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  1. Unhinged Canary


    How big are your hands???
  2. Unhinged Canary


    Calm down LDC. I just felt it was nice to have a beer in the sunshine watching some wrestling, rather than having to be cooped up in the bar area not watching wrestling.
  3. Unhinged Canary


    Yes, totally agree. Was a totally different atmosphere than football. People would always abuse it if it was available for football.
  4. Unhinged Canary


    Yep, I went. Great afternoons entertainment! Think there was over 4000 there. Holty is obviously taking this seriously now as he looked in really good shape. Was selling moves really well too, so he's clearly been training hard for this. Only slight criticisms would be a lack of a screen in the opposite corner from the main one, so half the crowd couldn't see the promos, and clocking in at around 5 hours it did seem a little bloated. Those seats get a bit uncomfortable after that amount of time. Huge plus though, could drink in sight of the pitch! Really hope they do it again though, and congratulations to everyone involved as it was definitely a great success for the Knights.
  5. Unhinged Canary

    When Will we Next Play Ipswich in a League Game?

    We should offer them one of those 'Norwich XI' pre-season friendlies just to really take the mick!
  6. Unhinged Canary


  7. Unhinged Canary

    Leeds v Sheff Utd

    The negativity on here is unbelievable. Who cares what Leeds or Sheffield are doing? We're top. We could be 4 points clear at 5PM today. We've won 9 of the last 10. We've got a decent looking run-in. As long as we keep doing what we've been doing for most of the season, no-one else matters.
  8. Unhinged Canary

    County Hall Parking

    Yes, I think I saw a car move a couple of inches earlier so I'm hopeful of getting home for brunch!
  9. Unhinged Canary

    County Hall Parking

    Was only 6 tonight. Maybe a cup game thing?
  10. Unhinged Canary

    County Hall Parking

    Thank you Swindon!
  11. Unhinged Canary

    County Hall Parking

  12. Unhinged Canary

    County Hall Parking

    Morning gang, and Happy New Year! I'm heading up to the hallowed ground for the first time in years tonight. Just wanted to double-check that the county hall parking is still available for evening games? Many thanks in advance!
  13. Unhinged Canary

    Crafty, Hogesar, GPs Beard

    [quote user="Icecream Snow"]
    [quote user="nutty nigel"]Please check your pms.[:)][/quote]
    Is it that time of the month? [:P]
  14. Unhinged Canary

    one word

    Is it ''words that you shouldn''t hear in the same sentence''?

    "The colour of this carpet is so dross"
  15. Unhinged Canary

    In case you need cheering up....

    The weather is miserable, you''re waiting to get paid and we still haven''t signed a striker.

    Just do a quick google for the new Leeds badge.

    That''ll get you smiling!