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  1. Havertz can play No.9. Frequently played the role for Leverkusen. Shame Werner got injured as as mentioned above, he’s extremely wasteful. Mount / Havertz combo I imagine.
  2. That was a game between two teams that haven't won all season and it showed. Lots of effort from both sides but the quality was dire. I'd be amazed if Norwich and Burnley don't finish bottom two. Not a criticism of us but that was a game between two Championship sides.
  3. Nothing lucky about that from a Brighton point of view other than the initial poor kick. The pass itself from Veltman was completely overlooked, it was a superb piece of skill. Not easy at all to control volley that ball into an area for the strikers to attack. Maupay also kept extremely composed to finish with the lob. Great goal.
  4. You can pick your team here on the BBC website
  5. The fact West Brom are currently top of that league and without defeat 9 games in, tells you everything you need to know. The gap between the leagues is enormous.
  6. It's the same as pretty much every other profession. You're not going to give a newly promoted Referee the biggest clash/most exposed media match straight away, in the same manner you wouldn't give a newly qualified surgeon the most complicated brain procedure for example. You gradually build up the exposure to the more pressurized environments. Like it or not, we are quite clearly the small fry in this league and hence we get the 'trainee' referees.
  7. I think Sorenson is a classic case of whoever is out of the team is suddenly rated better than they are. Don't get me wrong, I think there is a role for Sorenson but I don't think he puts his stamp on the midfield as much as some posters (myself included at times) would like. The above being said, we have the perfect game on Tuesday to try him in, a free-hit experiment. I'd like to see him alongside Normann in a 5-2-3/3-4-3 set up. Krul Aarons Omo Kabak Gibson Dimi Sorenson Normann Rashica Sargent Tzolis
  8. It's not the personal, it's the defensive nous and set-up that is wrong, as others above have pointed out. The second goal yesterday is a perfect example of this. Every single defensive player (with the exception of Krul and Aarons, the later who was at fault for the first goal) had a part to play in that goal being conceded. Williams - Has the stamina and speed so no idea why he wasn't sprinting back as soon as the ball is switched by Sissoko Normann - the biggest culprit in the goal and I'm hoping this was purely down to lack of match-fitness as he was taken off early. He could see the player and the danger right infront of him and he still just casually jogged back (this is where a certain Skipp was so good). Hanley - Positionally was fine but just that half a yard too slow at this level in the initial reaction process against decent players. Kabak - Again positionally fine, but the lack of communication (perhaps understably right now) was clear and evident all match long between himself with Hanley and Aarons. It's the perfect movement by Sarr that did both Kabak and Hanley here, Kabak simply has to follow him though and get his body in the way. ..... Ultimately though, the space for that second goal once Sissoko switched it was what was wrong with the whole 4-3-3 set-up, simply way too much space for Normann/Gilmour/Mclean to cover. It does not work.
  9. The trouble is we needed upgrades all across the park (as evidence by our previous inept relegation) and that was before the sale and unavoidable less of our two best players in the Championship last year... We needed strength, height, athleticism and skill in the central areas of the team. Time will tell how well our new recruits have helped.
  10. After losing Buendia, Farke seems to be caught between wanting to be a possession based side (his natural preference) and a counter-attacking side (pacy wide players Rashica and Tzolis to replace the creativity of Buendia). Along with a change to 4-3-3 this may have actually worked in the Championship, but we cannot play three in midfield in the Premier League, especially given our central midfielders to choose from. Today's game was lost in the centre of the park, Watford simply out-worked/out-muscled/out-pressed us in the middle of the park, which then led to further problems at the back. The trouble is, the formation we need to switch to, 5-3-2/3-5-2 (see possible team below) means losing the core principles that Farke likes and has worked for him in the Championship, i.e. the link up between players like Cantwell and Pukki. We simply have to almost start all over again in the EPL and keep it tight in the middle and the back and stay in games. Whether or not Farke sees or rather willing to adapt to this may well just keep him with a job. Forget the 4-year contract signed, this weekend was the first real signs of real creaking. The bizarre pre-match conference almost calling out fans and the performance at Watford has opened up a divide between Farke and the fans for the first time. Krul Aarons Omo Kabak Gibson Dimi Mclean Normann Lees-Melou Sargent Rashica
  11. Agreed on Krul. He seems to escape criticism relative to other players that have played well for us and made mistakes (Hanley for example). His performance today was a carbon copy of last time Norwich were at the Emirates. Gifted the goal with poor distribution after having several warning shots. I would keep Krul for Watford, play Gunn in the Liverpool cup game and if he proves himself then he should be knocking firmly on the door to start.
  12. Ticket prices Adults £15 65+ and under 21 £10 Under 18 £1
  13. Prediction: Arsenal 3-1 Norwich The media have massively overplayed Arsenal's 'poor' start to the campaign, the same way they have ours. Look at Arsenal's games: Brentford 2-0 Arsenal - Arsenal missing a host of players, and the 2nd goal should have been ruled out. Brentford industrious but lucky to win. Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea - Playing for my money this year's champions. Man City 5-0 Arsenal - Down to 10 men after 20 minutes. How many other teams (inc. top teams) have also had a hiding at Man City, even with 11 men. Answer = A lot. I can see another game where we get the run around, and then after this (as we all expected as soon as the fixtures were announced) our season finally starts in earnest vs. Watford.
  14. Apparently the Brazilian Health officials got stuck in traffic and hence why this all happened after the game kicked off. As Messi has just said though "We've been here for 3 days, why did this not happen before?"
  15. He’s having an average game right now vs. Latvia. Norway are dominating possession and winning 1-0 at half-time. Playing largely just infront of / splitting the centre-backs when in possession. Started well and involved in the penalty awarded to Norway with a good ball over the top that led to the penalty being awarded. Also on corners and has a good delivery on him. Wants the ball all the time (positive) but gave away the ball needlessly on a few occasions with forward ground passes. Latvia very limited offensively but the one time they did counter, Normann’s body shape was wrong and gave away a poor free-kick. Will be very interesting with his likely first game for us vs. Arsenal, he will be tasked with keeping his lively compatriot Odegaard quiet.
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