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  1. Yeah, memberships are rather pointless. In high demand moments, you can't get the tickets and low demand moments there is no need for a membership.
  2. Update after speaking to Sales Team: - Only 25 season tickets in the ground total - Only two places with two tickets next to each other, both in city stand (county lounge and cathedral lounge) £836 each - Club working on first three games being 8k capacity and season ticket holders rotating round (attend 1 game, refund or tv stream for the other 2 games) all 92 league clubs following same protocol and then full capacity from October onwards. This is obviously open to change depending on what Boris states. (Edit: for the record I didn't take up the offer of those 2 x season tickets at £836 so are still available should anyone be reading this and wanting them)
  3. Thanks Chief, How did the 3 x season tickets work? Were you able to choose the stand/area that you wanted to sit in or were they like for like seats from the people who didn't renew and you either just accepted those 3 seats or rejected the chance.
  4. I've just joined the Season Ticket waiting list yesterday for two of us (£50 deposit paid x 2 to join). Is there anyway of finding out whereabouts in the queue you are? or even if season tickets are already sold out for next season (obviously this situation is pending around the Covid situation). I've tried ringing the main ticket office, but it just continually rings through. Thanks.
  5. Wages could definitely be a stumbling block (although every player is different in terms of how badly they want first-team football and a guaranteed wage rise upon promotion the following season could be enough of an attraction?) Alternatively a loan may work for all parties?
  6. No links or stories but rather just a personal opinion of a player that could well fit... Shane Duffy (Brighton) - 28 years old - Centre Defender On the back of Farke's latest interview stating that we had now finished our young player recruitment and would now be focusing on 'experienced' players, think Duffy could fit the mold very well. Brighton have just bought another centre-back (highly rated Ajax player Joel Veltman) with Brighton thought to now be willing to off-load Duffy. He's tall and strong in the air, plenty of experience both domestically and internationally and in his prime years. I reckon he would be available for a similar fee to what we paid for Hanley (around £2.5-3.5m). Edit: After further research, he also played alongside Hanley at Blackburn between 2014-2016.
  7. I've gone down the 'gift' route and paid £40 for next year. Like most, I took up the £30 (£29.99) introduction offer last year and have enjoyed the content.
  8. Klose has basically lived of his first season with us when he was superb. Ever since, he's been injury prone and very poor.
  9. First time I've said this but....Farke lost that game, not the players.
  10. Generally don't understand how we can all see (pro and anti Farke supporters alike) that Drmic and Duka were stinker selections and how on earth one of Buendia or Cantwell aren't playing in that No. 10 role is bizarre?!
  11. This is the first sign of the Pro-Farke Supporters (inc. myself) getting worried about his line-up selection.. How on earth Drmic gets in after his performance against Arsenal is a complete mystery (he won't win headers against Brighton Defence) and Duda, nobody seemingly sees what he offers? I had really hoped Farke had turned a corner on the basis of the first 10mins against Arsenal in the second half and realised that a wing-back system would suit us down to the ground. Krul, Aarons, Godfrey, Klose, Lewis, Onel, Tettey, Vrancic, Buendia, Cantwell, Pukki in a 5-2-2-1 wingback formation. both Buendia and Cantwell are most effective in the centre linking up with Pukki. Worried.
  12. A great listen to that. Otsemobor gives a real honest account across his whole career (not just Norwich), I also didn't realise just how strong his Liverpool accent was! He gives an overall good impression of his time at Norwich though, despite his highs and lows, much to his credit. He said he enjoyed his time at Norwich and still has a house down this way (despite never actually coming back). Said the players despised Glenn Roeder, who was basically faking being a rant and rave manager. Chris Brown is also on the same podcast and agreed with everything he said although didn't comment too much other than browning his pants when he first saw Dion Dublin in the training ground after squaring up to him (half-mistakenly) the previous season whilst playing for Sunderland. Both of them loved Dion though who confirmed what everyone knows about him, a machine that you wouldn't mess with but also incredibly genuine person, 'a father figure to everyone' Otsemobor said. Brown wasn't with us long and seems to give off an impression that he didn't really like it (no surprise given the time he was there) but Otsemobor, perhaps surprisingly, gives a really good account of the club.
  13. Correct Sony, this doesn't mean King's Lynn won't be promoted. In fact, King's Lynn's Chairman even voted in favour of finishing the league now (which is what today's statement confirmed). The leagues will now vote on what to do with promotion and relegation. Options include - No promotion or relegation - Promotion and relegation decided on current positions (regardless of games played) - Promotion and relegations decided on points per game achieved to date Only the last option would see King's Lynn promoted and hence what the Chairman is in favour of.
  14. Norwich City vs. Standard Liege Kick Off: TBC
  15. Above are the transfers of Sheffield United. How many of them would you categories as a success? Luke Freeman - Doesn't start Callum Robinson - loaned back to the championship Ravel Morrison - loaned back to the championship Oliver Mcburnie - The odd goal for £17m Every club has hits and misses.
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