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  1. Man City for me please. Ryan Bennett to score anytime for the Norwich bet.
  2. My Pups entry Top 6 1. Newcastle 2. Norwich 3. Villa 4. Brighton 5.Derby 6. Wolves Bottom 3 22 Rotherham 23 Barnsley 24 Burton As chairman of the Trust I''m delighted that we can help the Pups on exactly the same terms as the now defunct NCISA, and thank you all for your interest. If you want to know more about the Trust , which is non profit organisation run entirely by an elected board of volunteers please click here: http://www.canariestrust.org/About
  3. I think Spurs will bring the Toon crashing back to earth! Good luck Kathy, I just hope your picking''s better than your navigation! ;-)
  4. Man City to win at Villa and Johnny Howson to score for the City bet.
  5. Real Madrid please. Norwich bet is Tettey to get booked. Money for old rope!
  6. Atletico Madrid for me and Howson to score anytime for the City bet.
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