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  1. I hope it is but the way our entire club is a joke at the minute it wouldn’t surprise me at all
  2. Jack Stephens on a free from Southampton would be a good CB for championship , if the promoted sides don’t fancy taking a punt on him it’s clear we need some voices / leaders on the pitch and dressing room so I imagine Dean Smith will look at some of his former villa players, perhaps Hourihane to add that to the squad
  3. With Springett and then Placheta coming on, it really doesn’t look good for Tzolis being here beyond this season
  4. I do hope he does - my issue though is that he clearly isn’t ready to make immediate impact on the prem league and it was unrealistic gamble that he would be given age and his level of playing experience. If he was being bought for the future then £9m when budget is tight and we needed more immediate impact quality players was not the right decision
  5. I hope I am proven wrong and that Tzolis comes back to pre season with a fresh energy about him ready to restart his NCFC career. The key difference with Maddison though is that he is our record signing and I genuinely think the lad is probably homesick and in need of a move back abroad with a different style of play. All for up and coming talent being acquired but we paid too much for him and could have used the money to get Ajer and some of the other reported Bailey targets that we didn’t close deals out for as they were too rich for us. Tzolis at £9m was too rich IMO
  6. Good article by Bailey albeit painful to read , alongside the other journalists comments reported on this forum following relegation being confirmed. the sad truth is that of all the signings made in the summer (excluding loans) there is only Rashica which an argument can be made in terms of it being a moderately successful signing and one should we cash in getting us more than our money back. The likes of Sargent, Tzolis etc are going to be losses
  7. Jack Clarke at Spurs. Was electric when at leeds. Lost his way at Spurs but with a good run in the championship and his raw talent he would add some direct pace to our wing play
  8. He has looked tidy on the ball and a lovely ball over the top for Pukki in first half which the keeper just got there before Teemu. he is a good championship player where we are afforded more of the ball and impetus to go forwards. Sadly for the vast majority of teams we play we are forced to have much lower possession and so having players like Dowell, Cantwell then look massively ineffective players because of their lack of pace, aggression and strength in challenges. so todays home game with Burnley is a rare opportunity for Dowell to have more of the ball and play to his strengths
  9. Sargent was bought as a striker and playing on the right wing isn’t his preferred position. He also has been guilty of not tracking his man defensively. For the last 15 mins of the game against Southampton when he played close up to Pukki it seemed to work better so worth a go. byram could play right back and Aarons right wing
  10. Agree - we have to revert to the 4-4-2 formation that we had in the last 15 mins of the game where we managed to actually keep and move the ball around in the final third.
  11. Sargent for me was to blame for at least 2 of the goals (2 and 3 certainly) - as Dean Smith and everyone knows, Man City are incredibly drilled and quality players to drag the full backs out wide to try and deal with Sterling etc so when max went to engage, Gundogan was straight into the space and should have been tracked. Sargent switched off for tracking back on 2nd goal weak in heading the ball for 3rd goal. Ball watching too often rather than being drilled on his clear responsibility to pick up the runners in between the spaces
  12. Dean Smith mentioned post match interview that we will need to review 4-4-2 formation when we play the better teams in our upcoming games. I am thinking this starting eleven tweak :-
  13. My suggestion is unfortunately a result of this appalling season which last night once again demonstrated our lack of cutting edge in final third. Giannoulis has been used before for Greece as left winger and indeed both him and Aarons have got the pace and ability to take players on as well as that defensive side of their game. Apart from Rashica, the other available options just don’t inspire anything to change - Sargent, unfit/disinterested Cantwell, Tzolis, Dowell. Placheta wasn’t as lively as he had been in the previous games. sad state of affairs and hence my suggested use of full backs as wingers !
  14. looking at how teams are overloading our far post on crosses, set pieces particularly exploiting our lack of height with Aarons at right back, that offensively Aarons and Giannoulis are pacey and create assists and that we will sometimes need to double up defensively to protect against the counter, I would be tempted to go with this starting eleven :-
  15. Rumoured to be £10m to get him. Leicester are apparently interested in taking him. Even if we sell Todd for £15m I can’t see us splashing that money on a single player
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