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  1. Never has a player left Norwich, and I''ve wanted to see him do so well. Really hoping everything goes well for Cody, all the best fella!
  2. All this respect campaign, why don''t the FA give us a reason to respect them? We all know they can''t see everything, and occasionally the wrong decision but seriously the standard of refereeing is getting worse! When they do well they give them praise, and we do as well.. But when they do awfully (see Norwich first few games and plenty of others, including Scotland this weekend), they don''t say a word. Maybe if they used a league system for ref''s then the standard would go up and we would respect everyone more..Before people start with "why don''t you do their job", I have my own job, and if I f*cked up that much I''d be sacked.
  3. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="crafty canary"] Probably explains his career progression.[/quote] Just for your information promotion in the police service is based on promotion examinations being taken once you have completed two years service and as i never bothered to study and sit these examinations therein is the answer as to how i retired at the rank of constable.Therefore myself and tens of thousands of others over the years are in the bracket so wonderfully portrayed by Crafty as PC Unpromotable. I am sure he has a more outrageous theory that bears no relation to the truth so i wait with interest Crafty''s response. [/quote]I love the way everyone has upset you enough, to make you write us a paragraph on it all. You''re a bit of a knob and everyone is starting to realise it. Instead of being a knob, why don''t you involve in Norwich city debate; what this forum is for.
  4. I know someone that works there. I''ve asked him again and he''s said there is now an announcement on the phone lines about it.
  5. Everyone in group 2 successful, ballot for group 3. Group 4 and 5 unsuccessful.
  6. Injuries don''t decide games. They generally cause Norwich more problems then the team with the injured players..Doncaster at home, anyone?
  7. Barnett ahead of anyone, he doesn''t miss a header.
  8. [quote user="Kevin Keelan"][quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]the other way to look at it is they thought they were poor yet they failed to beat an unimpressive us at their place. They did finish 17th last season so you can see why they are not impressed with either teams chances of success...[/quote] Yes, that was one theory I mulled over....they thought they were pants and so by default in their eyes we were dirty pants... I always think The Telegraph gives a balanced view and this is what they said "It is surely too early to label this match as a relegation six-pointer, but during this error-strewn but utterly enthralling Punch and Judy show, there was plenty of evidence to point to a long and difficult season for both of these teams. But by the same token, both Wigan Athletic and Norwich City demonstrated that they have the tools to help them thrive in this division. Tactically, they look sound and well-organised. Players like Victor Moses and Wes Hoolahan could have sparkling seasons. If they can cut out the errors, the future may yet be rosy". That seems a fair summary. A couple of the defensive lapses (De Laet and shorlty afterwards Whitbread) caught the eye and probably framed some cynics'' view of our overall performance. The fact is, we are a side who attack away from home (bringing two wingers on with 20 minutes to go away from home, one to replace a defender, on the first day of the Premier Leagues season is entertainingly adventurous), so occasionally we''re going to be over-exposed at the back and look very frail (although the main defensive lapses could not be put down to Wigan''s attack taking advantage of that, at least in the first half). So, a reasonably good start, but would like to have seen more from Surman, Fox and Holt...and maybe Crofts. Our midfield has to have the ability to tighten up on defensive and holding duties, not just spread the ball around in a way that catches the eye when moving forward (which I thought they did well). De Laet''s was a horrible error, but he won''t be doing that again. I think with Naughton and Ayala competing for places at the back we''ll tighten up defensively if for no other reason than that the currrent defenders will know they have serious compeition (and that Lambert will be having no more of those brain lapses). I thought we were calm and well-structured for most of the game. And, it''s just great to be back in the top division....I spent much of the game just enjoying that fact. and at the end a point away was pleasing, even if there is clearly some work to be done. [/quote]We didn''t swap a winger for a defender? Barnett came on for WhitbreadPilkington and Bennett came on for Morison and Surman.Apart from that, good post.
  9. [quote user="City1st"]Down the A11[/quote]This does seem to be the most sensible option, can''t see many disagreeing, not even MOTD.
  10. Seriously why does anyone ever listen to this prat? His predictions are often spot on, I mean this youtube video is top class!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufZRA5gyXhQ
  11. Does this make any sense to anyone? Looks a right jumbled up mess to me.
  12. [quote user="The Walking Man "][quote user="Kolin Kob"]Lambert''s gone, Roeder''s back, Holt''s on strike, Hoolahan''s broken his metatarsal and Barry Fry is rumoured to be making a takeover bid, and the NOTW have hacked Delia''s phone... and Cody has signed for Man United in a £30m move.[/quote][/quote]
  13. Wes was in the crappy Irish league, may as well be non-league.
  14. A friend well connected with Tottenham says they have a large sell on clause on Taraabt, believed to be 40%. But we''ll see if he''s right or not..
  15. [quote user="alysha"]Slightly off topic, so I do apologise OP but is there anything stopping a club signing a player on a free, and then selling him in the same transfer window to make an immediate profit?[/quote]Football manager tactics, I like it. [;)]
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