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  1. Looks like we may have got rid of that ridiculous Best Fiends patch. It's not listed as a partner any more either.
  2. How spooky. Just listening to Jonny Vaughn talking to the guy who designed them. He made the concept and put it on his Instagram and Steve Parish got in touch and asked if they could use it. So all you kit designers, keep it up! You may get spotted and your design used!
  3. When Lakey thinks you're boring, you know you've got problems.....
  4. Trevor Hockey. Rugged. Honourable mention - King of Spain.
  5. I went to the club and had a wonderful time. They played 'Jump Around' and we jumped around. They played 'Sit Down' and we sat down. They played 'Come on Eileen' and I got thrown out.
  6. This manoeuvre shall henceforth be known as the 'Farke Cough'.
  7. Seemingly every Leeds fan who cared to respond to Webbers interview has conveniently forgotten how badly they blew up last season.....
  8. Absolutely this. Take away fans of teams in prominent positions and the only people who want football restarted again are only doing it for monetary reasons. For me it's a non-starter. It's not important. It used to be a form of entertainment, but now is ultimately a business as we all know, but why on earth should football even be part of the conversation right now. LOTS OF PEOPLE ARE STILL DYING! EVERY DAY!! I would say this whatever team I supported. Scrap it, get it off the agenda and spend more time trying to get to grips with the mess that the country is going to be in at the end of this. Football. Doesn't. Matter.
  9. Rum-te-tum-te-tum-te-dum, La-la-la-la-la-laaaa, Rum-te-tum-te-tum-te-dum, Dum-de-diddly-deeee.
  10. How else is Lakey going to conduct his attention-whoring guff if not on his very own thread.....
  11. Apparently going to be taking the Stoke job. That seems like a really strange decision to me. Wondered what everyone else thought?
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