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  1. Bovril

    Have we waved the white flag

    Above are the transfers of Sheffield United. How many of them would you categories as a success? Luke Freeman - Doesn't start Callum Robinson - loaned back to the championship Ravel Morrison - loaned back to the championship Oliver Mcburnie - The odd goal for £17m Every club has hits and misses.
  2. I think Farke deserves great credit that he is managing a side clearly bottom of the league but is not receiving mass calls for his head from the supporters or the media a like. There have been a few articles describing us as the 'best bottom side of the league ever' and this may well be true. Despite the league position, as a season as a whole we have still been treated to some great spells of football, often out playing teams far superior to us on paper and historical standing. As frustrating as it has been to let slip 1-0 leads constantly (and this is a matter where Farke has undoubtedly had a short-coming and needs to improve) we have still been well within each game we have played bar a few notable horror games (at United for example) or half's of football (away to Southampton first half) which all teams will have throughout the season. So despite the frustrations of the early-season injury crisis, and the odd horror half of football, I for one have enjoyed this season of Premier League football far more than the season under Hughton where we finished 11th. Football is ultimately an entertainment product, and one that Farke has delivered upon.
  3. Bovril

    Moritz Leitner

    The fact he's never played more than 40 odd games for one club at the age of 27 is quite a telling statistic. I'd agree that he potentially thinks he's better than he is and is not one to particularly knuckle down when the going gets tough / he has to fight for his place. Expect him to go back to Germany and play for a club like Mainz or FC Koln. Shame, obviously has the technical ability.
  4. Been no further update I'm afraid Number9. As you were with this one.
  5. I wouldn't be totally shocked to see Leitner leave, perhaps on loan initially, but have no new news on that or other players leaving at the moment. As you say though, if Sinani does join permanently as opposed to loan (not 100% whether perm/loan, though believe it is the former) then someone has to go.
  6. The 22 year old striker/winger move will be confirmed very shortly.
  7. Have a family member looking to buy 2 x season tickets for the first time next year (regardless of what division we're in). Do we know if you can buy a new season ticket? Or is there a waiting list? Thanks.
  8. Although most have acknowledge that Tettey has played well this season, I haven't read much about specifically how much his passing and composure have improved this season. Watching him closely in the last few games, he is now much less prone to a panic pass and now capable of doing a dummy half-turn and playing play-maker esque passes at times (see assist for recent Pukki goal as example). This is something that has clearly been coached into him, as up until now he had never shown signs of ability to do this. He had always been great at screening the defence but to add this to his game at his age is great credit to both himself and the coaching team. Long may it continue. As a sidenote, in the past 3 weeks, he has also completed 85+ minutes in 5 games (the other being 75 minutes against Villa when chasing the game), making a mockery of 'he can't play 2 games in a week'.
  9. Bovril


    Most strikers in a 4-5-1 fail unless they put in great work-rate. Holt is the obvious example who puts in incredible work rate.

    Torres at Chelsea is another example. He has fantastic players supporting him but he has had to sacrifice some of his natural goal-scoring positions in order to work hard for the team.

    Morison is a good finisher, especially with his head but he is not as adapt to putting in a shift for upfront by himself, indeed most strikers aren''t.

    As others have said, upfront with Holt alongside, he will score goals. Dragging defenders from side to side and running for lost causes is not his game.
  10. Bovril


    16,000 @ 30quid = 480,000

    24,000 @ 20quid = 480,000

    Obviously the financial aspect is not quite as straight-forward as this, with variable costs/income attached with the extra 8k fans but it gives a very simplistic picture of the options.

  11. Bovril


    Both views provide valid points. Tettey''s touch is quite heavy and his ball control can sometimes let him down and this is the reason he is not playing for a top team. His role is akin to Yaya but not many in the world come close to him, who defines the role of complete midfielder.

    However, he was clearly told to stay tight to Cazorla and make the Spaniards influence on the game as quiet as possible. He achieved this to perfection. Off the ball he put in huge efforts tracking, blocking, and stopping the runs made by Cazorla. Added to the fantastic man-marking job carried out he ultimately applied the assist to the only goal of the game with a well-time run and shot.

    He''s not the complete player but made the difference on the day both on and off the ball.
  12. Bovril

    Next ten predictions...

    Normally the 1st half of the season is fairly predictable with the big teams beating the small teams. The current league table is testament to that.

    At the halfway mark, around Christmas, expect to see 5 or 6 teams hovering between 15-20 points.

    The safety point of 40 points will be higher then needed this year I feel. It could be as low as 34/35 given the gulf in class between the current top 6 [replacing west brom and arsenal] and the current bottom 6.