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  1. Jaden Warner - he's a centre back who's a proper academy product. Been with us since he was 11 I saw he'd been training with the 1st team. Maybe Smith sees something good there Saxon Earley and Regan Riley who are both centre midfield were also training with them so they might be fancied too. EDIT - just seen Earley and Riley are on the bench so hopefully get the 2nd half
  2. Feyenoord now interested as well apparently I'd like to think it might start a bidding war but it seems neither Bruges or Feyenoord can actually afford to buy him hence the loans
  3. Smith normally plays with a 433 or 4231 and likes his teams to press high He's definitely not an old school British type manager Here's a description of his Villa team and his tactical approach https://www.footballcoin.io/blog/aston-villa-2020-2021/
  4. https://www.scoutreportrb.com/post/scout-report-rb-isaac-hayden-norwich This is someone's scout report of him Basically limited passer but great attitude and a great leader and very good defensively
  5. This is great news I posted this graph before with Brentford 3rd and us bottom. That's 2 surprising bits of news in 2 days - both trying to address some of our worst weaknesses last year. I'm impressed!!
  6. Brilliant signing especially so early Another one out of nowhere as well!
  7. To be fair the transfer window doesn’t even open for 8 days
  8. I still think he could be useful to have around aged 35 I wonder if he's interested in a coaching role when he retires and if so whether he'd sign a new contract here on less money but with a chance to move into that in a few years? His kid must be starting school in September and I imagine it's tempting to stay settled rather than move to Turkey or Portugal or somewhere Of course he may stay here for 1 year then go back to Finland as a player coach
  9. Imagine the meltdown on here if the wow moment is Kenny signing a new contract
  10. I know I'm keeping my expectations low so I won't be disappointed!!
  11. It does improve the training and rehab facilities so I'm sure he would say it could help the club grow long term by attracting better players
  12. I think one will be the new hydrotherapy pool thing at Colney or has that already been announced
  13. I loved his take on the Superleague that it would have been Norwich vs Tottenham in Shanghai I’m not sure it was quite that Im also wondering what the 2 big announcements coming up in the next few weeks are?
  14. I agree about corners and even throw ins. Look at Brentford using long throws to generate chances They’ve basically worked on what they could to maximise their threat with fairly average players and I don’t think you could say they play terrible football.
  15. Interesting table of goals from set pieces in the Athletic. obviously we're bottom but Brentford are 3rd with 16 goals I definitely think it's something we should be specifically working on next season - if we do go up we need try and maximise these I don't know if we need a set piece coach
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