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  1. shame you didn''t get the reg of the porsche you could have reported him to the police for dangerous driving
  2. Underhill Stadium 2. Watford (21.8 m) Vicarage Road 3. Tottenham Hotspur (21.9 m) White Heart Lane 4. Arsenal (25.1 m) Emirates Stadium 5. Leyton Orient (25.2 m) Matchroom Stadium 6. Milton Keynes Dons (26.4 m) stadium:mk 7. West Ham United (27.7 m) Boleyn Ground 8. Dagenham and Redbridge (28.5 m) London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Stadium 9. Queens Park Rangers (28.6 m) Loftus Road 10. Millwall (30.0 m) The Den strange,as the nearest league club to me is Stevenage!! I think their list needs updating !!!
  3. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]I''m Paul Lambert, and so if my wife! (someone had to say it) [/quote] would that be Pauline Lambert ???
  4. there will be tears before bedtime YAWN!!!
  5. [quote user="Alex"]A must watch video, hurt at the time but a few amusing things on here other than the ''fat chavs'', check out Ian er Culverhouse at 2:40, and you''ve got to feel sorry for the ColWho fans who the day after are rushing to buy tickets for their next game... Little did they know what was in store... http://youtu.be/_TZa6w2RL2A[/quote] you just have to laugh at some of the comments on that video,especially the one from the palace fan!!
  6. well done everybody,sat here with a big grin on my face :)
  7. COME ON YOU YELLAS!!!!!!!! what a season!!!!!! what a result!!!! yes yes yes !!!!!!
  8. there are people like that everywhere.don''t worry about it!!! some people just like to have a moan,that is the only enjoyment they get in their sad little lives ,is the misery of others,I stopped watching England play in my local pub for the same reason,they cheer on england but secretly want them to lose so they can have a good winge about it "I told you,I told you they would lose etc" and then they have the cheek to celebrate when we win!!! gits!!!
  9. My name is Adam I am 41 from a small viilage in Hertforshire which is famous for having the last person convicted of witchcraft in England (jane wenham) I have followe city since I was 8 (it was an act of rebellion) Fave player at the moment: John Ruddy Previous faves : Gossy,daren Eadie,"disco"dale gordon, ewan roberts I am a serial lurker :)
  10. just a short one I just think Andy Gray is a Gob sh#te how the hell he is still doing that job after all these years god only knows!! he is almost as bad as David Pleat on ITV !!! and for Sian Massey if she is capable of doing the job so what??
  11. I demand a single parent lesbien comentator on all games
  12. STOP PRESSS!!!! NEWS ALERT DAVID CAMERON RESIGNS!!! PAUL LAMBERT TO TAKE CHARGE!!! well it is more realistic than this burnley nonsense ,struth!!!
  13. I can''t stand that smug cow lizzie either,she needs to be reminded who actually won league one last season
  14. the way the bbc carry on you would have thought Leeds won league one last season!! what is it with the bbc and leeds!!!!!
  15. so lets remind ourselves,what did leeds win again...........................?
  16. [quote user="AndyCanary"]bit daft... the guy loses 2 games and draws 1 (2 of which were not positive results because of poor refereeing) and he suddenly has to ''earn his money''?...[/quote] good point I am just waiting for someone to post a "lambert out thread"
  17. last nights result was a blip,we are obviously going through a bad spell,this is the time to hold our heads and get behind the team,there is no reason why we cant go out and get a result at charlton on saturday,we are not top of the league by luck,we are top because we are the best hou die geloof OTBC
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