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  1. lol jassomehow I thought that might be your reaction [:P]Back to the topic and I''m not sure it''s essential as we have some good defenders and proven goalscorers, just not experienced at this level.
  2. Be warned jas, the spelling police are out in force tonight as I''ve been criticised already for some typos [:)]
  3. Makes sense to offload them if they''re not going to feature but I guess it depends what kind of deal we get offered.
  4. Be good experience for him again all the while his future is undecided.
  5. lol - you''ve obviously had your head turned YC.I refer to Iwan''s comments in his book as the only time I''ve ever been in the City dressing room, Daryl Sutch was the sole player in there
  6. I''m not surprised he''s gone elsewhere as I''d imagine Lambert would have tried to get him much earlier and we know how important it is to him to get his team sorted earlier rather than later.
  7. We have no room for prima donnas in the team.Whilst Bellars has talent, his dressing room attitude leaves an awful lot to be desired.
  8. I am of the opinion that the majority of our players are good enough for the Prem, providing they concentrate on the game and give the best they have on and off the pitch.However, no-one should be exempt from being dropped to the subs bench if their performances aren''t up to scratch.
  9. Are you just looking at NHS for football hooliganism/gang culture or are you researching other football gangs as well? Curious as The Chelsea Headhunters were big in my hometown back in Kent.
  10. Not bought them yet as got to arrange the transport up north.
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