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  1. This sums it up for me. Those expecting any significant improvement from any January ins/outs are going to be bitterly disappointed.
  2. Like Captain Pants, never really paid too much attention to ownership issues and have always been more focussed on matters on the pitch. But.... After watching that, it's hard not to cringe. Delia clearly completely oblivious to the damage she causes with her choice of language (whingers) and how inappropriate (and alienating) it is to compare our supporters to Portsmouth. A horrible lack of self-awareness (age? alcohol?) Attanasio however comes across quite well. He hid his mild embarrassment every time Delia spoke quite well and strikes me that he's just tolerating Delia and MWJ until they finally walk away. Time will tell.
  3. Idah will never be the 15-20 goal a season striker we need. And he's not good enough with his off the ball work or assists to justify his lengthy contract. Sincerely hope he proves me wrong. Can't see it though.
  4. I actually quite like Gibbs. He's more of a box to box player than a CDM but he's also the most suited to the role out of all of the square pegs in the squad. I'd start him.
  5. Indeed. The mistake we make is that we think we are world beaters every time!
  6. What a bizarre thread, reduced to the usual 'them' and 'us' cr*p. England/Scotland "banter" aside, I have to say DK has a point about England being the biggest underachievers ever. We tend to believe our own hype time and time again and always seem to end up being not quite good enough. One trophy in our entire history isn't really something to get too excited by. For me anyway.
  7. Captain - you've turned into Mr Angry in recent days and weeks! Has made me chuckle
  8. Wagner aside, the squad is simply not good enough. In decline for a number of seasons now and consistently poor recruitment. The defensive midfielder debacle is embarrassing, baffling and infuriating. Don't envy whoever comes in after Wagner because they'll struggle to do much better with what we have currently.
  9. Bored of the continuing Idah-excusers. "He needs a run of games" or "he needs more confidence". What else? The manager didn't call him a good boy before the game and pat him on the head? He's not good enough to be a regular starter at Champs level and I see no evidence that, even if he did, he'd be anything thing more than a 10 goals a season striker. The fact that we're relying on him to lead the line (albeit through injuries) speaks volumes about where we are currently.
  10. Went to school with Mr Mills. Started off alright but slowly became more and more arrogant as we progressed through high school. Ended up being disliked by the majority of the year group. No humility.
  11. Surely the England manager would be aiming a little higher than the Champs?? Bizarre odds.
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