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  1. walkern canary

    To all the Pink 'Un Labour people here:

    Perhaps if the Labour party were to sort out their antisemitism problem ,they might be more credible .
  2. walkern canary

    The board are useless aswell

    I have to agree with the OP ,how many times have we been here ? It''s the same old story ,they try to build a premier league team ,on a league one budget ,and time and time again they get caught out .
  3. walkern canary

    The good news thread.

    Good news ,I found a fiver cleaning out my car this morning .
  4. walkern canary

    final report into Scottish Independent vote rigging

    Perhaps they used the same method that was used in Tower Hamlets
  5. walkern canary

    militaria, this n that

    There is a lot of nonsense about the F-35 in the press at the moment ,the US Marines are operating it at the moment from the USS Wasp ,with good results .
  6. walkern canary

    North Korea did not hack

    There is no such thing as bad publicity ,the film is probably awful ,straight to DVD stuff
  7. walkern canary

    Fans / Match Day experience

    [quote user="Making Plans"][quote user="Nexus_Canary"]I just dont understand why you would go to a football match ( or any sporting event) and spend the entire time glued to your I-Pad. [/quote]Because that''s what lots of sad cases do all day long not matter whatever else they are doing at the time[/quote]This is how some people spend their lives ,staring at a tablet ,and then complain when they get hit by a bus ,or go on holiday ,and moan about the WIFI  coverage ,even though they are in the middle of Africa .
  8. walkern canary

    Illogical dislikes

  9. walkern canary

    Calling Radio Two Listeners?

    Ken Bruce I don''t mind ,but Steve Wright ,jeez !!!  he now has an annoying habit of singing over the music ! arrgggghhhh !! I do wish they would pension him off ,a few years ago Mark Radcliffe and Liza Tarbuck sat in for him ,they were much better ,I do miss the old Mark and Lard show though :)
  10. walkern canary

    Pathetic, weak, and embarrassing.

    [quote user="mrs miggins"]don''t talk about truth with that comment. there''s a reason why we''re 15th in the table.[/quote]I don''t often comment ,but you are right ,we are 15th because we are not good enough ,not just the manager ,but the players too ,I will probably get flamed for this comment ,but that''s reality .
  11. walkern canary

    Beautiful Buildings!

    The Airship hangers at Cardington are impressive too
  12. walkern canary

    Ferry Boat Inn Norwich

    I always like the Ferry Boat ,there was always a cracking atmosphere in there on match days .
  13. walkern canary

    Well done Jamie Cureton

    I always liked Jamie Cureton ,especially when he died his hair green at poorman road that time !!
  14. walkern canary

    I love strawbery jam sandwiches

    Cheese and red onion is good too
  15. walkern canary


    [quote user="Houston Canary"]No mind, you cry that America got Morsi elected and cry when America says it''s ok to depose him. No matter what fantasy you imagine america is creating, you hate it. Why not stop all these bullship threads about worldwide disaster being caused by America and have just 1 thread about how much you hate America?[/quote]Good point Houston ,no one complains about Russia and China backing the Assad regime in Syria ,or China raping and pilaging Africa for it''s own interests ,if it had been Americans or Europeans  exploiting Africa/South America in this fashion then there would be outrage from the media .
  16. walkern canary

    Redwell v Red Bull easy mistake to make..

    I can also remember a certain football club clamping down on a micro brewery a couple of years ago http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-13906019
  17. walkern canary

    favourite drugs

    Burnt JP-8 ah the smell of it !!
  18. walkern canary

    Death to Pathetic trolls

    [quote user="nevermind"]Martin Rowson just about has it right with this cartoon. Trolls are ubiquitous on BB''s and forums. far from getting into the nitty gritty they are disruptive and usually try to be personal. Ignoring them is the only way to go. Responding in kind is like pouring petrol on the fire.http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/cartoon/2013/aug/08/martin-rowson-silly-season[/quote]

    Exactly ,ignore them "don''t feed the trolls" as they say ,the worst thing a lot of these feminists did was make a big fuss ,they have made themselves a target for every nutter out there ,the best thing to do is ignore it ,if you feel threatened go to the Police ,don''t go to the press .
  19. walkern canary

    This country has clearly lost the plot !!!!

    As if a sign on a lorry is going to make any difference ,it will be about as effective as the handgun ban
  20. walkern canary

    "Lads mags" being covered up

    I don''t get it either ,it is like putting fags in plain wrappers ,completely piontless ,so it is fine to have a picture of a near naked bloke ,but a woman in a bikini ,shameful !! if offends wimmin !!
  21. walkern canary

    new bill to give police, authorities and private security firms sweeping powers

    [quote user="mrs miggins"]god where''s the new wave of punks when you need em eh. I guess the government is trying to suppress any negative feelings from ''spreading''.

    Tories....need I say more[/quote]

    Not only the Tories ,Zanu-liebour brought in a load of laws ,especially ones allowing council officials to tap phone calls ,and there all so marvelous DNA database ,plus all the cctv cameras ,not to mention CEOs Civil Enforcement Officers ,who will nick you at will
  22. walkern canary

    Edward Snowden and what he means for us

    [quote user="Herman "]You seem more annoyed with Snowden leaking secrets than the government snooping on everything you do.[/quote]

    Who me ? na ! I couldn''t care less if Snowden has been leaking secrets ,but what did he expect the US government to do ? governments have always snooped on people ,and over countries ,and I am not surprised that the UK government is spying on the EU ,as they are just as likely spying on us ,as are the Germans and the French ,the same way rival businesses spy on each other ,I bet even as I type this some spook at GCHQ could be watching (hi there !!) but I am not too fussed (sticks up a pair of mental fingers and pokes out tongue ) .
  23. walkern canary

    Edward Snowden and what he means for us

    I am just wondering ,if this was the second world war nad Snowden had been working for the OSS and decided to leak secrets out ,do you think there would have been this much fuss ? imagine if he had let the plans of operation overlord out because he was concerned of the human rights issues involving the shelling of French beaches .
  24. walkern canary

    Edward Snowden and what he means for us

    So where is Snowden now ? do the Russians have him ? I hope the FSB are respecting his human rights ,unless the Chinese have started to use him as an organ donor .
  25. walkern canary

    Not A big Fan of Russell Brand But...........

    I have to agree with Nevermind about QT ,it is a joke ,it is another arm of the ZANU-Liebour project .