjoy the build up. My boy is 17 now and we still get in at least an hour before kick off. My youngest daughter who is 30 was well chuffed to have her photo taken with captain canary recently. I was more concerned about the whereabouts of splatt the
  6. Culverhouse was at Kettering until the summer but left when the chairman wouldn't relay the pitch. Wanted to play good football on the floor.
  7. It's a marathon not a sprint. Still 108 points to play for. This time next year we could be ......
  8. And a lovely away day to Blackpool to look forward to
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