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  1. Not sure what to make of his situation. Didn''t have that shoulder surgery in the summer (was because of his family issues?) and doesn''t seem the same player we saw 12 months ago, I don''t know if that''s down to the injury or missing a chunk of preseason. I''d take anything north of £4m personally.
  2. I don''t think we have anyone of true captain material in the squad. When things are going wrong I don''t see anyone on the pitch rallying the troops. Holty was a great example of a captain and we''ve sorely missed his leadership, I hope this in an area Neil can address during the window, all the other ingredients are there.
  3. Clearly in the minority, but I''ve got a good feeling about this. Hadn''t heard of him before yesterday but the more I read about him the more I like the sound of him, what he''s achieved at Hamilton is nothing short of exceptional. Best of luck to them for the rest of the season.
  4. [quote user="morty"]Just saw a theory bandied about that, as he is registered as a player that we couldn''t get him till January ( would Adams have resigned earlier?) And pulse we have to pay a transfer fee?[/quote]   That would only be the case if we were wanting to hold is registration as a player wouldn''t it? If we wanted him as manager sooner could he not have simply announce his retirement from playing and he''d have been free to move wherever he wanted as manager?
  5. [quote user="Tumbleweed"]First up, I''ll go against the grain here and state that I actually think portmanking has made some decent points in generally an unconfrontational way, particularly after relegation and some of the issues in our team. I''ll also nail my colours to the mast and reiterate that I think (agreeing with our blue friend) that this is a massive gamble and that I fully expected the Board to go for a more experienced, statesmanlike like figure or even someone from abroad, but with bags of experience. I am genuinely shocked if this is the result. Having said that though I am encouraged by the words from our Scottish posters. I am also encouraged by the fact that it has happened so quickly- it suggests to me that maybe McNally''s eye has been on him as a potential target, perhaps even recommended by others in the know. I truly hope this works and will of course get behind whoever takes over. But I can''t help feeling it is a naïve attempt to find Lambert Mark 2, essentially a roll of the dice. I also sincerely hope that he is going to work with Phelan, I would hate us to lose access to those years of coaching experience and contacts. I need to lie down now..............[/quote]   According to Mick Dennis there has been a shortlist drawn up for some time as the board were anxious to avoid another "scouring Europe" episode should Adams not work out, and Neil was at the top of it. McNally has gone after his man again, lets hope this turns out like Lambert and not like Hughton.  
  6. [quote user="Yellows"]Just a shame those Superman tabs didnt reach Portaloo king.[/quote]   Not funny.
  7. Thanks to the posters from oop north for their input! Less so to the 2 dimwits from down the road who really should see a professional about their obsession with us, don''t you have some old newspaper clippings about the ''good old days'' that your grandparents saved that you could be looking at?   It would definitely be a gamble, but as already mentioned any appointment is. I''ll be honest and say I know nothing about him other than what I''ve learned in the past hour, but he sounds like just what we need. I''m definitely more optimistic/excited about this happening than I would be the vast majority of the other names linked.    
  8. Granted I was still at school at the time Ricardo so my memory might be a little off, but I always thought that O''Neill came on board and tried to sign Windass after our relegation from the Premier League?
  9. Northern Ireland manager Michael O''Neill lives there. Done a great job with them.
  10. Was disappointed we didn''t get Howe in the summer, no chance now and missed the boat on Lennon and Pulis. Wonder if it will be someone like Northern Ireland boss Michael O''Neill, who lives in Edinburgh...
  11. HE''S ALIVE!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9v73qyZMTCo&sns=em I have no words....
  12. Those stats are pretty meaningless, goalkeepers aren''t super human. Out of all those goals conceded I would say Ruddy could or should have done better on maybe half a dozen, which I''m sure he''d agree is still too many, but whilst he''s undoubtedly in poor form and lacking confidence (he''s certainly not alone there) he''s not playing as badly as that stat would suggest. And yes, I used to play in goal.
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