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  1. Sell Sargent to Leeds. Give Idah to anyone who'll take him. Buy an actual striker.
  2. Of which we are very much part of.
  3. And also what it feels like to win....
  4. I'd say that moving to a side that's considerably less crap than us is.
  5. It's not my opinion at all. It's the teams. I believe it's you that thinks they've made the wrong decision.....
  6. Do you not think that maybe, and hear me out here, they might have been involved in the decision? There's a tiny weeny little chance that they and Stokes and whoever else might actually be in a better position to make the decision than you. I know that's going to be tough for you to understand, but you're just going to have to try.
  7. Because you wouldn't have just had that moment with Stuart and Jimmy.
  8. F. Has-beens and nobodies signed. Still a ton of garbage lingering around the squad.
  9. We could do with several more to get there in the first place, 'cos this mob certainly aren't going to do it.
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