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  1. It was actually Safri that Mckenzie had a fight with (although he did break Francis' jaw in training completely innocuously in a training match tackle). Mckenzie was in the medical room with Huckerby and Ashton, with Safri lying down on the treatment table. Mckenzie jokingly did something and Safri took exception... See the video link below (starting from 36:30 for the Norwich fight) for the podcast interview with him. https://youtu.be/_7sehY9cWXE?t=2190
  2. Very good piece. Not written by a 3-year old on Twitter but a well constructed article detailing exactly how everyone is feeling.
  3. Sargent is just as good as Pukki at it, Sargent has come close numerous times. Where Pukki has the advantage is he technical nous and movement. Where Josh has the advantage, is his now greater speed and maintained acceleration.
  4. It was a classic case of Billy Sharp winding up the crowd to get them back into the game, he's an absolute master of it. From there, they subbed on their better players and began to dominate it. I've lost count of how many goals we've now conceded due to Aarons being out-jumped at the back post (this is why no Prem teams want him) and Sargent was never due to take the penalty. He was simply taking the ball to take the Sheff Utd players away from Pukki, ala Chelsea last season. Shame, as Pukki has always been woeful at penalties. His game is all about clever runs and passing finishers, Sargent next time please.
  5. Sheffield United fans baffled by their own line-up, really not happy. Lots of things to fix with our own line-up but a massive boost to have Hayden in there and Gianni back to atleast give us a natural full-back. Real shame he has persisted with Pukki and Sargent together, just drop Pukki and put Sargent up top.
  6. As others have said, no point sacking him unless there is a replacement lined up. I'd also wait until the Sheff Utd (a) and Burnley (a) games have passed, give the new manager a home game to start with, Stoke (h), to get the highest chance of a 'bounce'. Or get rid now, then go managerless for those two above games.
  7. Hayden on bench makes sense, remember he's had no pre-season at all and shoved straight into one of the most demanding fixtures at half-time. He'll clearly be a starter once he regains his match fitness. Disappointed not to see Sargent up top by himself with either Pukki behind him or benched. Dowell has got a massive role to play tonight, he played one or two great balls including for Sargents goal. Needs to be the playmaker tonight.
  8. Easy Solution. Just move the final weekend of the season to Qatar and play the games at 3am UK time. Job sorted.
  9. I'd also start Sargent up top rather than Pukki. This league is just a physical battle 99% of the time and unless we start playing to Pukki's strengths there's no point him starting over Sargent who can hold up the ball and go for headers. --- KRUL AARONS OMOBAMIDELE HANLEY BYRAM --- RAMSEY SARA GIBBS NUNEZ HERNANDEZ --- SARGENT
  10. I wouldn't say Gibbs is a DM, much more of a box to box player, his game is similar to a Johnny Howson type.
  11. Aarons has been instructed to stay more defensively minded and not to cross the half-way line anywhere near as much as he did under Farke. This has been confirmed by Aarons himself, where he has stated he has been told to stay more defensively disciplined (although I typically can't find the quote at time of typing). This is clearly visible in matches where he will often literally run to the half-way line before stopping and making a safe pass. This makes sense in the Premier League but in this division he should be bombing forward as much as possible due to the severe difference in attacking ability of the opposition in the two leagues. Aarons not attacking as much (and with Byram naturally a defensive full-back) it leads to a lack of coherency in our attack, often leading to Mclean lumping it up forward in the general direction of Pukki with Pukki unable to hold the ball up. It's a real mish-mash of tactics and players utilised which leads to the performances we have seen. Smith always has good press conferences, and I find myself agreeing with a lot of his post-match analysis too, which is why it's bizarre he can't see the obvious changes. Play either Pukki or Sargent (not both) centrally and then match your tactics suitably to whoever is chosen.
  12. Mclean sums up the league, alot of effort and hard-work but little quality. You could argue Nunez was even worse however.
  13. We can all see that Sargent needs to be played centrally or not at all. We can also see nearly a full year into Smith’s tenure, there’s no clear style. It’s been turgid stuff masked by the fact this league is god awful and we keep snatching wins from other awful teams. Krul’s recent form the only positive.
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