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  1. 1958–1962     Falkirk     78     (13)1962–1964     Norwich City     40     (14)Not my memory just a copy paste from Wiki -1962 is the debut - 1958 to 1962 is his career with Falkirk.Sorry for any confusion.
  2. Please Pete do a feline instruction page on that flickering (Yes I said flickering ) little speech bubble. One little kitten is smitten by it and sits beside me trying to catch it by the approved fast swipe paw method. A smitten kitten would you say.Ohhhh!!  I see now what the prob is she thinks it says Cat not Chat-Now whose fault is that.
  3. What  another right winger from Falkirk?OK so who remembers when we signed Jim Oliver from Falkirk (1958–1962 Wiko) more-so who was there on his debut .I was thrilled at the time watching him tear off down the right wing at Carrow Road.Am not so thrilled at the date however after consulting records. Feels like yesterday LOL.Anyone else on here still alive who was at his first match for us and if so congrats at being a well established fan- plastic or plasticine no matter - Yor a brick.I was behind the goal on the left at the river end leaning right up against those well worn steel bars which cordoned off the pitch form the concrete standing area steps.P.S not my first game by a long way as I vaguely recollect seeing a red faced right winger puffing away and I asked my older  brother why he had such a red face - He replied cos he enjoyed a beer or two and it showed up on footballers faces cos they had to run so hard.I was then told to shut up shouting out  "PENALTY" every time one of our players was fouled because everyone is looking at him and that penalties are only given if the foul is in that box thing..
  4. Only a few inspiring wins but considering the dearth of potent managers making senses out there and still with their head screwed on, it is an interesting point to ponder.Would NA walk away to further his career.At the moment he is making all the right noises, playing to the gallery or honestly espousing his own philosophy- Well time will tell.
  5. I never asked for him to be removed however I never believed he could deliver.Only the beginning of course but have to say so far all has gone well and he has set a seed of optimism amongst the fans so congrats Neil.Super brand of footy from what I have seen moreover doubtless the players are playing for the boss so unlike last season.I feel very happy because of what I have seen today on the screen.
  6. I recall when we were relegated quite a few years back the first team all agreed to stay with the club for one second division season as they felt responsible for the relegation. The seasoned and matured ones amongst us will remember the details.The loyalty of modern players is to themselves only not to the club or it''s supporters.In essence that means it is only the supporters that feel the pain of relegation the players jump ship to keep afloat.
  7. Our team is being deliberately talent diluted to reduce the wage bill and shore up the bank balance.Be prepared to live at this level for the foreseeable future. Become accustomed to a mid-table Norwich City with a few good results here and there to stoke up the belief of better to come.A sprinkle of sound-bites from the CEO and a few ambiguous rally cries from N.A. and Archant.That''s all folks; N.A. is not being supported until or if he wins his spurs.Another scenario is that our top lady is looking for a restful retirement and wishes to draw off some capital before the announcement - remember Robert Chase.
  8. lol- how about purloin with a sirloin when considering such a lot at steak.
  9. Fair point- I  Believe the message is in the title for those who matter who are seeking drift of support  but don''t trawl through every post.
  10. As manager or adviser -Please for all our sakes.
  11. We hope they end up licking their wounds when pitted against us but certainly that aint gonna happen on today''s showing
  12. Neil talks the talk so what is missing?
  13. A man walks into a Norwich pet store looking to buy a monkey. The store owner points towards three identical looking monkeys."The one on the left costs £5000," says the store owner."Why so much?" asks the customer."Because it has knowledge and experience in continental football tactics," answers the store owner.The customer inquires about the next monkey and is told, "That one costs £11,500, because it has successfully managed football teams in the Champions League."The startled man then asks about the third monkey. "That one costs £55000," answers the store owner."£55000!!" exclaims the man. "What can that one do?"To which the owner replies, "To be honest, I''ve never seen it do a damn thing, but it calls itself a Technical Director.""If you are really interested we have similar one at £77000 who calls itself a Consultant"
  14. Companies in the real world spilling staff here there and everywhere, cutting pensions and perks. Incompetance punished severely including financiall deprivation.A gulf between the football culture of money money everywhere, jobs for the boys  and incompetance labled as ''just a game''.Good if you can get it.
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