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  1. Right at the end she reveals we're merging with Ipswich to form East Anglia Rovers and moving to a new stadium near Diss Exciting times
  2. 2-0 I do think we'll concede fewer goals and I think Hull will struggle this year
  3. It is odd and I worry no one will make an offer at all and we'll be left with Max still here having had no preseason and with Stacey established in the team We're a bit stuck then as he's out of contract next year anyway Hopefully it just means they are super confident of a sale
  4. I think it's good value myself I like the match day stuff. If I'm not there or watching a stream it's easily the best coverage Plus Paddy's stuff and the tactical articles are good Obviously some of it is not great but I find something to read almost every day It's certainly better value than the Athletic for Norwich stuff as Michael Bailey has almost stopped posting anything
  5. Survey done I have a soft spot for Oxford as my brother in law is a fan and I go whenever I'm that way The Kassam is a pit I agree and the Triangle would be great
  6. Kamara to Pompey on loan for the season That's an excellent move for him I think They should be up near the top end of league 1 so plenty of chance to show what he can do
  7. I absolutely agree with this Wagner won't be looking for a playmaker in the Emi mould as he believes high pressing and turnovers high up the pitch make a playmaker less important We also won't get a Skipp like CDM as he wants the midfield to rotate instead I think there have been signs of a better shape this year and you can see his style being learned by the squad I expect we'll be much tighter at the back than we have been probably since Hughton, but we probably won't score many
  8. I hope so I've got a horrible feeling Barnes will be up front with Sarge in the midfield
  9. No Sargent or Idah at all. Kamara the only striker on the bench I don't know if thats an international duty thing
  10. I can see this being Dean's future now. With that promotion on his CV there'll always be a job for him at teams like Wednesday, Middlesbrough etc who feel they should be in the Premier.
  11. Shouldn't we wait a bit before complaining that we're replacing Pukki on the cheap etc etc The transfer window's only been open 5 minutes. I'm sure the squad will look very different in 2 months time, even the forward line
  12. I like him. Just a kid with a talent living his best life. I always like to see a slightly maverick, unpredictable player with his socks down who likes the booze and the birds. It reminds me of my youth in the 1970s He seems to be a nice enough bloke as well
  13. It does seem more than a coincidence Maybe he'll come and Pelach will become the new manager? I know nothing about Bromby. Does anyone know anything about him as an SD. Huddersfield certainly had a pretty chaotic season!
  14. It does make Wagner's position a bit difficult. If we don't start the season we'll the new man will surely be tempted to bring in their own favoured manager
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