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  1. I mean, I don't want to be that guy, but one of those managers has already been sacked and another has left for the Premier League. And it's dated September.....
  2. See also:- Stone Cold Steve Austin Bill Goldberg Bill Burr Garry Mcallister Wayne Rooney John Travolta Andre Agassi Bryan Cranston Bruce Willis Etc etc etc......
  3. There's only two Mike Walkers, two Mike Wal-kers, there's only two Mike Walkers.
  4. Finishing the game needing 2 goals and we've got Hanley and Hugil up front. #masterclass
  5. But, but, but!! *checks script Hands in pockets!! Cup of tea! Cup of tea!!
  6. Oh, it was carnage. There was tutting, fists being shook, raised voices and once there was a bin knocked over. Dark days my friend. Ones we don't want to return to.
  7. Careful now. You'll have Cambridgeshire along later with his hilarious 'we didn't win 3-0/hands in pockets bit'.
  8. No, what you need to do is have a bit of self-awareness and realise that there are two sides to the story. It was painfully predictable that you would be one of the first one here to jump on posters that have a different opinion to you with your p1ssy little comments.
  9. Or just clap along with Cambridgeshire because we're playing like prime Barcelona and we'll have the league sewn up by Christmas because everything is wonderful. The choice is yours....
  10. Well I dunt know why all the moonin' Rob. People need to get behind the team dunt they. I've been going fur 57 years and clap them off win or lose.
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