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  1. Just seen it, It''s white.....i like it
  2. League: 8th FA Cup: Qtr-finals League Cup: Qtr-finals
  3. No one has mentioned Francombe, still have high hopes for him even though he is injury prone
  4. With survival all but achieved, i''m really excited for next season, i think the league will be tougher but i have a real good feeling we will have a bit more success next term. With RVW already in the bag, i can see a few more top, top players coming in. It feels like we are moving up a level, so my thoughts are a top 10 finish and a cup semi final, what is everyones early prediction for the 2013/14 season?
  5. Same team for me, Bennett in for Turner if he''s injured. I''d be tempted by Whittaker for Garrido but that''s it. like to see Wes but Stoke would over run him
  6. Yes, Stephens went to Hibs, still there i believe.
  7. Anyone else fell abit sorry for the fella, by all accounts played well in Austria but seems not included in the senior squad. He obviously has talent but with the massive midfield we now have, what next for the lad?
  8. Mine are something about trawlers, fishermen and sardines
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