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  1. To me the players seem to be arguing on the field way more than the ever did over the Lambert years,on Saturday i lost count of the times players shrugged or put their heads down and just looked lost,i''m not having a go at them because i firmly believe they can win games and keep us up but i''m just not sure if the tactics of CH and major changes he''s made with training,attacking mentality etc is fitting in with the players.
  2. I totally agree some fans are going ott, i have been trying so stay really positive and give the new set up time to settle in BUT after Saturdays mauling at the feet of Liverpool and the fact that at times the players looked lost in terms of positioning and formation etc,i am starting to feel that my gut feeling over CH was correct,sometimes people don''t fit and i''m starting to feel that maybe CH has tried to change to much in a short period of time,to me the players look miserable at the moment and i''m starting to get concerned,something just doesn''t feel right at the club at the moment.
  3. [quote user="rock bus"]my daughters team came back from 3-0 down to win 4-3!!! to make me even more proud i am the teams coach maybe i should add my name to the list on the person to replace hughton thread!?![/quote] Well played to you and your team.
  4. I had a lovely Lunch and my 7 year old won his first man of the match and scored four goals,lovely. Pity Norwich were so cr*p and all that!!
  5. He only scored 12 goals last season is the main worry fans have but i''d be happy if we sign him,frankly we need 2 forwards but at the moment it doesn''t look likely we''ll sign one, 1 hour and counting,come on CH don''t give the moaners more ammunition.
  6. [quote user="kick it off"]Was just thinking the same thing[/quote] Ditto.  
  7. Morison''s form has dipped badly since those rumours,he looked really poor Tuesday and frankly a loan move away from us would be good for both Norwich and Morison,and imo if we are looking to offload him we must be bringing in 2 new faces upfront,theres no way we can go into the next few months with 3 forwards.
  8. Just to make it easy for those making sh*t up just fill in the blanks and keep all the BS on one thread,just choose your favourite. A source in the club who i can''t name reckons that (insert name) will be signing for £3 million. I''ve just seen a number plate matching (insert name) outside Carrow Road. My mate has just seen (insert name) in Asda. Just passed (insert name) driving a 4 x 4 down the A140,on his way to Carrow road? just a few of the usual lines.    
  9. On last but never mind,interested to hear what they have to say though,should be all good.
  10. Am i the only Norwich fan who thinks he won''t come here,so many seem certain of it but i think as usual a name is thrown into the pot and so many cling onto it for dear life,no doubt he seems to be growing into the player he''s been built up to be but i just get the feeling he''s not heading our way.
  11. He was really good today and with more match fitness will be a fantastic player for us,his header in the 2nd half was a massive chance missed but apart from that he was awesome.The people on Canary call just make me so bloody angry,how the hell they can say he was rubbish is beyond me.
  12. [quote user="Pyro Pete"]He did really well. Scored his goal and dragged the QPR back line about all afternoon. He will regret not scoring again at the start of the 2nd half.  Not hitting the target from that close in was a moment to forget.  I really wish his shooting matched his pace and movement! [/quote] Exactly what i was going to type. Needs to look to pass more in those good positions as his shooting is a bit off.  
  13. I''m with you Dibs,still feel CH will bring in a new forward,and i think Vaughan will move on.
  14. He''s a CB with Pace,he''s strong and good in the air,he has been a quality defender for both Newcastle and Spurs,he''s not kicked a ball in anger for us yet,lets slag him off then shall we!! tut Honestly when are certain City fans going to realise that we don''t have Billions to spend,we don''t have a massive wage budget and all this negative s**t doesn''t help,Turner and Bassong as our CB pairing,christ sake 3 years ago the same folk moaning and groaning would''ve been over the moon with that,add in Garrido and Martin and we have a really strong looking back four. 
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