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  1. Agree, was looking forward to seeing him forcing his way back into contention. Seems very early to give up on him given the flashes of quality he showed.
  2. If true, not sure Coutino's arrival helped Emi much....
  3. So boring you've now made the same comment twice? If you don't like it, read and move on, like most other civil members of the forum.
  4. Watched Bottom through my early teens. Still love the over the top acting now (my wife just doesn't get it!). Was absolutely gutted when he died. GAS MAN!
  5. That got your attention! Let's lighten things up (it's getting a bit DEEP on the "This language is not OK" thread). Actually, the 'touching' was a shake of Foxy's hand when I was a 16 year YT boy working in Mr Shoes. He came in one day looking very uncomfortable, selected a pair of brown brogues on sale as one foot was faded and practically threw £20 at me before scuttling out the door again. Had very small feet - size 6 I think. Remember getting punched in the face by a traveller later the same day whilst trying to wrestle a pair of expensive boots from his girlfriend who had tried running out the door with them Ah, happy days. Also shook Ian Butterworth's hand. Was walking past the sports shop he opened on Timber Hill with some mates, got pulled inside by some TV presenter and ended up on Look East looking as though we'd gone into the shop looking for an autograph! Chance encounters but enough to make a 16 year old lad happy - days when the only time you saw a footballer was on the pitch or in a photo - if you saw them in the street somewhere it was a big deal! Anyone else served one of the Canaries finest in a shop? Or bumped into one in the street and had a particularly good (or bad reaction)?
  6. RC - don't make me send round the Hammersmith Hardmen now...
  7. A very balanced post GB. Completely agree with your comments about trust (or lack of) when it comes to large organisations (including most definitely government bodies). Everyone seems to have an agenda influenced by money or power or status. Sad reflection on society. Apart from that, all's well with the world
  8. I've worked with Greg. He'll be honoured to know you've named your profile after him! Sort of.
  9. Playing devils advocate GB - if you're accepting that an organisation like BLM may have a pro-black agenda to compensate for the pro-white agenda of white supremacists, why is one group(s) labelled "proscribed organisations" (membership of which is a criminal offence) and the other an accepted "movement"? I'm all for equality but sense an element of over-correction in the air... Controversial?
  10. When did we start using the phrase "not OK" all the time? Is there something wrong with simply using the word "wrong"? Or am I just being old-fashioned?
  11. Strikes me his priority in life is not his football career. Much like Lee Sharpe at Man Utd many years ago. Undoubtedly talented but he was happy for his career to take a backseat in favour of a party lifestyle, think that's why Ferguson sold him in the end. Could see Cantwell just fading away without so much as a whimper to be honest, preferring to live his life through his social media profiles. Hope I'm wrong and he turns it round as he's a cracking player when fully fit and engaged.
  12. I won't comment on CC's endless posts nor question the relevance or quality of his often mind-numbing observations. Oh, hang on!
  13. Happy with "****" Google Bot! I think....
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