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  1. It is a measure of how far we have come that sitting just outside the Championship play-offs is seen as a decline, whereas for the binners being in L1 play offs is regarded as a success.
  2. Scotland should be good enough to finish in the top two - to go through to the finals. Whether top or second that will have to be seem
  3. Burning straw bales is not the most environmental behaviour. Though it does provide heat for their bored room.
  4. That was in 2010 blurry clip here historical results - https://www.11v11.com/teams/sheffield-united/tab/opposingTeams/opposition/Norwich City/
  5. and we'll do it again...................we'll blunt those blades
  6. "They'll never take our free................................. points"
  7. See you Juan, it's no Juan any more.............its two
  8. I get the sense that him and Sargeant were a bit rushed, if that is the word. So far Sargeant has not shown anything more than being an average Championship player. And unless Tzolis shows better I would not be adverse to him moving on. The reality is that some you win, some you don't. That goes for every club. If a director of football was infallible he would not be at Carrow Road. Though we do seem to be better at finding low cost lower league players, Mumba, McCallum, McLean and Gibbs than multimillion players from Europe. However, remember how so many whined about signing Gunn. Our biggest task is going to be finding another prolific goalscorer like Holt and Pukki.
  9. "Switch it on Blow some air Have a little windage Turned down low Splendid whoosh..... "
  10. That is incorrect. Nobody is being scapegoated. A scapegoat is "a person who is blamed for the wrongdoings, mistakes, or faults of others". No poster is doing that. Comment is being made about the ability of certain players. Not that they are solely responsible for our failure, as you claim. There is a belief on here, which you appear to subscribe to, that criticism cannot be made of any player. However well argued it is, as it is merely part of some concerted effort. Rather than it being an individual view. Why not try rebutting the arguments instead ?
  11. Millwall lost, Luton only drew and Watford drew. 6th place is still within reach. That's all you need. And a bit of extra moolah if we make it, with a home game. Might even have a day out at Wembley. Below us are around a dozen ex PL clubs, most of whom would swap places with us . Certainly their fans. Huddersfield 3rd last season. Now looking likely to exit the Championship out of the other door. QPR may follow after a disastrous couple of months. Swansea, once the darlings of the media and an example of how we should be run. Bottom half again. Another darling, B'mouth' looking to be relegated. Finally, Gunn sticking it to those who griped about us signing him.
  12. Not sure who was on top, but Sargeant should have been replaced at half time. We don't need another Idah, Hugill cluttering up the place. Ignore the miss, he was totally ineffective.
  13. I would suggest in excess of 20 years. It is doubtful that even at 6 you really grasp the implication. Mind you, I am sure they get shown sepia tinted photos of them winning something. Once upon a time.
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