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  1. Absolutley - Lets not get it twisted, League position and Cup success defines Norwich's 'Best season' That doesnt necessarily mean its the fans favourite season.
  2. My favourite season without doubt is the Lge 1 season, probably pushed closed by last season. Both probably owing personally being able to get to lots of away games and the fact we pipped Leeds.
  3. De-valued it? Its literally the first achievement I list since our UEFA cup run.
  4. Apologies for going off top topic; I'll let you and Lakey spank my bum.
  5. Nah, obviously not. I said earlier in this thread, its impossible to have any expectation in the Championship. It's a lottery. Some really poor teams have gone up, some very good ones haven't.
  6. Massively unfortunate against them twice; Fingers crossed. Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday - Be some week that.
  7. Let's not beat around the bush, you're a hypocritical, attention seeking, troll. I have no interest in engaging with you.
  8. We just have to accept we always have been, are and always will be well, very Norwich City. My first memories of NCFC are from the 92/93 season and the following UEFA cup run, but I wasn't old enough to appreciate it. Since then what achievements have I got to tell my theoretical son about? Beating Middlesbrough at Wembley? A couple of Promotions and a couple of whimpers back into the Premier League. Finishing tenth in the Premier League. We've had no cup runs, no special mangers, don't get me wrong I love Hucks and Holt but they're hardly players my son will be wow'd by. For a club of this size, that have been in the Premier League for the amount have time we have, we have massively under achieved. From the last 20 years; Are we any better off now than Leeds United? So we might have been in the Premier League a couple more seasons but realistically we have nothing more to show for the last 20 years than they have and just two years prior to that they were in a Champions League semi-final. Portsmouth have had some iconic players and won an FA Cup - imagine telling your son that, I was there when we won the FA Cup. Barnsley had an incredible cup run, beating Liverpool and Chelsea. Leicester have won the Premier League Burnley, Hull, Swansea, Wigan, Southampton, Millwall, Stoke, Fulham, Ipswich, Portsmouth, Bolton, Middlesbrough have all competed in Europe since we were. RvW is the most excited I've ever been about a NCFC signing. I'm fortunate enough to have done many things in life, however I suspect the No.1 item on top of my bucket list I'll never get to do and that's to travel away to watch Norwich in Europe with my Dad. Yes next year we will be could be cash rich, will we invest it Fulham/Villa style into player to get back in the Premier League, No. Should we bounce straight back into Premier League, will we invest heavily to compete, No. Call me selfish, but Norwich were here along time before me and will be a long time after me but whilst I'm here I'd love to be truly genuinely blown away by us, just once. We just have to accept our limitations, Yes there'll be some relative highs and lows but most of the time time we'll be well, Norwich City.
  9. I don't know why I was doubting myself, train tickets booked. Thanks Alex.
  10. All, Looking to book trains, is there any chance of this one being moved? Appears there's no Europa game the Thursday before, FA Cup shouldnt land on it and TV games have been selected. Just double checking.
  11. I wish we'd not had an atrocious season.
  12. Assume you've not looked at the table for a little while.
  13. Impossible to have any expectation in the lottery of the Championship. Which is why its so important to try and stay in the Premier League once we get there.
  14. I used Justpark for the first time (no issue at all), think I paid £8.80 for someones drive about 15 minutes away. We did walk past a couple of industrial estate type car parks that were £20.
  15. I think something as gone fundementally wrong behind the scenes. Using hindsight from that Friday night we started the season at Liverpool and; Evidenced by the fact that despite our poor form/results Farke can't/won't turn to Trybull/Leitner/Stepi/Hernandez/Vrancic. Evidenced by the fact that Krul (who hasnt done badly) is still our No.1 despite Farhmann being brought in to be No.1 Evidenced by our most talented player, struggling to get minutes. Evidenced by the fact that Byram is somehow ahead of Lewis at LB. Evidenced by the Roberts and Amadou's loan, cut short. Evidenced by the fact a 42 year old Alex Tettey is the first name on the team sheet and Kenny McClean as a free pass to start everygame. Evidenced by the fact a unknown average German signed in Jan, somhow has been first choice for everygame since, likewide Duda appears to be undropable, despite anything other than a good 45 minutes. Wolves was just all too predictable, some little flashes of powederpuff and quickly dominated by a team in second gear, culminating in 3 soft goals. What I have found particulary frustrating is the 'possesion is key' message, its not. Wolves were ruthless yesterday breaking quick and turning attack to defence in in 2/3 very good passes, whilst we even at 1-0/2-0/3-0 down, we didn't increase our urgency and were happy to retain possesion, trying to move up the pitch nice and slowly.
  16. Shambolic. No positives. Another week closer to relegation. All too tedious and predictable now.
  17. Security Manager (Fraud, Risk, People Safety) for leading UK Bookmaker. Have had a couple of shares in horses over the last two years.
  18. I alternate between Football and Horse Racing, usually depending on how well Norwich are doing. Aside from them Rugby League is the only other sport I'd say I was interested in. My job revolves around sport so keeping up to date with all mainstream sports is handy. I do try and watch he Superbowl every year and usually last around 15-20 minutes before turning off however I did last the whole match this year.
  19. I don't necessarily disagree, But my point is quoting you've been watch football 60 years, means nothing.
  20. Honestly, just delete your Pinkun account, its so obvious that you are a troll/WUM/Attention Seeker/Parody account.
  21. Love this... So what, my mum's been watching football for 60 years, doesn't mean your opinion is anymore relevant, credible or carry any weight.
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