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  1. Bovril


    Most strikers in a 4-5-1 fail unless they put in great work-rate. Holt is the obvious example who puts in incredible work rate.

    Torres at Chelsea is another example. He has fantastic players supporting him but he has had to sacrifice some of his natural goal-scoring positions in order to work hard for the team.

    Morison is a good finisher, especially with his head but he is not as adapt to putting in a shift for upfront by himself, indeed most strikers aren''t.

    As others have said, upfront with Holt alongside, he will score goals. Dragging defenders from side to side and running for lost causes is not his game.
  2. Bovril


    16,000 @ 30quid = 480,000

    24,000 @ 20quid = 480,000

    Obviously the financial aspect is not quite as straight-forward as this, with variable costs/income attached with the extra 8k fans but it gives a very simplistic picture of the options.

  3. Bovril


    Both views provide valid points. Tettey''s touch is quite heavy and his ball control can sometimes let him down and this is the reason he is not playing for a top team. His role is akin to Yaya but not many in the world come close to him, who defines the role of complete midfielder.

    However, he was clearly told to stay tight to Cazorla and make the Spaniards influence on the game as quiet as possible. He achieved this to perfection. Off the ball he put in huge efforts tracking, blocking, and stopping the runs made by Cazorla. Added to the fantastic man-marking job carried out he ultimately applied the assist to the only goal of the game with a well-time run and shot.

    He''s not the complete player but made the difference on the day both on and off the ball.
  4. Bovril

    Next ten predictions...

    Normally the 1st half of the season is fairly predictable with the big teams beating the small teams. The current league table is testament to that.

    At the halfway mark, around Christmas, expect to see 5 or 6 teams hovering between 15-20 points.

    The safety point of 40 points will be higher then needed this year I feel. It could be as low as 34/35 given the gulf in class between the current top 6 [replacing west brom and arsenal] and the current bottom 6.
  5. Turner had a shocking debut against Fulham but that must be put in perspective. The whole team had an off day at Craven Cottage and you can''t write someone off based on one performance.

    He came in against Newcastle and had a solid game. Yes, he was caught out of position for the goal but like others have noted he would not have been expected to be on the pitch and hadn''t had time to adjust to the game.

    At this time it looks like Bassong is definitely the strongest defender but look across to his current partner in defence and you will see a player that many, including myself admittely, has written off completely.
  6. The Leeds triplet have been exactly what Leeds fans said about them:

    Jonny Howson = A good all round footballer that played in an advanced role can pick off teams but has a tendency to go missing further back down the spine.

    Bradley Johnson = Works hard every game and tireless running. Powerful shot but never actually hits the target and can''t pass.

    Robert Snodgrass = The best of the lot, has tricks in abundance and can score goals but lacks pace and can''t cross a decent ball.

    This was the opinion of the majority of Leeds fans shortly after each player left and it''s reflected how they have played for us.

    I''d like to see a 4-4-1-1


    R. Martin Bennett Bassong Garrido

    E. Bennett Tettey Howson Pilkington


  7. Bovril

    Bassong Injury

    If the initial reports are correct, he has a hamstring injury.

    Hamstring injury normally means between a 3-6 week absence depending on the severity. He didn''t look to be in agony, either at the moment of injury or later on sitting on the bench which suggests a Grade I or II tear as opposed to the more severe Grade III complete tear.

    Looking at the fixtures, he''ll definitely miss the league games against Liverpool and Chelsea before the international break.

    Could be back in training near the Arsenal game (October 20th) with the home game against Stoke (November 3rd) a more realistic target.

  8. Bovril

    Is the Newcastle match on TV?

    The mate sitting in the firstrow is a great ex-pat follower and goes to most games. Sometimes he sits in the VIP Box and occasionally wears a green and yellow wiziwig on his head.
  9. Ben Arfa is suspended in Europe for one more game, so he couldn''t play regardless.

    The Europa Cup is treated in a similar way to the League Cup [Capital One Cup] with managers not wanting to risk their star players. Instead, giving fringe players a chance of a run-out.

    Newcastle remain a very dangerous team, have home advantage and if an unsettled Demba Ba results in him scoring more goals then before it was reported, then any personal problems clearly don''t relate to performances on the pitch at this present time.

    The trouble we now face in the next run of games is that a draw would be an acceptable result but three points will be badly needed.
  10. Every teams fans complain about MOTD every time their shown last. Despite the game being a relatively entertaining 0-0 draw where would you realistically put the game in as a neutral fan?

    If Derby drew 0-0 with Wolves in the premiership, would you rather see the highlights of that or the highlights of a game with goals / a game involving a big team. For the majority of fans, it''s the latter option.

    As for the pundits it''s universally agreed they need to shake it up now. Alan Hansen was decent and still gives a good defensively analysis from time to time but is too old now. Alan Shearer...a great player to watch.
  11. Bovril


    Everyone knew Southampton had a good attack but woeful defence and this has proved true so far, but out of their four games they''ve played Man City, Man United, and Arsenal.

    Reading don''t look they have much although look at us last year at home to Spurs, got murdered.

    Way too early to judge at the moment, usual 10-game barometer, but it will more than likely be the usual suspects [us included] down there.
  12. Bovril

    Is this Tweet true?

    The initial ESPN table linked by The Rock isn''t wrong but the alignment of the column headers is out of place.

    Last years table clearly shows a correlation between the type of football a team plays and their position in the fair-play table with the exception of Newcastle maybe.

    Not receiving any yellow cards on first-hand is great but getting hammered 5-0 and not picking up a card some would say lacks passion.

    Two penalties given away with no cards received either. Always find that strange. A penalty kick is a game changing decision and most innocuous fouls not warranting a card outside the box are rarely given inside the box.
  13. Bovril

    Pilkington Punture Ordeal

    We live in a world of convenience more and more.

    If we have money and can easily pay someone else to do the job, why should we do it ourselves?

    This is the attitude of most today and I completely agree with the ''changing a tire should be on the drivers test'' idea.
  14. The issue ''are we willing to spend'' should be compared with those clubs at the same financial level as us.

    As has been pointed out, Reading/Saints/QPR all have external funds of which we don''t.

    Instead we should compare with Swansea and West Brom. Swansea have bought a few 2-3million pound players (the same as us) along with a bigger signing in Ki Sung Yeong due to the money raised from the Allen and Sinclair deals.

    West Brom and Jeremy Pearce are notoriously tight with their budget but have sustained a decent squad albeit being the ultimate yo-yo club in recent years.

    With a large chunk of the remaining hard debt to be paid this year along with the compensation package for Hughton and Co. don''t expect the 5mill+ players to roll through the door this year.

    Maybe the following summer, Premiership survival depending, with the huge 80% rise in TV Income we could see a true ''marquee'' player but by that time will money be earmarked for the increase of the stadium?
  15. Bovril

    Craig Mackail Smith

    Most people view CMS as a target-man (Holt-esque) maybe because of his prolific partnership with Aaron Mclean who was a short, nippy striker.

    He''s actually closer to Jackson in terms of playing style due to his work-rate, constant running and harassing defenders.

    He''s decent at championship level but won''t improve upon what we have especially if Hughton is looking to play 4-2-3-1 (as stated by Tettey).

    In this formation it''s vital that the central attacking midfielder scores 10+goals similar to what Michu looks capable of doing for Swansea. It''s imperative whoever plays there (howson / butterfield / hoolahan / snodgrass) gets into scoring positions and more importantly converts them.