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  1. I am clearing my attic before an upcoming house-move, and I have a quantity of programs (1970''s -1990''s mainly, mostly home, some away). Also some NCFC fanzines from back in the day.FREE to anyone that wants them.Also is anyone interested in sharing a season ticket? It looks like I am going to miss a number of games next season - particularly midweek or games that are moved for SKY or whatever.Please PM me if interested on either score.
  2. WELL SAID CURIOUS CANARY! I wasn''t sure which way to vote but if Delia Smith is in favour of staying in then OUT looks the right way to go!
  3. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"]Well the board clearly aren''t going anywhere, and results don''t matter, so yeah let''s keep the manager too! Are the board laughing at how dense some of the Norwich fans are? Are they sitting in Carrow Towers saying "christ, 1 point from 27 and so many want to keep the manager". "We could oversee the worst run of results in the history of this club, not only are they not calling for our heads, but quite a few still want to keep the manager" "We''ve hoodwinked them into believing al this stuff about nobody interested in investing, scared them into thinking that most external and all foreign investment ends in tears." Fooled them into being so sentimental towards the manager that even if we didn''t win again this season that they still wouldn''t call for his head and despite not having won for 20 games, to still have some convinced that Alex will miraculoisly turn it around and we''ll be winning every week in the Championship". "When things started going wrong, we sewed little seeds, planted litted tidbits about how poor we are, that by just being in the Premier League we are massively overachieving and not only can we not compete with the likes of Bournemouth and Watford financially, we''d struggle to do much better than Lowestoft Town" "We''ve got these foolish fans into such a state that we''ve even come out and blatantly told them that the reason we can''t compete is because our owners are some of the poorest in the whole football league, so they accept failure and defeats, they don''t call for a change of ownership because we have them scared about the perils of external investment and foreign ownership, they therefore accept poor results and failure on the footballing side". "We''ve even got some fans into such a state that they don''t question or blame either the manager or us". ????? Of course not![/quote]Perfect summary of the situation!!!!
  4. [quote user="AllenWickerbasket"][quote user="JF"]Im not inventing any injuries, im creating a scenario that will happen at some point before January. It will be a miricle if we go from now till then with everyone fit or eligble to start. 3 center backs are not enough and i would imagine that Neil allowed Turner to leave on the understanding another was coming in. Why that didnt happen is anyones guess[/quote] What are these center backs you talk of. Do you mean centre backs ? Footballers who play in the middle,the centre, of the defense,[/quote]Do you mean defence?  [;)]
  5. Surely there should be a minutes silence at the game on Saturday? (or how about a two minutes silence - 1 for Cilla Black?) [;)]
  6. I understand that around 50 asthmatic people in the ground died from the green smoke bombs that were let off at the end of the game, so spare a thought for them and their loved ones amongst this time of celebration...
  7. [quote user="Paul"]I think there should be a minutes silence at the last game of every season to remember all football people who have died in that season[/quote]You''ve got a bit of a ''thing'' about minutes silence''s haven''t you Paul?
  8. In the Forum? Right, must get those invites out to the travelling support to join us down there after the game then...
  9. [quote user="Mr Angry"]Binners is a far better name for them than zombies, it is unique, it has humour, and it conjures up the sense of cheapness and grubbiness that has been associated with them for the last few years.[/quote]Nah, disagree. It''s like an insult a bunch of kids at middle school might hurl at each other in the 1960''s..
  10. Yes Bor. It has ultimately backfired and thats the whole point I was making, ergo thats why I think it WOULD be appropriate!!! Still if you want to be ''decent'' towards them....Where will we be able to get these ''earliest editions of the Pink ''Un'' btw? [:^)]
  11. No wonder your name is Tumbleweed! [:$] Weren''t they ''issued'' at the WBA game last season? didn''t win that one as I recall... (though Hughton did get one on the back of the ''ead son...)They might not have been clappers, but something similar and unnecessary, can''t quite recall. 
  12. Would it not be entirely appropriate to wave money at the ''zombies'' on Sunday? Your thoughts please...(For those that don''t know, Bobby Robson no less, labelled the bluescum just that, for giving his side very little vocal support during a game at Poorman Rd.I think that is an entirely more satisfying term of endearment for them, rather than the totally lame ''Binners'' label that has been attached to them, since one episode of a second-rate tv program that hardly anybody watched in the early nineties...)
  13. The acceptance of our fans to the garbage served up is nothing new, witness the standing ovation at the end of the Fulham 6-0 debacle! I could probably come up with many more examples prior to that also...Those are the same fans that claim that they are ''passionate ''about the club! If not giving two 3hits about the way your team is performing is called ''passion'', I must look up the word in that alternative dictionary...
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