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  1. Hi everyone. Does anyone know how you go about moving your season ticket seat for next season?
  2. Hi everyone. Does anyone know how you go about moving your season ticket seat before next season? Been on Canaries website and couldnt find anything.
  3. How can anyone say that was a genuine decision for the penalty when that Ref clearly didnt give it.  and then the linesman didnt see the offside leading up to the 3rd goal????   Yet another game Norwich are robbed of the points by poor officiating and yet again for another week the officials help Arsenal win the points.
  4. Of course Villa went public.  thats how business is done in football these day.  The clubs says no you cant talk to the person then the media pops up and tells the person that way.  Then comes the transfer request and goodbye and thankyou for your services.   
  5. thanks for the replies.  much appreciated.    The thing is that it seems that Norwich City sold these shares in an attempt to raise some money and in return you get a piece of paper that is worthless.  Surely there was a lot of these things sold at the time so other supporters must also have at some point been curious with the value or what can be done with them.   It seems that everywhere you go they all sneer and say they dont want to know about Norwich City shares.   Very curious????? 
  6. Can anyone help.  My mother-in-law has some Norwich City ordinary shares and wants to sell them.  She has spoken to the club and they useless and no help.  she went to a broker and they wouldnt help.  then went to Barclays bank and they said they camnt deal with them.  All she wants to do is sell them on to someone who wants them.   There is 8 shares in 2 groups of 4. (apprently them were issued is 4s)Apparently a year ago they were valued at £30 a share but now city are in the prem they must be worth a tad more.  That is roughly what she wants.  If anyone is interested or can suggest somewhere to move them on then anything would be appreciated. cheers peeps
  7. what will a protest achieve?  nothing.  the FA have made referees untouchable to the point that anyone associated with a football club will be punished for saying boo to the officials.  Far too many games in the Premier league is being dictated by poor decisions by the officials.  Referees turn their backs on head injuries and the linesmen are more useless than the corner flags.   So with clubs unable to protest or complain about a referee then who can speak up?  In my opinion The british footballs leagues have the worst referees in europe and there isnt a damn thing anyone can or will do about it.
  8. finaly ive found a post with constructive critism. well said that man.
  9. I posted my photos to a photo sharing website. Photobucket is one.  you can register for free.  flickr is another then post the links.
  10. Norwich City post match celebrations part 1  <click hereSome photos hereThis was taken with my mobile.  The zoom ruins it a bit and its a bit shakey. but it very watchable.Enjoy.  WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE, SAY WE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE..... Will add another when uploaded.
  11. I thought Helen chamberlins comment was funny.  "He landed on an insurance advertising board" " I wonder if hes got a claim?"   lmao....or something similar
  12. why do you have to kill a thread before it gets a chance?  no wonder people stop posting on here.
  13. Which one would you prefer and why one and not the other?Ill start by saying id prefer 2nd spot.  looking at the teams in the play off places it could be very difficult for city to play home and away and then a final.  All our nerves would be shot to pieces.  As much as id love to go to wembley with City.....especially after the disapointment of cardiff a few years back.  Brilliant day out but bitterly disapointing.  there clearly good incentive for any team in the play offs.  Just look at Blackpool last year and the money they earned from winning the play off final.  I just feel that 2nd takes away all the stress and chewing of finger nails.   all we need is 3 wins and job done.
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