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  1. Chichcan

    Team for Liverpool

    Nothing serious according to Farke. Just a precaution and should be ok for the home preseason games Phew
  2. Chichcan

    Michael Bailey

    It's officially Dave Freezer then
  3. Chichcan


    I think actually he was probably just goi g on about the fixtures being released
  4. Chichcan


    I've got a feeling we might hear about a new contract for Todd He has posted a picture on Istagram of him in his Norwich kit with "pending - stay tuned...." I assume that means he's about to announce a nee contract
  5. Chichcan

    Patrick Roberts & the NCFC model

    well it's official now
  6. Chichcan

    Patrick Roberts & the NCFC model

    Sure. I think he'd be an excellent signing competing with the guys you mention. I'd like to see someone to compete directly with Pukki still +/- Rhodes
  7. Chichcan

    Patrick Roberts & the NCFC model

    Transfermarkt has his as a winger or attacking midfielder. Don't think he's competition for an out and out striker
  8. It's a 2 year extension so hopefully he does well enough to be ready for us in 2020
  9. Chichcan

    Who Would You?

    If we lose Marshall, Husband and Passlack goes I'm worried about cover at fullback Who's left? Just Pinto? I think we'll keep Max and Jamal if we go up but badly need good cover for them
  10. Chichcan


    In addition - and consider this given the season Norwich City have had... City have not won a single league game without Buendia this term - he's missed 5 fixtures: DLLLD He's also missed a game in each cup - they did at least beat Stevenage in August without him. #ncfc https://t.co/qv2edSCUBV Amazing stat really We haven't won a game without him this season
  11. Chichcan

    Team for West Brom?

    my prediction of 5 -5 still very much on
  12. Chichcan

    Team for West Brom?


    Pinto at left back.

    It looks a very open team with Pinto and Marshall in a back 4 with just Tettey and a load of attack minded players

    Could be 5 - 5