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  1. Actually, lets add in the loathsome Chelsea to the Plastic Super Ticket deal, "The Bridge" being the spiritual home of the plastic/"new fan" and charge a round grand.
  2. There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the availability of tickets to see the forthcoming game at the Emirates. Coupled with that, we have the perenial old chestnut of loyal, die-hard "fans" not being able to get at seat at Carrow Road to see Man Utd, Liverpool, Spurs etc. It seems to me the club is missing a trick - it should sell "Plastic Home and Away Super Tickets" to the Carrow Road and return fixtures against Arsenal, Spurs, Man Utd and Liverpool. You could charge what you like - I''d suggest £800 - because these people only really want to see the opposition so you woudn''t be penalising genuine Norwich supporters. You could even sweeten the deal with a free halfy-half scarf for each match! Mungo Norwich City - a LOCAL club for LOCAL people
  3. THE marathon would imply that there is only one marathon. Actually, there are many marathons.
  4. I think tickets should be allocated according to how close you live to Carrow Road. Norwich City - a LOCAL club for LOCAL people
  5. Crooky nearly did - even got pictured with his blue and white car cleaning rag. Mike Walker saved him just in time.
  6. I received the 35 tickets I applied for this morning - well done to all at the ticket office!
  7. Huddersfield have been lucky though - he hasn''t been struck down by a debilitating twisted sock or similar.
  8. Mungo is particularly partial to an overly-long "match report" written in the third person.
  9. Would we get more than £1million for the tubby tyrefitter? I''m not so sure. But he''s a proven Premiership goal scorer!! So is Alan Shearer but I wouldn''rt be in any hurry to sign him. And it''s an easier drive to Carlisle via the A14/M6.
  10. This could lead to great things. Like playing for Orient.
  11. He was weak, ineffective, off the pace and slow. Generally useless. You really needed to be at the game to get an INFORMED opinion. And he had a hideous boy-beard.
  12. He''ll go to whoever will lob the most cash into his outstretched hubcap.
  13. They must have very, very big barn doors in that neck of the woods
  14. He''ll never pull on a yellow shirt again - those of us who saw his League Cup performances (and there weren''t many who did) know why.
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