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  1. I''m posting this song on behalf of my friend Marc who has come up with this what i believe to be, quite a catchy song! (To the tune of yellow submarine) We all follow the Yellow and the Green, The Yellow and the Green, The Yellow and the Green.......... We all follow the Yellow and the Green, The Yellow and the Green, The Yellow and the Green.......... We''re Norwich City From Carrow Road The pride of Anglia Always Yellow The greatest team The world has seen Rising up the league Yellow and Green (Chorus again) What you think!?
  2. Swindonyellow................I am standing up and applauding your view! Well said mate! :-)
  3. I assume the post above Shack Attack''s here is from Darren himself................So Hi Darren, hope all is good! Shack Attack. I can''t really work out what your aim is with what you are saying in the above posts? If you are a whole hearted Norwich fan then the view on this is so simple. Look what Darren Huckerby brought to Norwich. One of the most incredible and exciting footballers i''ve had the pleasure of watching. Worth my season ticket money alone to watch him play when he joined the club and far too many brilliant memories to list them all at this point in time. Now look at what Roeder brought to the club!??? Actually, you don''t even need to look at what Roeder did to the club because what Hucks did for us and how he has become a full-blown fan and completely passionate about NCFC is enough to believe what he says in his autobiography. I personally, wouldn''t even care about Roeder''s side. I know a couple of players from when i was at aschool who were playing for Norwich while Roeder was there. They have said exactly the same thing about Roeder''s man-management, people skills and all round persona liek Huckerby has stated in his book. I believe this to be true from what i know but groundsman at the time who cared for the pitches at Colney during Roeder''s time here had just finished his job of cutting them and re-lining them. he had one more pitch to complete and was half way through. Roeder told the groundsman to get off that specific training pitch as he wanted to use it. (Although the other pitches were in perfect order and just been completed). Apparently he was like this on a regular basis. Now compare this with something else i have been told that Lambert respects the job the groundsman does and he asks the groundsman which pitch is ok for him and his players to train on. Such a simple request and a bit of respect for the groundsman. Would it really have been so hard for Roeder to have shown this same level of respect!? Darren, i''m looking forward to buying and reading your book. Shack Attack.........I really don''t agree with where you are going in Roeder''s defence!?
  4. All in the title! Was looking through today''s football section in the Sun to see 2 pictures of Chopra with the ''Marcus Evans'' shirt sponsor blocked out on the front. Just wondered if anybody knew why!? Cheers
  5. And Neil Doomcaster running the show too at that level! We brought in ageing has-been players like Simon Charlton, Graham Stuart and Thomas Helveg. Wasted money on Mattias Jonson and as you mentioned, we had Doherty leading the line to start off that Prem season. We made one decent signing that season in Dean Ashton, and by that time it was too late! Youseff Safri can make a slight claim to being a success but in general the Signings Worthy made that season were poor and we didn''t pay out a great deal either. Then throw in the fact we had Parachute payments and you would have thought we would have been an instant bet to come back up again. But for what ever reason the money didn''t really materialise back in Division One and Worthy brought in players such as Andy Hughes and Dickson Etuhu. Ashton went and we then used that money to sign Earnshaw but Worthy was never really given a decent war-chest to try and keep us up or take us back up. So where did all the money go from that season in the Prem!? I''m just glad we have McNally and a far more methodical looking board room now than back then. Neil Doncaster has a lot to answer for in my book. I''m loving this new Norwich City way of thinking with our current manager and board room! It''s a winning and positive attitude all round now! Norwich City under Paul Lambert and David MacNally will achieve their goals.
  6. Wiki page says he has gone to Brentford. Check the top and bottom of the page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cody_McDonald
  7. Couple of rumours i have heard from Polish friends who i work with: - Ireneusz Jelen from AJ Auxerre (Winger) Polish International (30 years old) 123 goals in 294 games Apparently Norwich are reported to have made a £2.5m bid. Also, Norwich have apparently made a £5m bid for: - Robert Lewandowski - Polish striker who plays for Borrussia Dortmund (22 Years) Seems that Paul Lambert is using the ''Not buying players from abroad'' statement as a bit of a smoke-screen according to these 2 rumours i have heard. (If true that is). Would make a bit if sense with regards to Lambert using his German links with Lewandowski. Probably something about nothing but the 2 Polish guys i work with have just come back from visiting their home-lands and these 2 players names were in their local paper in a rumours column about Norwich looking to sign them. Nothing more than that to add i''m afraid. Like i said......this is probably rubbish but thought i''d check the names out on Wiki anyway to see how decent they were and they don''t seem too bad at all from their stats on there! Just another couple of names to add to the ever-growing list of rumours at NCFC!
  8. Have heard and read this from several different sources today. Don''t really know anything about him apart from he was on-loan at Preston last season and we know how they ended up!!!! Just sharing info. but will wait for the abuse to come raining in as usual!
  9. Nah the best tune we should sing at Old Trafford would be: - (To the ''i want to go home'' tune) We''ve come for our scarves, We''ve come for our scarves, Wer''e Norwich City And we''ve come for our scarves!
  10. (Rhianna - "Only girl in the world") Nor-wich City We''re the greatest team in the world The only one i''ll ever love Super Lambert''s taking us Up, Up, Up........ To the premier league Repeat from "We''re the greatest team in the world" (Feeder - "Buck Rogers") We have a su-per team Play in yellow and green Our football''s very pretty Because we are Norwich....... City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, City, Cityyyy....... And we love you Norwich City, more and more I think we''re going to make it I think we''ll get promoted Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh To the Premier League Norwich, Norwich! (And the City, City, City bit is to be done with fans jumping up and down going mental!!!) I love both of these tunes, especially the last one! I would love to hear this sung Friday night!!!! Quality tune too!!!
  11. (To the Fernando tune) There''s something on the pitch tonight He''s scum, He'' shite........ It''s Wickham! One for Bullard too the ''Automatic, Monster song'' What''s that running on the pitch Is it a monster? No! It''s Jimmy Bullard!!!!! :-P I''m ready to be shot down!
  12. Well done to everybody who is backing the opening posters song. It is a quality and catchy tune and if you guys can get this started at Watford tonight then fantastic!
  13. Why Oh Dear!????????? Somebody is showing a bit of inventivness to create a new song and you like many other numpties on here criticise it yet again! I think it''s a decent effort. Keep making up tunes mate, if people didn''t we wouldn''t ever have any songs to sing!
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