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  1. [quote user="Barclay_Boy"][quote user="Barry Brockes"]I haven''t spoken to him for a couple of months as he has been up to his eyeballs sorting out his day to day business but my feeling is that it will only happen if NCFC make the running the next time. Unless they''ve changed their tune from the time of ''Cullumgate'' I think that''s very unlikely. He''s been turned away twice and knowing him as I do I think it unlikely he will go back knocking for a third time. The guy who spoke up at the forum on Monday was also very getting very warm and made Munby and Doncaster look very uncomfortable, understandably so. My perception is that Delia wants investment but on her terms which includes keeping control and Munby and Doncaster want to preserve their jobs. They both know the score if Peter takes control so banging head against brick wall are words that come to mind.[/quote] BUMP! [/quote]like i''ve suggested before - PC will only show interest is there is a public clamour for him,,,and the board rolls out the red carpet - - -
  2. i think leicester did the right thing with cort last year when they went down - they got rid,,,and he ended up in the spanish lesser leagues - oh - and with naarwich...corty is full of injuries and woes - and like any player he needs a run of games to get match fit - and while that is happening - he''ll be below standard...i would suggest people if we want to get up - good,,,fit,,,proven players will be required - capable of doing their jobs - and capable of an extended run of play in a settled team...with all the comings and goings in the past few years - we haven''t had a settled side - and with so many loanees in and out - it seems this may have had a detrimental effect upon the consistency and morale of the side...players are only human - and people like to be settled....constant upheaval - chopping and changing - doesn''t help to bed a side in - and get them paying well to an acceptable standard...so lets get real on this once and for all,,,cort and his ilk are not the answer for naarwich city- if realistically we want to get promotion - we''ve got used to accepting second best at NCFC under this cr@p board and their ''cleverer'' strategies and failing wheezes...and sucked into their cruddy way of thinking - walker had the right idea - but he was sacked for it - and hamilton thought his ''foreign free transfers'' idea would work...the board have been experimenting on **** like this for years - and this summer roedy''s prem/champs ''inbetweenies'' was the latest fashion - only to bomb - cos he could only afford the washed up, raw or injury suspect versions...ouch///
  3. [quote user="lucky green trainers"][quote user="PhatCanary"]Confirmed on Sky sports news Gunn to remain in charge. RIP Norwich City,Delia and the board you are pathetic!!!![/quote]                                                                                                                        [:''(]                                                                                                                        [:''(]                                                                                                                        [:''(]                                                                                                                        [:''(]                                                                                                                        [:''(]                                                                                                                        [:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(]      [:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(]      [:''(]                     [:''(]              [:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(] [:''(]                      [:''(]                     [:''(]                     [:''(]              [:''(]                [:''(] [:''(]                      [:''(]                     [:''(]                     [:''(]              [:''(]                [:''(] [:''(]                      [:''(]                     [:''(]                     [:''(]              [:''(]                [:''(] [:''(]                      [:''(]                     [:''(]                     [:''(]              [:''(]                [:''(] [:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(]      [:''(]                     [:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(]              [:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(] [/quote]oh dear - couldn''t get me formation right - - - shades of narrwich then!!!
  4. [quote user="PhatCanary"]Confirmed on Sky sports news Gunn to remain in charge. RIP Norwich City,Delia and the board you are pathetic!!!![/quote]                                                                                                                        [:''(]                                                                                                                        [:''(]                                                                                                                        [:''(]                                                                                                                        [:''(]                                                                                                                        [:''(]                                                                                                                        [:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(]      [:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(]      [:''(]                     [:''(]              [:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(] [:''(]                      [:''(]                     [:''(]                     [:''(]              [:''(]                [:''(] [:''(]                      [:''(]                     [:''(]                     [:''(]              [:''(]                [:''(] [:''(]                      [:''(]                     [:''(]                     [:''(]              [:''(]                [:''(] [:''(]                      [:''(]                     [:''(]                     [:''(]              [:''(]                [:''(] [:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(]      [:''(]                     [:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(]              [:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(][:''(]
  5. burnley look a top bet to me to beat reading at odds of 9/5...tasty - so yum it up,,,
  6. [quote user="Jim Kent"]The Daily Mail also reported this morning that Mark Robins was to be giving the job.[/quote]fair enough jimbo - but look at the language used....i''m sure cam would say this appointment looks nailed on..."Norwich look set to confirm the appointment of Bryan Gunn....etc"
  7. [quote user="Tangible Fixed Assets anyone"][quote user="Beauseant"] The board needs to go, but a replacement must be found. I''m sure even the most blinkered believers in Peter Cullum must accept that now we are down  he must make his move if he ever intends to. The club is at a low ebb, Delia knows that the majority want her out, and the time is ripe. We will see. [/quote] I hate to say it but I dont think we have hit rock bottom yet. It will be then that I expect PC. to make a move. [/quote]they bought at the bottom - and will probably sell at the bottom...who to???pc''s the only game in town - but i suspect he''s waiting for an overwhelming appeal from the fans to rescue NCFC...
  8. its like the board and even gunny are in some alternative universe where everything is rosy in the green and yella garden...if gunny believes he''s the best man for the job - hand on heart he''s a fudgin liar in my book - legend or no legend...and the board are clearly unfit for purpose imo...the sooner these ****s go the betta...
  9. the board are decent people working hard for NCFC but in my opinion in the best interest of the club - they should step aside...the boards strategy has clearly failed...following the ''charlton model'' got us relegated,,,but couldn''t get us back up - and although I admire the board for sticking for their business principles the traditional small family orientated club has had its day - in order to compete in todays football it seems every club needs a ''sugar daddy'' prepared to invest and lose...but it seems last summer the board couldn''t even do that properly - so when peter cullum cooled his interest and the turners walked - they were left holding the baby - the black hole in the accounts meant we had to sell shackell and bring in siberski at the 11th hour - and the rest is history...to me - getting in gunn was a gamble,,,and both he and the board should pay the price.  For the future...maybe like jack heywood did at wolves - the majority shareholders should sell the club to a wealthy benefactor for £1...because thats the way of the football world now - whether we like it or not...
  10. [quote user="Camuldonum"][quote user="Dictator Smith"]Your supposing theres nobody out there , i believe there would be . As for administration it hasnt hurt a lot of clubs , do you think Southampton will go down next season ? no chance .[/quote] As things stand it is undecided as to whether Southampton FC will actually exist by the end of next week.  Le Tissier to the rescue is the latest.  We shall see. PS: Don''t believe the Chancellor about a "light at the end of the tunnel."  It may just as easily be a train coming the other way. [/quote]yeah - and why is that???  with upto US$10 trillion trousered in the dot com and credit crunch frauds - guess what - the world banks remain fudged - and unless the IMF prints another us$3 trillion to reflate the world economy - its only a pain, pain and more pain ahead???
  11. [quote user="colneycanary"]Neil Doncaster YOU ARE FIRED! [/quote]ouch - cheerio ND it seems...
  12. [quote user="Shucks"][quote user="GJL Mid-Norfolk Canary"]If there is any element of doubt [/quote]Your doubt limits you and us. It is a negative externality that reduces our welfare. The fellow only requires heart[/quote]there are no limits - very true - but doubt has emerged over gunny''s suitability due to his performance as a manager - during which we got relegated...in my heart i see a man who tried to inspire the squad around him - but that failed,,,and so i reasonably doubt he could credibly assemble a team to chase for promotion...and i suggest - in his heart of hearts he knows this too...
  13. he''s done ok with no money - fits the bill on that score...hope these reports that gunny''s going are true...
  14. [quote user="city till i die"]roeder was a c*u*n*t and needed to go, are tight a*r*s*e board wouldnt go out and get a ady boothroyd or whoever, no they come up with gunny!!!! its them to blame, gunny tryed and failed, if he kept us up everyone would be licking his a*r*s*e today!!![/quote]footy - and life - is a results driven business,,,and on this score gunny failed - - - but for me,,,he also fell short on performances - especially when it mattered in the final run in,,,and for that - he must go...its delusional to think otherwise,,,i hope gunny thinks long and hard about his talents and whether he ''knows'' he can do the job and get us promoted...cos i seriously doubt he can...
  15. [quote user="bleach"]You used the ''L'' word! no more loans please, especially in defence. Besides, we need to re-jig our defensive pairing - we''ve conceded far too many goals over the last few seasons with doc and shacks. I still don''t think they''re good enough together. Well, maybe they''re good enough to be a league one pairing. On a brighter note, now that we''ve dropped a league - maybe our recruitment policies will change. We might see hungry young''uns like Cody give it a real good crack. This would definitely make a change from seeing dozens of not-quite-good-enough-for-the-premiership players trying to use our club as a springboard for their ailing premiership careers. Most of the players we''ve taken on board, be it loan or otherwise, have dropped down a league to grace our lovely turf - I''d be quite keen to see a reversal in this trend and see players who are on their way up in the game. Also, I really believe we must consolidate the spine of or team. That is, the goalie, to centre halves, two centre midfielders and two strikers. We must own these players. We need a core that is given time to gel, to understand each other''s thinking. Watching us play on Monday, it seemed that we lacked the cohesion we needed to take the game to Charlton. The core of the team is undoubtedly going to change over the summer. Clingan will go, Marshall might well go, Shacks is technically a Wolves player again now and the identity of our strike force is, apart from Cody, largely undecided. Some clever maneuvering in the transfer window is required. I just hope that the scouting team did their research before the season ended and know who they''re going for. [/quote]yep - the core that will be left after sales/want away players will be thin on the ground...is the doc/rusty/lee core good enough for a league 1 promotion top4/6 challenge???
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